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The Naughty Girls Book Club ➶ The Naughty Girls Book Club Free ➬ Author Sophie Hart – A uaint suburb A uiet little reading group A very naughty reading listErotica meets a small town community – how ever will our book club copeEstelle sets up a book group in order to increase custom A uaint suburb Girls Book ePUB ✓ A uiet little reading group A very naughty reading listErotica meets a small town community – how ever will our book club copeEstelle sets up a book group in order to increase custom to her struggling small town cafe what follows is scandalous than she could have ever imaginedAs the first book club meeting flounders Estelle suggests a spot of erotica to spice up the members lives – with trepidation the decision The Naughty Kindle - is acceptedInspired by their sizzling reads this group of shy suburban readers shake off their inhibitions and discover a new side to themselves with some tantalising resultsSaucy and sexy chicklit fiction at its most seductive.

  • ebook
  • 293 pages
  • The Naughty Girls Book Club
  • Sophie Hart
  • English
  • 25 December 2016

10 thoughts on “The Naughty Girls Book Club

  1. Natalie TBGWP Natalie TBGWP says:

    You'd think with a title like The Naughty Girls Book Club that this book is going to full of nothing but naughty and full of sex Now as much as that plays a big part in the book in my opinion it's actually a book about friendships and relationships It's a perfect chick lit read but with a naughty twist It's no way ready to be sat in the erotica section that's for sure ​The book follows Estelle Humphreys in her lovely little cafe Cafe Crumb Struggling financially she starts a book club to try attract new custom The book club takes shape and ends up consisting of Estelle of course 64 year old frustrated and retired Sue Bored and shy teacher Rebecca Bolshy opinionated and uirky librarian Gracie And lastly uni geek Reggie who's painfully shy and is actually really there to help him out for his university thesisThe group come together brilliantly not only do we get their insights on some of the naughtier novels around but also their insights on life The versatility you get with them all and their own individual stories opens the book up to allow you to get to know the characters individually and to get their personal opinions and views too This giving the read depth and like abilityThe balance of real reactions to controversial subjects has been thoroughly met and researched brilliantly So I applaud Sophie greatly for thisI have to be honest here and say I did struggle with the first few chapters I got swept away with my own opinions and views which therefore restricted me from getting stuck in I did get over it though thank god and I'm glad I did because after that the book became a dream to read It's funny sad cheesy raunchy realI recommend this to everyone Male female young old It's definitely worthy of a read Go on click the link you know you want too

