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  1. Tracey Tracey says:

    Why do I keep doing this to myself? After some of the dreck I've read for Netgalley and LibraryThing giveaways and because I got it free on Ammie why do I still do it?I'm a masochist andor optimistic because of the very few real successes I've come across I guess and a sucker for a premise that sounds promising Also the chalice with the palace or the flagon with the dragon So I keep going back to the LibraryThing giveaways and keep putting my name inI feel like I've said this about a thousand times well it's probably only a few dozen This could have been so much better With objective editing with a firm hand and White's Elements of Style this could have been uite good As it is it had some nice elements but though pretty short was a terrible slog to finish I was sleepless and perversely persevered Sorry looks like it's going to be that kind of dayThe story begins with a boy in a wheelchair who discovers that he can fly when he finds himself doing so to save the life of a little girl he's just met He can't walk but he can fly and he begins a sort of disabled Superman existence wearing armor as he flits around the neighborhood stopping evil doers The armor is partly so his Clark Kent persona will not be known partly to intimidate the truly stupid and cowardly bad guys he chases off and partly in case anyone takes a shot at him – though this is one of the places I sighed over the book because the reason knights stopped bothering with armor was that bullets went through itAnother sigh I sighed over that armor is that he went from finding out he could fly to within a very short span of time flying about with an additional 80 odd pounds added to his weight and had no problem adjusting RightAnd still another sigh came because he started wearing the armor when he was twelve and was still wearing it – after considerable growth and muscular development – at twenty I guess he was sort of swimming in it at twelve; maybe he really strapped himself inThe biggest armor related sigh though was of a groan and it wasn't so much over his armor as his sword Or rather the sword's sheath You see one day the main character receives a sword in the mail a clay He decides to go out and fly around with it to play with it Someone begins shooting arrows at him Once the shooting stops he decides to go pick up a few stray arrows Scooping up the arrows he stashed them in his sheath with his swordA few arrowsHe stashed them in his sheath With his swordWhich is not the sword he usually wears with that armor but as I mentioned a clay far larger than the blade he usually wears with the armor There was no mention of switching out the scabbard So the bloody sword shouldn't have fit all by itself The sword plus a few arrows? I wanted to slap someone Scottish clay Total length 118 cm 4646 in; Blade length 92 cm 3602 in; CoG 13 cm 524 inIn other words it's bloody bigSource WikimediaI don't even know what to say about the fact that the main character can stand and can leap and than hold his own in a swordfight but he is confined to a wheelchair because he can't walk Eventually some sort of nonsensical wisp of an explanation shows up but it's not good enough by a long mark Of course once the boy figures out he can fly there's no learning curve he just flies he starts leaving his wheelchair at the bottom of the staircase and levitates up to his bedroom and then proceeds to float about getting himself ready for bed and suchlike Hitherto a servant had always had to carry him up help him bathe and dress and put him to bed Does anyone his grandfather the household full of servants they start out with notice?NopeI'm tired of cutting writers slack over grammatical and punctuation errors There's no need for them None Especially when there are two writers involved as here If you can't tell that this is a bad sentencefrom the first page The maid Sarah with her strong Scottish burr patted him on his shoulder;Or thisHis eyes trained up the landmark treeOr that the commas are completely unnecessary in these fragmentssparse blond hair; giant brown eyes; the ugly brown wooden chair;Or that this makes no senseThompton's visage stepped back;If you're going to commit unintentional funnies like the freedom of this new discovery that he could fly made his soul take flight; or having the boy clench his fists and then three paragraphs later clench his jaw;If you're going to set your book in 1894 and talk about personal space and other 20th 21st century concepts I'll allow ok in 1894 but I still growled –Then I have no desire to read your work and you should be ashamed of asking me to much less asking me to pay 299 for it on To be clear I myself was not asked to pay for this; it was a LibraryThing Member Giveaway book and therefore free to me for review If you can't be bothered with internal logic and worldbuilding I can't muster up too much enthusiasm for your work As I've said a thousand times or maybe just a few dozen there are literally millions of other books out there You have to earn my time and money If I had paid for this I would be peeved; as it is I regret the time put into itOh Oh dear I was going to end there but I figured I'd better check my facts and make sure this book was indeed self published It's not In fact the publisher has a page titled Why Shouldn't I Just Self Publish? which includes this statement We provide a team of experienced people who will help you with editing artwork promotion and be there when you have a uestion Because of your team you can concentrate MORE on writing and less on editing marketing and all the rest of the work Oh my God I had originally given this two stars it just lost a star because of that

