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  1. Nicholas Sparks Nicholas Sparks says:

    This is another form of love story one written in almost poetic form It was a major world wide bestseller years ago millions of copies and if you haven't had the chance to read it you should do yourself a favor It's short and poignant and beautiful in every way

  2. Jim Fonseca Jim Fonseca says:

    A great historical novel focused on the production of silk in France around the time of the American Civil War It’s a novella written in a lyrical style almost like a fable or even a fairy tale You can read its 90 pages – 65 chapters in a sitting The local silkworms catch a disease so a young merchant is paid by the townsmen to leave his loving wife to go purchase larvae eggs from Japan He travels across Europe and Siberia by train and horse and then by ship to Japan Japan is still closed to foreigners so this is a clandestine operation While he negotiates with the local warlord he and the warlord’s mistress fall in love a passion that continues without a word exchanged or a touch felt over the four years of his travels In all this time they mange to exchange two letters but the French merchant pines for her most of the rest of his life In later years after he stops his travels he discovers a shocking secret about the lettersI liked the story and the historical background about the silk industry and the disease is accurate Even Louis Pasteur makes an appearance attempting to corral the silkworm disease and that is true It’s set in Lavilledieu north of Marseilles The book is translated from the Italian and the author b 1958 has written several other novels I read and enjoyed his book Emmaus That’s a contemporary novel on a very different subject four Italian boys discovering their sexuality Top photo of a silk workshop in Lyon about the time of the story from medialyon francecomLavilledieu from wikimediaorgwikipediacommonsThe author from awscomcharitycdn

  3. TK421 TK421 says:

    I never imagined I would like a book where the main character makes a living by buying silkworms But I did In fact I not only liked it I loved it SILK is easily one of the top ten books I have read in the past eighteen months or so It has a sparse writing style and passages are repeated almost verbatim in no less than three different spots The characters are there fully realized but at the same time each character is a mystery or a ghost without definite shape The prose is smooth dreamlike SILK is an easy story to relate to it is about the idea of love Herve Joncour is a silkworm buyer who at first travels across Europe past the Mediterranean into Syria and Egypt to buy the precious silkworm eggs However an epidemic hits the silkworms of Europe and before long the epidemic spreads to the far reaches of Egypt Worried that this enterprise is in danger a man named Baldabiou convinces Herve that to ensure a profit Herve needs to go a land that is known for only being at the end of the world Japan But Japan is closed to outsiders In fact it is closed off to anyone who leaves the island Now it would have been easy for the author Alessandro Baricco to bombard the reader with fascinating details about the politics of Japan and the history of opening the island to outsiders I would have really liked that But Baricco had other ideas He knew that if he heaped detail upon detail during this part the mystery and intrigue of the story would become lost Instead Baricco uses only the least bit of detail to convey such a tumultuous time of Japanese and world history And it is done in such a beautiful and remarkable way that this reader never felt as if important aspects of the novel were only glazed over It is while in Japan that Herve has a realization of love I wish I could tell you about the woman and the impact she had upon Herve but that would ruin the story for you Herve replays this journey four times Three of them are peaceful On the fourth time Japan is in the midst of a civil war When Herve returns this last time charred villages and a way of life that he remembers are black phantoms upon the landscape Not to mention the woman that Herve loves? adores? lusts? contributes to this bleak landscape in the form of silence Okay I know the past two paragraphs have been cryptic I apologize I hate when other reviewers do that but it seems secrecy is the only way I can explain how powerful this story is You see the love Herve thinks he feels is not really love; it’s not not really love as well And this is the beauty of Baricco’s storytelling At only a 112 pages this is an easy read But when you have finished the story I am willing to bet it will be a long time before the images and situations leave your mindHIGHEST RECOMMENDATION POSSIBLE

  4. Kalliope Kalliope says:

    This read was a nice break after reading long books Silk reads like a gauzy flowing breeze An almost fairy tale with the exotic as background and with travel and some suspense as some of its most palpable elements it is a not an easy book to put down precisely because it is so easy to read The next short chapter with big print draws you immediately in until you suddenly reach the end As a tale it also has an element of the oral tradition with periodic repetitions to help its audience remember repetitions which have bothered some readers but which for me made the reading fasterIt also has some historical pegs such as 1861 and Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War or the effects of the earlier Treaty that Commodore Perry forced on Japan to open up its borders to Western Trade or the geopolitical setting of an Asia as the theatre for the colonial wars between the various European powers when the UK was selling arms to the Japanese government while the Netherlands supported the rebels as the Japanese civil war erupted We are also reminded of the opening of the Suez Canal and pertinent to the tale the scientific discoveries of Pasteur related to parasites and silkworms This was the age when a new explosion of trade changed the nature of the already long established Silk RouteBut the historical content is just pegs A different context could have also served for these historical components seem no than a setting made of cardboard planks The narration is not factual but essentially evocative The language comes across in a poetic mode in the Spanish translation from the original Italian Many sentences are left open and others are placed here or there as if they were loose brushstrokes painted with Japanese inkSeda or Silk then comes across as a lyrical legend in which the underlying feeling or theme would seem to be Love But to me it expressed the general sentiment of Longing the longing that is experienced in love but also in other imaginary trips and landscapes and desires and yearnings Because Longing is as slippery and shiny and as smooth as silk