  2. KathyAnne KathyAnne says:

    The author of this book clearly had a good time playing on the whole Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon and I loved it I remember all of the little whispers from my friends when that series came out More than once I had friends asking as discreetly as possible Have you read those books wink wink LOL I even had some friends reading it in secret and hiding it from their husbands But who are we kidding they loved it too No doubt there were happy husbands all over the world because of that naughty series Anyway back to the book This story takes place in England so you'll need to put on your British hat for this story I love any and all books that take place in the UK because I used to live there so this book already had a head start in the I heart you department Estelle needs to drum up business for her café so she decides to start a book club What started out as a serious book club uickly turned into an opportunity for everyone to read that book you know just to see what all of the fuss is about Sound familiar I'm talking to all of you FSOG peeps out there The fun part of the story for me were the variety of characters we meet in this book club Estelle is forty something divorcee with a son and works a full time job managing the cafe on her own No time for romance Then we have Rose now retired and having trouble re connecting with her husband after 40 yrs of marriage Next is Rebecca contently married but she and her husband have fallen into a routine and she misses the way things were when they first got married Next is Gracie single young with a taste for 50's style and very much a feminist Last on the list is Reggie LOL the young graduate student who decides to join the group to do research on how literature has an effect on the community I'm pretty sure he did not expect to be reading erotica but oddly enough he seemed to benefit from it all in the end So three cheers to Reggie for his bravery After a failed attempt at reading serious literature they all decide to take a leap of faith and read a very popular erotica novel called Ten Sweet Lessons It was really funny listening to them discuss this book Whether you are young or old or a man everyone has an opinion and they all sounded very familiar It was great It was awful I hate the heroine Is that what women want Sound familiar Reading a modern erotica tale inspired them to select books that were considered controversial and erotic in the past so they could compare them to the modern version they had just read By reading and discussing these novels as a group they began to grow closer as friends Pretty soon they were all lending out their words of wisdom and support to each other as they each decide to challenge themselves to take the brave step forward to improving their intimate lives This book is mostly about the bonds of friendship and how they empowered each other to take those brave steps toward re igniting the passion missing in their lives I love how we got an opportunity to see how each of these individuals from young to old all dealing with levels of intimacy at the different stages of life Yes all people crave it from young to old Do we ever stop wanting to be wanted Nope we don't My favorite scenes were with Rebecca and her husband Tony Rebecca was the most inspired of all of the individuals in the group And she and her husband got up to some silly and fun naughty times Pink handcuffs chocolate body paint sexy lingerie yep they were having fun I loved watching their marriage bloom back to life This is a heartwarming story that will appeal strongest to us older ladies who have been around the block and know how it feels to find yourself stuck in a relationship rut It takes a little work to get un stuck and that is where I think erotica plays an important role We need something to give us that inspiration men have their stuff we have ours And it's all okay if it empowers you to keep your marriagerelationship active and fulfilling This is not a book to read if you're looking for hot and steamy sex scenes but definitely one to pick up if you like stories that are focused on friendship change and taking those brave steps forward to improving your life I laughed smiled and giggled all the way through and it left me feeling good at the end for all of these characters So glad I picked this one up ARC was provided by the publisher via Edelweisswwwktbookreviewscom

  3. Tabitha at Tabitha at says:

    I am than happy to reveal that every now and again I like to lean towards a little erotica and slightly naughty fictionjust to mix things up of course What better book to read then than ‘The Naughty Girls’ Book Club’ which plays out the very identifiable enjoyment and delight in reading this genre all set within a rather familiar group of shy and ordinary women Estelle Humphreys is a single Mum who is struggling to keep her café afloat but is determined to try anything to bring in a bit of extra business Seeing the local bookshop over the road close down prompts her to branch out a little and so she decides to set up a fortnightly evening book club at the café in the hope that it will drum up some fresh customers To her delight the first night proves to be a success with an albeit small group of takers; all different ages and personalities but all glad and excited to escape the drudgery of their everyday livesIt very uickly turns out that this book club is not your typical book club though After all agreeing that the classics are not satisfying them they take the decision to give the group a definite and precise objectiveto discuss books that embrace as many aspects in the realm of erotic fiction Whilst all but one of the books discussed are in fact genuine books it is the fictional ‘Ten Sweet Lessons’ that steels the show breaking down many of Sophie Hart’s characters inhibitions and giving them the courage to discover and experiment with new things We get taken on the journey of each individual and how their personal relationships change as a result of the books they are reading and the friendships that they have formed with each other All the characters who have their storyline told from their own perspectives are engaging and endearing in some way or another each of them becoming likeable and believable as the story progresses The book had however made a promise on its blurb to be scandalous and seductive which although there were a few short scenes of a sexual nature it disappointingly didn’t tally with this description in my opinion But whilst there are no real surprises throughout the book it was certainly an enjoyable novel with a fulfilling amount of romance friendship and thought provoking content It’s easy to read and will definitely entertain you but just may not astound shock or blow you awayIt is of course glaringly blatant from the beginning that ‘Ten Sweet Lessons’ bears a huge resemblance to that of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ by E L James and the undoubtedly huge phenomenon that has been the result of the book As Sophie Hart uite rightly points out herself there’s no denying that whilst there are many criticisms of E L James’ book it has had a tremendous effect on today’s readers and without it ‘The Naughty Girls’ Book Club’ would probably not exist I too plead guilty of being part of this phenomenon and it’s for this reason that I picked up and read ‘The Naughty Girls’ Book Club’ in the first place