  2. Emerald Barnes Emerald Barnes says:

    This book follows a young man Gareth Smyth He’s a cripple confined to a wheel chair and he’s got himself a surly attitude about it as well He won’t let anyone close to him only his young aunt Tabitha But there is one girl who tries to push her way into his life – Jessamine The story involves Gareth on a discovery of who is and who he eventually wants to be With the help of Jessamine and his servants he finally discovers who he is whether he likes it or not Okay let say that this novel is a sweet fun read Gareth annoyed me so much at times but by the end he began redeeming himself And honestly because of Gareth I wanted to just put the book down but I stuck with it And I’m glad I did because the last half of the book had me hooked I really liked too that this book is so much than just Gareth discovering who he is This is about eual rights for women steam punk goodness and well fun – for the readers at least Now that Gareth has finally redeemed himself in my eyes I’m ready to see what the future holds for all the characters I received an ARC for a fair honest review

  3. Ian Ian says:

    Confined to his wheel chair and living in a world where cripples are despised Gareth is bitter and resentful Then he saves a girl falling from a tree and discovers he can fly but he needs to keep his secrets and confides only in his sister Tabitha As he grows he uses his gift to help the townsfolk becoming something like a 19th century super hero all the while his own family's financial situation worsens Then an American heiress crashes into his world in search of a title and in order to secure the family's future he has little choice but to marry her Meanwhile dark forces are circling My rating for this book might seem to imply that I only thought it was OK but I actually enjoyed it a lot It's uite unusual in that the authors have thrown steam punk into the pot along with a fairy tale aesthetic with a bit of an urban fantasy feel It's obviously Young Adult and perhaps even suitable for older children if you consider Grimm's Fairy Tales suitable for older children So uite difficult to know where it belongs but it was good fun

  4. Alexia Purdy Alexia Purdy says:

    Reviewed on my blog on 7242013 haven’t read a lot of steam punk novels fair warning The last being Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices series which can fit right along the time period of this one I absolutely loved Ard Hearts It has steam punk and fantasy elements seamlessly fused to form uniue historical storytelling at its bestTristan Gareth Smyth is a cripple stuck in a wheelchair and unable to walk He’s a grumpy guy but he likes being alone and would rather keep everyone at arm’s reach The only one he even listens to is his aunt Tabitha who is a bit younger than himI loved the setting of this book the old England feel of it felt authentic and the steam punk devices were an excellent touch At first I didn’t like Gareth and found him awfully annoying and grumpy He was downright rude even towards his aunt whom he loves and is the only person who knows his secret When Jessamine enters the picture he is downright awful in how he treats her I wanted to slap the guy around a few rounds for being so stupidWhen the fantasy elements come into play frankly there were some surprises especially with their housekeepers I would’ve never guessed Gareth is pretty observant of stuff but seems to shrug off other stuff that is begging to be discovered Luckily he does grow on the reader and softens his hardened exterior as time goes on I really enjoyed how he develops as time goes on though I wish he’d softened up a bit sooner Jessamine was definitely intriguing A tough girl who doesn’t take no for an answer seems to be the cure for Gareth’s annoying attitudeIt’s curious that he doesn’t know much about himself just that his mother abandoned him and his grandfather doesn’t want much to do with him One day when he was 12 he rescued a young girl when she fell from a tree revealing a huge secret of himself he had no idea about Fast forward to seven years later and he finds himself forced into a marriage with the lovely Jessamine an American enad of him which baffles him at first Discovering that someone mysterious wants him dead makes him want to be rid of everyone close to him but events unfold which make secrets of the past hard to keepI highly recommend reading the preuel to this book called ‘Winter Fae’ Though it gives away some of the heritage that belongs to Gareth you can view this story with a new light after reading itAwesome story I can’t wait for the seuel

  5. Lynn Worton Lynn Worton says:

    I have previously read books by Melissa Turner Lee but I haven't read anything by Pauline Creeden before so I was curious to find out what these two authors could come up with This is a fantastic story I loved itTristan Gareth Smyth is a fascinating character Unable to walk he uses a wheelchair to get around I liked this character very much He did have a tendency to mope but he also has a pragmatic outlook on life He pushes people away by being surly and difficult; I think he does this to avoid either pity or getting hurt which is understandable but in my opinion unnecessary When he rescues a young girl he finds out a shocking secret about himself He can flyI can honestly say that I have never read a book like this It is completely different to anything I have read before There are elements of romance mixed in with an actionadventure that was very refreshing I have heard of Steampunk in fashion ie utilising old fashioned clothing with a modern twist however I never actually thought about it outside of the abstract This book takes the Victorian era and puts a modern twist into it I was completely fascinated with the Bonnet Club and what the ladies actually got up to I suppose that if you liked tinkering with machines or inventing in those times it was considered un lady like However I slightly digress This story took me on an amazing adventure with secrets and revelations mystery and suspense combined with a touching romance Oh and Seelie fairies I am most definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the seriesMelissa Turner Lee was already one of my favourite authors so I am going to have to add Pauline Creeden to the list too This was an amazing collaboration and I hope these two authors will continue to work together for a long time to comeI highly recommend this book if you love actionadventure paranormal romance or Steampunk Lynn Worton

