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  • Kindle Edition
  • 299 pages
  • Stone of Heaven (The Carswell Adventure, #1)
  • L.A. Sartor
  • English
  • 14 July 2015

6 thoughts on “Stone of Heaven (The Carswell Adventure, #1)

  1. Jackie Jackie says:

    Tori Carswell is a self imposed recluse She lives on a train and designs jewelry for the rich and famous It’s her sister Abby who risk taker and adventure seeker But when during a hunt for a fabled stone Abby is taken by immortals who are trying to resurrect their God When Tori can’t locate Abby she begins the hunt herself Though woefully under prepared her duty to her twin sister is bottomless When she runs into the treasure hunter Reid Hunter she knows she should stay far away His reputation has preceded him and all she knows is she has to watch her back with him The problem is that when they work together a chemistry and heat build between them that they cannot deny Though Tori is falling for Reid can Reid love Tori back than his love of treasuresI really enjoyed this adventure story I thought is was a uick paced read that leaves you wanting another So much treasure so little time The characters of Tori and Reid really had wonderful chemistry It builds as a good story does The story went much farther than I expected and took you on a lot of different journeys Overall this was a great adventure story with a dash of love and romance I can understand why Tori falls for Reid he’s a total hottie

  2. Elaine Cantrell Elaine Cantrell says:

    Really good actionadventure romance I like this author's work

  3. Cindy Cindy says:

    This is a action adventure book along the lines of a Indian Jones type reading The setting is a Mayan god is trying to be resurrected by his faithful followers whom some of which are immortal Two twin sisters are at the forefront Both are in the field of treasure hunters but one Tori Carswell does it from the confines of her own home choosing to live as a recluse and the other is a thrill seeker Abby Carswell always in the middle of a grand adventure When Abby is captured by the Mayan followers to be used as a sacrifice Tori has to come out of hiding to rescue her twin There are a lot of secondary characters who help Tori in her uest to save her sister but what Tori doesnt know if for the sacrifice it reuires both sisters blood to complete

  4. Kim McMahill Kim McMahill says:

    This book took me back to Romancing The Stone It was a wonderful action adventure treasure hunt with a little romance thrown in to heat things up I enjoy books that take ancient myths and run with them

  5. Nancy Haddock Nancy Haddock says:

    I was SO into this book I didn't want it to end Non stop action with excellent character development It's a ride

  6. Lisa Potocar Lisa Potocar says:

    Author LA Sartor takes us on a wild romantic adventure through the jungle and Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Coast The story is fast paced and tons of fun I was highly impressed with the author’s imagination in the development of this story as well as her ability to draw us into her adventurers' world and make us feel as though we were one of them This is a great read for fans of Indiana Jones type tales I can’t wait to read the second book in this Carswell Adventure Series

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Stone of Heaven (The Carswell Adventure, #1)[Download] ➵ Stone of Heaven (The Carswell Adventure, #1) Author L.A. Sartor – STONE OF HEAVENBook One of the Carswell Adventure Series The Recluse Tori Carswell treasures her solitude and simple life Her identical twin Abby Carswell is the polar opposite seeking increasingly ri STONE OF HEAVENBook One of the Carswell Adventure Series The Recluse Tori Stone of ePUB ½ Carswell treasures her solitude and simple life Her identical twin Abby Carswell is the polar opposite seeking increasingly risky adventures Now Abby has put herself in mortal danger captive of an ancient Mayan cult Her only hope Woefully under prepared ToriAnd the Treasure Hunter Reid Hunter good natured and currently broke aims to beat his ex partner Abby to the fabled blue jade known as the Stone of Heaven But when reclusive aero phobic Tori overcomes her fear of flying and tracks her sister to a well guarded tomb deep in the Yucatan rainforest he realizes Abby is in serious troubleCan Opposites Accomplish the ImpossibleAbby no longer trusts Reid Can Tori risk doing so now and join forces with him to save her sister Or will Reid put riches before life and love.