  4. Rea Cobb Rea Cobb says:

    The Naughty Girls book Club by Sophie Hart is certainly not one of those books you can judge by its cover When I began reading the first page of this book my initial thought was here is another predictable bonkbusterI couldn't have been wrongThe book follows a great group of characters who have met at a new book club run by the lovable Estelle The book club is held in Estelle’s café and was an idea to bring trade to Café Crumb but it’s not long before a firm friendship begins to grow between the group The books they read are all variations of erotica and we get to see what affects the books and the book club has on each of the characters love livesThe author has brought to life five down to earth characters in this book and I loved every one of them They were all extremely well developed characters and all played a huge part in this book which is unusual to find five full bodied main characters in a book Once again this book misleads us as from the title I assumed that it was going to be all girls in the book club but there is actually a guy there too Reggie and he is a great geeky intelligent and sheltered character Reggie was a lovely addition to the girls in the book clubThe storyline was very enjoyable and entertaining The book was not what I was expecting at all and it was a fabulous read that I very nearly missed reading as I totally expected to have handcuffs and vibrators on every page Although there were some sexual scenes they were entertaining and in context and by no means did I find them crudeThe book was fast paced and impossible to put down I loved the whole book from start to finish The book club theme is something new to me I have never read a book that has this as a topic so it made a nice change There really is something for everyone in this book and I am sure it will have you laughing away on many occasions I had a little chuckle to myself when I was doing a massage at work and had an image of George in my head saying “I am not a salad”This was a very clever storyline that had me hooked and it is certainly one that I will be recommending I can’t wait for books by Sophie Hart

  5. Fabulous Book Fiend Fabulous Book Fiend says:

    Review Now I LOVE books about book groups and I do like a bit of erotica so I pretty much knew I was going to love this book but I was still surprised because it didn't take the plot direction that I thought it was going to and in doing so exceeded all my expectations I thought it was a brilliant concept with the development of 50 Shades of Grey and all the others that have been release since erotica has definitely become mainstream and so a book group focusing solely on 'naughty books' is a great idea Each and every character in this book adds to the development of the plot as well as to the readers enjoyment Cafe owner Estelle initially seems pretty reserved a divorced mum with a teenage son she is not as conservative and you might expecthowever Then we have retired Sue again somewhat conservative than the other members of the group but the amount that she learns bout herself and changes over the course of the novel is truly phenomenal Initially I didn't like the male character in the group Reggie I thought he felt as if the book grip was beneath him but he is really brought out of his shell by other members of the group Rebecca is your typical newly wed finding that marriage isn't necessarily all it's cracked up to be The novels she reads seem to bring out her character with each page turn My favourite member of the group though is Gracie I find it fab that she works in a library and I love the sound of her sense of style She's definitely a whole lot of funThere are or course other male characters in the novel aside from book club member Reggie and these guys all bring something the to the book as well At some points I feel sorry for Rebecca's husband Andy he really doesn't know what he's in for when Rebecca starts reading the books that the group discuss The addition of the make characters mean that there is of course romance throughout the storyline I think the balance of sex and romance and plot was just fabulous the author has got it spot on in this case and that's part of what makes it such an entertaining read Whilst there definitely are some slightly risué scenes in this book all the sex is dealt with incredibly tastefully and so don't be fooled into thinking this novel is going to be a complete bonkfest full of descriptions from the pages of the books they are reading The sex is interspersed with the perfect amount of romance but also a decent helping of real life I think everyone will be able to relate to one of these characters or at least something that one of them is going through another place where this author has got it exactly rightThe Naughty Girls Book Club is a great read something which I think any reader could pick up and enjoy as a fun fast paced novel The characters are likeable the storyline and realistic BUT it will make you want to go out and buy books so be warned There is a fab section at the end of the book that has not only suggested book club uestions but also suggested reading material I am proud to say that I have read a decent chunk of the books suggested but there are at least three books mentioned by this author that are going straight on my wish list