  5. Dolors Dolors says:

    A tale but not a tale A novel but not a novel A sad story but not a sad story A love story but not a love story Silk is everything summed up in a few lines A masterpiece

  6. Kelly Kelly says:

    I never even heard her voiceAnd after a whileIt is a strange griefSoftlyTo die of nostalgia for something you will never liveI finished this in a matter of hours My advice on this book would be do not let that nor its slim size nor the whispering simple voice that it adopts fool you into thinking that it is insubstantial in any way The end got to me even after my short acuaintance with the book At times it may feel as if you don't understand the significance of each passing symbol or action In the end it doesn't matter if you do or not What matters most is the feeling you experience while you absorb it I also recommend that you read it all in one sitting Let it work its charm over you and don't let the world interfere You'll miss out otherwise

  7. Mike Puma Mike Puma says:

    Very briefly After seeing the unfortunate movie tie in edition’s cover I had an Oh No It’s a Romance moment So I read disregarding the cover defiantly at times And I read Read And all of the sudden the airiness of the text the nice use of iteration and variation and as much as I hate to say the plot began working in my favor uotes won’t really do for this one at least not uotes of the sort I like to liberate It’s the absence of text the lightest hint of language that makes it work so well Comfortable language cozy gentle If you wondered it’s not a Romance not really it’s merely romanticFive stars without ualification Right book at the right timeThis is not really a view this is

  8. Agnieszka Agnieszka says:

    I have a tendency to picking up doom and gloom books But not this time not this time Silk evoked images of distant Japan and the girl which eyes did not have an oriental slant ; elicited thoughts about things that couldn't happen and made me ponder over pain of longing and power of patience Beguiled me with its ephemeral beauty and deceptive simplicity and I’m not even sure what it was Was it a fable with its repetitive phrases and unreal aura? Was it a parable of human life with all its ambitions and failures? Or maybe just an unattainable dream? Whatever it was it was charming Beautifully written surrounded by a veil of mystery fragile like silkworms eggs and delicate as silk thread355

  9. Algernon (Darth Anyan) Algernon (Darth Anyan) says:

    It was 1861 Flaubert was writing Salammbo electric light was still a hypothesis and Abraham Lincoln on the other side of the ocean was fighting a war whose end he would not seeHerve Joncour was thirty two years oldHe bought and soldSilkworms Whimsical ethereal like air between your fingers shimmering light reflected in the still waters of a lake at the end of the world the flight path of a blue crane across a cloudless sky Silk I don't want to write a long review scrutinizing the plot or the characters motivations The beauty of this prose poem lies in its minimalist brush strokes Barrico eliminates everything that is extraneous superfluous or simply unnecessary until only the core of beauty and kindness is left to grace the page Silk is a celebration of love adventure and storytelling It is intimate and sad and in the end it ask a uestion about what we want to be remembered for? A garden for the children to play in A tale of journeys to far places and of dangerous pursuits a silk veil so fine it is almost transparent tranforming the world seen through it into a space for dreams In time he began to yield to a pleasure that in the past he had always denied himself to those who came to see him he recounted his travels Listening to him the people of Lavilledieu learned about the world and the children discovered what marvel was He spoke softly staring into the air at things the others couldn't see notes The Unbearable Lightness of Being would be a great title for this story if only Milan Kundera didn't already owned it No point in seeing the movie The reviews are consistently negative Too bad because this whimsical tale should have worked well by the producers of 'Amelie' or by Tornatore soundtrack listing Sting Fragile On and on the rain will fallLike tears from a star like tears from a starOn and on the rain will sayHow fragile we are how fragile we are soundtrack listing Terence Trent D'Arby Delicate Delicate like wordsDelicate how timeSo delicately runsThen delicately diesDelicate how eyesSo delicately breatheDelicate like you my dearDelicate like me my loveDelicate like you andDelicate like me andDelicate likeDelicate like you and me

  10. Adina Adina says:

    35 I read this in almost one seating while waiting at the hairdresser A much better choice than the gossip magazines that were scattered around the place I enjoyed the book but I have a problem with short novelsnovellas I cannot seem to be able to be as moved by shorter stories as by bigger volumes There are only a few exceptions Animal Farm Slaughterhouse 5 I remember that at one point in my life I was only reading books over 500 pages I prefer them because you have time to know better the characters to discover their secrets the way they think There is also time for character development Shorter novels usually leave me wanting and it was also the case with Silk Having said that I liked the writing I thought it had an interesting construction and I am planning to read by the author

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Seta ➸ [Read] ➳ Seta By Alessandro Baricco ➽ – Thomashillier.co.uk Der große Bestseller mit dem Alessandro Baricco berühmt wurde Im Herbst 1861 bricht der südfranzösische Seidenhändler Hervé Joncour zu einer Reise nach Japan auf um Seidenraupen zu kaufen Die Be Der große Bestseller mit dem Alessandro Baricco berühmt wurde Im Herbst bricht der südfranzösische Seidenhändler Hervé Joncour zu einer Reise nach Japan auf um Seidenraupen zu kaufen Die Begegnung mit einer rätselhaften Schönheit – heimliche Blicke kurze Botschaften – entfachen seine Leidenschaft und ziehen ihn Jahr für Jahr ins Land der aufgehenden Sonne Eine Parabel vom Glück und seiner Unerreichbarkeit erzählt in einer schwebenden eleganten Prosa.