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Decode (Luke, #7) [Download] ➸ Decode (Luke, #7) By Cassia Leo – Thomashillier.co.uk The seventh and final installment in the Luke seriesLuke and Brina take the children and the new nanny Violet to London for a trip that is supposed to be both business and pleasure When Violet and the The seventh and final installment in the Luke seriesLuke and Brina take the children and the new nanny Violet to London for a trip that is supposed to be both business and pleasure When Violet and the children get separated from Brina while sightseeing the events that transpire test Brina's faith in Luke.

10 thoughts on “Decode (Luke, #7)

  1. Anaïs Anaïs says:

    1 out of 5 StarsI bought the whole series as Audiobook I really shouldn't haveThe story is just plain flat less than mediocre in fact and the only thing that makes it worth reading at a stretch is the book's steam factor but to be very honest even that can't come to the rescue of a crappy bookSo this part of the series takes place a few years into Brina and Luke's marriageBrina who probably still isn't over her brother who committed suicide has become a whiny mother of 2 and is jealous of her very own nanny She suspects the nanny is doing Luke behind her back Right Except we read a few scenes from Luke's POV and know that's not true so all the suspense is gone The rest is just whiny pseudo happy ending and this novella represents a 20 minute read or a 30 mins listen in my case I am not criticising the length because I am used to reading novellas but I am also used to reading novellas with an actual enticing storylineI respect the fact that other enjoyed this series and this is not me fighting a personal war with Cassia Leo since I had read one of her books before and absolutely loved it So sorry but this just didn't cut it for me and I really wouldn't recommend this

  2. Paula Jackman Paula Jackman says:

    Do you ever read a series and say to yourself I dont want this to end well this is how I feel about this series Cassia Leo 's writing brings these characters to life it is like they become apart of you I have so enjoyed going on this journey with Luke and Brina and I am sad that this is the final installment In this installment Luke takes his family and the Nanny to London but Luke has got a secret that he is keeping from Brina but I cant tell you about that so I guess you will have to get yourself a copy of this book and go on that journey to London with them I promise you wont regret it Cassia Leo thankyou so much for sharing this amazing story with us you have got a number one fan right here and I look forward to reading of your books but for me Luke will always have my heart

  3. Amanda Amanda says:

    As much as I loved this series I am happy that it is ending Luke and Brina can only take so much bad before they NEED to be given the happiness they deserve with one another When Luke mentioned he was keeping something from Brina that included Violet my heart hurt a littlebut I had faith in Luke even in the beginning I had faith that he would never cheat or willingly hurt Brina view spoilerAlthough Violet pissed me off big timewhat kind of woman acts like that KNOWING the man is not just happily married but has children as well Hell even if he wasn't happily married she should NOT be putting any man let alone Luke into that type of situation where she pretty much is trying to make things LOOK bad Planting those doubts into Brina's head AND I have a feeling that the whole Lucas and Violet getting separated even though Lucas DID run off from Brina and Rhianne was made worse by Violet Because come on Violet could have yelled to Brina that Lucas ran offbut she chose not to and she chose to use being separated from Brina as an excuse to get alone with Luke hide spoiler

  4. Cézanne Hayden-Dilbert Cézanne Hayden-Dilbert says:

    “Look me in the eye I would never ever betray you You’re not just my wife You’re the air I breathe and the fing blood in my veins”I have to say that Decode was my favorite book out of the Luke series Cassia really took us through so much angst in this one Luke and Brina are planning a family trip to London The trip is supposed to act as both a business trip and a second honeymoon but bringing the kids along means also bringing their new 23 year old nanny Violet Violet makes Brina a bit nervous because she has a gut feeling that Violet wants Luke When they all arrive to London things don't go smoothly Their first day there they all get separated which causes a panic There a few twists and it turns and it turns out Violet and Luke are keeping a big secret from Brina I admit I was a bit nervous of what was going on Brina did not want to doubt Luke but there were definitely things that made her suspicious While I was anxious throughout the story I really loved the ending Even though I'll miss these characters this was a sweet end to the series

  5. Wendy Wendy says:

    This was such a marvelous end to the Luke series Luke and Brina are one of my favorite couples Their love is just truly magnificent In this book Cassia takes us on a ride there are so many twists and turns that keep you guessing But at the end everything is as it should be Oh Luke When I didn't think I could love him any I just kept falling in love What a man The love that he has for Brina is just so beautiful and big Their whole family is wonderful I love Brina and the kids I just loved their whole story period I am so sad that this series is over but it ended a great note Thank you Cassia for giving us one last taste of Luke I really really loved it

  6. Kim Perry Kim Perry says:

    I'm really glad that we have one final installment of Luke I loved the opening scene but I uickly developed very strong feelings about Violet the new nanny Luke keeps a few secrets and Brina is definitely feeling insecure where Violet is concerned At times I wanted Brina to confront Luke because while she trusts him she is clearly unhappy and insecure In the end I was happy with how Brina handled the situation Decode was a great end to this fabulous series I highly recommend reading this series

  7. Patricia Patricia says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this final book in the series We got one last journey with Luke Brina and the children on a family trip There were some intense moments but there were some incredibly sweet moments too The journey from book 1 through book 7 has been emotional as we experienced the relationship develop and the characters grow Cassia has a way of gripping your heart with her characters and this book helped to ensure you will not forget Luke or Brina 3

  8. ♥ Rebecca ♥ ♥ Rebecca ♥ says:

    Why can I not find this on

  9. Jessica B Jessica B says:

    Awesome ending for Brina and Luke Absolutely adored this entire series

  10. SammiesBookBlog SammiesBookBlog says:

    I want to start off saying I love Luke probably than any fictional man alive If you have not read this series you are missing out and you need to Luke is something else I want to thank Cassia she is my olive and for her to write this book for me it is the biggest and best honor I could possibly have She knows how much I love them an and I would and did do anything to get Luke ; lol I am proud of the writer she has become She is beautiful inside and out and so incredibly talented it isn't even funny I love you olive ❤❤ Thank you Now let's get to Luke 7 shall weCassia puts us through a lot in Decode I was holding onto my seat many times swearing at my reading device It was torture of course you have faith in Luke but somethings it makes you even uestion These two were put through another ringer and they came out on top like always This is a couple everyone should want to be like I love Brina and Luke to pieces Luke made me love him even if that is possible my heart feels like it is going to explode When he was running down those steps I just fell for him all over Love this man The children are just simply adorable Maybe one day Cassia will listen and give us some stories of when they're grown up and find love for themselves ; HINT HINT lolThere is some twists and turns in this book for sure can't tell you ; So your going you have to read it to find out promise You will not be disappointed ❤Some uotes I lovedLook me in the eye I would never ever betray you You're not just my wife You're the air I breathe and the f%^ ing blood in my veins I can't live without you Do you understand meLet me make it up to you Let me give you a honeymoon you'll never forgetI trust you mostThat hurt my feelings Anyway how do you know it's bigger than mine Have you measured my boatHow about this Let's toast to another seventy five years and zero nannies LOLI guess it's time to get a bigger boat I love Luke I will miss him than anything

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