  6. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Every once in a while I am in the mood for a really good spicy erotica story I have come a long way since I read my first erotica book I can remember reading the book Gemini Heat by Portia Da Costa What a first book to pick too as my introduction to erotica Sisters and one guythreesomeoh boy Trying to write my first review of this genre was hard I even had found myself blushing writing it as I liked the book but how do you like something like this without trying to come off like you could be labeled a sex addict I am not but you get the picture So anyways what my point is is that for these types of books to make me like them or even love them any the characters have to be interesting there has to be chemistry and not just sex with little storyline If these things are not there than it is just a book that does not make me feel anything like wanting to grab my husband and kiss him after reading the book I did not feel like this reading this book In fact after about chapter ten I gave up on this book None of the characters were that interesting to me I can't even remember their names or what they looked like The first book selection that they chose sounded good and I was looking forward to reading the book along with the book club Sadly I did not get to as the ladies just discussed their thoughts about the book Like I said this book was not for me

  7. Book-shelf Shelf Book-shelf Shelf says:

    I was going to pass this to another reviewer until Lynda Renham said she was reading it and that it wasn't what you would expect So I thought I would give it a go and am bloody glad i did the beginning of the book could of been part of any house town or anywhere really it is almost how life was when the 'Grey' books came out Some people loving it others hating it but everyone reading it This happens with a bunch of 5 people who make up a book club Their general topic of books is erotica but the story is no way rude crude or even risue Its a funny story of 5 people who through the book club and things that need changing in their lives form friendships that are there for a life time Along with romances and journeys the group become a tight knit group that are wonderful to hear about and get to know I loved reading about these people and really felt part of the group

  8. Heidi Heidi says:

    Four stars A fun chick lit read with genuine characters and romanceEstelle is immersed in the latest erotica novel that is taking the world by storm Just when it is getting good she hears her teenage son and is jolted back to reality Estelle returns her attention to closing out the day's receipts Estelle is the owner of the Crumbs Cafe After her divorce she threw everything into her little bakery The winter months are always the hardest and the cafe is struggling Estelle decides to try and bring in business by hosting a book club At the first meeting there are five members The group has a discussion on Tess of the d'Urbervilles but it is lacking enthusiasm At the end of the meeting they are trying to pick their next read Estelle was planning on Crime and Punishment but the group doesn't seem to keen on another classic As she roots around in her handbag trying to come up with an exciting read Her copy of Ten Lessons the hot erotica novel she has been reading falls out and the group leaps on it Soon the small book club is reading only erotic novels and learning a few new things about sex and relationships Can they put what the read to practical useWhat I LikedFirst don't let the title dissuade you from reading this book I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not a steamy erotic read even though the book club's focus is on erotic books This is a terrific chick lit book with genuine characters and realistic situations The sex is a minimal aspect of the book and when there is sex it is tastefully done I thought this was the perfect palate cleansing read I loved the characters and I found myself immediately rooting for them I had a lot of fun with this bookI thoroughly enjoyed the characters in the book club It is a small and eclectic bunch Estelle is the founder She is in her late forties divorced mother of a teenage son and owner of a small bakery Recently retired Sue who is in her early sixties is uickly growing bored with retirement and discouraged that her husband doesn't want to get out and do things Rebecca has been married for a little over a year and she is disappointed that her sex life is in a rut Gracie a librarian with an amazing sense of style is nearing thirty and never been lucky in love Reggie rounds out the group He is also in his late twenties working on his doctorate He joins the group to gain information on his thesis He is the only male in the group and at first he is shy especially when the ladies decide to focus on erotic novels uickly the group becomes fast friends despite their age differences and they are soon supporting each other and growing close I loved the dynamic in the group and I enjoyed watching the relationships form I grew to love each and every one of the characters I was a bit hesitant going into this knowing that the book club was going to focus on erotic reads Erotica is not my cup of tea I am just not a fan of detailed and explicit sex scenes in my reading just a personal preference That being said I was delighted to find that everything was handled tastefully I liked that even though the focus of the club was on erotic novels the group made it educational They weren't reading the books for the smut value they explored different erotic novels from all eras It was eye opening and interesting to learn about famous erotic novels of the past I thought the author did an exceptional job with the erotica This book shows how erotica has always been a part of reading and how it has evolved and changed over the centuries Fear not all the discussions are tasteful and they don't sit around talking about the sex in explicit detail As the group begins to explore they erotica novels in the book club they start finding uses for it in their own sex lives I liked seeing how each character took what they read and incorporated it into their lives It made some of them bold and willing to try something new In the end all of the characters learn something about themselves their relationships and they all end up better people I loved the growth and changes in all the characters The sex scenes are done just right For me sex scenes are best when there is less detail The author provides enough information to give you the picture and then she cuts out without going into the explicit details There aren't pages and pages of hot steamy sex in this So if you are one who loves the sizzling sex scenes you will be disappointed I personally thought they were well done I liked that the characters are diverse different ages and in all types of relationships I think that most readers will find a character that they can relate to a bit Even though the ending was a bit bitter sweet I was so happy to see how far each of the members of the group had come during their time together I appreciated that the author provided a nice little Epilogue and everything ends happily And The Not So MuchI was a bit put off at first by Reggie I didn't think a male had a place in The Naughty Girl's Book Club I was expecting the group to be all female because of the title When Reggie first shows up he makes it clear he is there to gather research for his thesis He is shy and doesn't actively participate I kept hoping that he would give up on the book club especially when they started reading erotica However as time went on he begins to open up and he starts adding to the discussion After that I enjoyed watching how the book club gave him new confidence He ended up being a great addition to the book club Sue was the hardest character for me to relate to She is in her early sixties and struggling with retirement She is already missing her busy life and disappointed that her husband has no interest in doing anything other than puttering around at home Her sex life has never been satisfying and she soon learns what she has been missing once she starts reading all the erotica Sue's parts of the book are the most negative as she and her husband start fighting It gets worse and worse and I didn't like that her parts dragged down the story I was grateful that things finally ended on a high note for Sue and I ended up appreciating her journey The ending is a bittersweet I was a touch disappointed that after everything the group had gone through that due to circumstances things began to rapidly change I kind of hated seeing the changes I appreciated though that the Epilogue wraps everything up and ties up the loose ends The Naughty Girls' Book Club was a surprisingly good read I loved that this was a book with genuine characters in realistic situations I enjoyed exploring the relationships and seeing the characters transform I appreciated that this was an educational read as well and I learned a lot about how erotic books have changed throughout the centuries The sex is tasteful and lacks explicit detail Bottom line this is a feel good chick lit read perfect for when you need something light and fun Favorite uotationsAll the best books should be shared and discussed and debated It's a centuries' old tradition People have always loved storiesI received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this reviewPostedRainy Day Ramblings

