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Hollywood Huckster [Ebook] ➭ Hollywood Huckster ➬ David Garber – It’s Mad Men of the ‘70s and ‘80s set in Hollywood “HOLLYWOOD HUCKSTER” is the true story of the television and film industry from the mid ‘70s through the mid ‘80s The pot smoking acid It’s Mad Men of the ‘s and ‘s set in Hollywood “Hollywood Huckster” is the true story of the television and film industry from the mid ‘s through the mid ‘s The pot smoking acid dropping counter culture students of the turbulent ’s were bringing their skewed comedy irreverent attitudes and anti establishment views to America via Hollywood The lunatics started running the asylum And one of them pushed the envelope than anyone else of that era He was Kevin Hartigan the most infamous industry player you’ve never heard of.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 295 pages
  • Hollywood Huckster
  • David Garber
  • English
  • 13 March 2016

About the Author: David Garber

For the past years David Garber has been serving as the show runner and or writer on some of televisions biggest hits His work includes stints on such diverse shows as The Power Rangers The Simpsons Magnum PI The Love Boat Alien Nation Saved By the Bell The Fall Guy and the live action Disney film Dennis The MenaceAs well as his extensive stints on these series David spent two.

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  1. Michael Estey Michael Estey says:

    Hollywood HucksterA Memoir of Hysterical Proportionswritten by David GarberA BOOK REVIEWI had the privilege of reading David Garber's new book; Hollywood Huckster A Memoir of Hysterical Proportions Non fictionI took my time Reading each chapterAll thirty three Each chapter basically a synopsis of the writers platform for a new television show being promoted with some big wig at one of the huge Hollywood studiosAnalyzing it letting it sink in Dreaming Moving on to the next chapter Dreaming again analyzing it letting it sink in Dreaming some HOLLYWOOD HUCKSTERA Memoir of Hysterical ProportionsA writers dream Or a writer's nightmare? The late seventies The place Hollywood Drugs Sex Rock Roll keywords of the day Two writers pair up to make a comedy writing team The author David Garber and Kevin HartiganOne of my dreams as a young man Run away to Hollywood and become a writer for television Become a Rob Petrie a head writer a success make tons and tons of money But like most dreams they fade awayThen comes along a book to awaken those sleepy memories Hollywood Huckster Hob knobbing with the likes of Bill Cosby Aaron Spelling Johnny Carson Jack Benny the list goes on and onWriting for television shows like; Mash Magnum PI The Bill Cosby Show Sanford and Son's I couldn't possibly name them all David's list of credits are impeccably endless My dreams have been shattered as I read one interview after another The devious deals being made the back stabbing the trickery I never realized how competitive a Hollywood writer has to be The weak do not survive in this celluloid jungleWhere no one is safe a replacement at the door? The pressure I wouldn't have survived It takes a special breed one like Kevin Hartigan and David Garber David the straight man the typist Kevin the jokester who never typed a page in his life Opposites A teamEasy light reading you'll like Dave's congenial personality he invites you into his writing life almost like being there a friendBut most important it's entertaining and funny An uplifting story A story of life's struggles and plateausI enjoyed it and highly recommend itI'd give it two thumbs up or five starsDestined for the best sellers tableMichael Estey

  2. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    Everyone needs a good book and here it is The book is ALL TRUE and no names have been protected Eddie Murphy Bill Cosby Charlies Angels Jack Benny Johnny Carson Alan Alda Redd Fox Aaron Spelling Claudette Colbert Oscar winner for Best Leading Actress Senator Ted Kennedy and there's shows like MASH Love Boat Charlie's Angels Sanford and Son Welcome Back Kotter It will inspire the huckster in you

  3. Maggie Maggie says:

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