  9. Emma Clancy-Slack- Da silva Emma Clancy-Slack- Da silva says:

    My best friend and partner in crime sharon came round one day and pulled this book out of her bag The title got me thinking and grabbed me especially after reading her first hot saucy page I went on bagged my own As like in the book club i own and love many of my own erotica books This book indeed was as i expected a really good book but to my surprise not full of sex and seduction it focused on strangers becoming friends and relationships whether they're going down the pan or non existent Estelle owner of cafe crumb was struggling financially the cafe wasnt doing so great Estelle forced to think on her feet comes up with what she thinks is a great idea a book club After the first meeting it seems that the book club is failing until someone suggests the new book for the week hot eroticaTen sweet lessons Heated up by there new found love of erotica the book club members come to realise sex and love can and should happen in their own lives and this causes a whirl of events

  10. Erin Cataldi Erin Cataldi says:

    I'm not going to lie this was a delightful naughty little read It's essentially a cozy beach read with some sex a book club happy endings literally and a cozy little cafe set in England What's not to love It's light it's breezy there's cute cliche characters of all ages and times of life although no diversity to speak of from a young feminist to a newly married woman to a divorcee to a male graduate student and a recent retiree who is going stir crazy staying at home What starts as a sweet and innocent book club at a local cafe uickly turns into an erotica book club by accident the cafe owner had a scandalous book in her purse The attendees who all started as strangers uickly become friends and find confidence in the personal and sexual lives It's cute it's fun it's an all around good book that will make you want to read erotica and join a book club

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