  6. ~ Rose ~ ☯Desert Rose❀ ~ Rose ~ ☯Desert Rose❀ says:

    Be sure to check out my blog post for this review Check it out hereThis story is simple and entertaining being very well described by the synopsis Showing the frustration of a young man bound to a wheelchair crippled physically but feisty and energetic in spirit Spanning many years of his life the secrets and mysteries that are revealed as time goes on make his life much complicated than he ever expected With adventure suspense mystery and sweet romance this book provides the perfect entertainment for a uiet afternoon While the story primarily focuses on Mr Smyth we also learn about several other characters as well as getting glimpses into the economic situation and social environment of the time With several side stories we're able to follow the growth of several characters and see how they're all effected by Mr Smyth's secrets All these characters mix wonderfully to make a dynamic story that sticks with you long after the last page Written well this book provides an smooth and easy read Pauline Creeden and Melissa Turner Lee did a wonderful job of mixing many aspects of a captivating story while keeping it flowing uick giving it a natural and realistic feel Overall I enjoyed this book and am glad to have had the opportunity to read and review I'd recommend this book to fantasy and historical fiction fans I was given a complimentary ecopy of this book from the author to read in exchange for an honest review

  7. Elizabeth Towns Elizabeth Towns says:

    I can’t wait for the next book in this series I’ve never read anything like this and I can’t wait to read Initially getting into Ard Hearts was different for me I wasn’t expecting what I got Gareth the main character is a Lord in this Victorian era setting limited to a wheelchair and not feeling real blessed about it and letting it show in his attitude in every way Gareth doesn’t want to bother with anyone except his Aunt Tabitha As the reader you are well aware of his unhappiness for most of the book and I wanted to shake him so hard at some points But you want to follow along as he grows through his commitment to take care of his villagers and the magical mystical journey that unfolds with JessamineJessamine Strong smart bull headed – not afraid of gruff Gareth and determined to help him She is essential to the story and brings an element that meets and matches Gareth’s huge characterArd Hearts is my introduction to steam punk I feel like it was just a glimpse but I can imagine being a woman in an era when it was unladylike to do than take care of the family I would have definitely been a part of the Bonnet Club I can’t imagine how that will play out into the series I will definitely be a fan of the series as much as I am a fan of this first bookThe end comes uickly there are surprises and secrets well ahead of that point and every bit of it is well worth the read

  8. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    No rating because I didn't finish this one Sigh I guess this really cements that steampunk is not for me It was actually a bit sci fi than steampunk but I didn't didn't connect to the plot There was also some Christian elements which makes this book REALLY not for me Oh well

  9. Booknut Booknut says:

    'She moved closer extended her hand and ran her fingers through his hair A shiver shot down his spine It took all his effort to keep the reaction from showing He remained still as stoneDon't think I don't see who is really beneath the armourYou put up this steel cage around yourself in the form of hostility and disinterest whichever works to shield you best at the moment but that's not who you are''He was the rejected crippled heir The forgotten and abandoned son of his other The man no one looked in the eye because they'd have to bend down to do it'Rejected Crippled Forgotten AbandonedTristan Gareth Smyth is a young lord with a bleak future His wheelchair is a prison a constant reminder of the future he cannot have and of the fact that no one no one at all could truly love a cripple without suffocating him in a downpour of pity So he resigns himself to a life behind his cold prickly uncaring facade'He was about to call out a warning to her when it was too late The branch snapped The little girl was falling'But the future may hold than he originally thought When a young girl falls from a tree Gareth watches in horror all too aware of his disability and wills himself to move Suddenly he rushes towards her catching her several feet above the groundHe can fly 'Was she a ghost after all? A phantom?'Years have passed but Gareth has never forgotten the girl he saved secretly using his newfound ability to gain a measure of independency from day to day His young aunt Tabitha is the only one in on his secret; aiding him in using his ability to covertly protect and watch over the town by night a suit of armour concealing his features A rumour of a Flying Knight patrolling the shire steadily begins to grow'The dark haired girl ran backwards trying to hit the thing completely oblivious to Gareth directly in her path Before he could move his chair out of her way the girl tripped and landed suarely in his lap'Jessamine Cardinal Keller is a bold intelligent pretty thing whose refusal to be cowed by Gareth's less than charming personality makes her both irritating and intriguing to Gareth who is adamant that love of any kind is not for him But Jessamine's lovely face conceals a will of steel and she's never backed down from any challenge before And she won't now Not when she's so close to finding the thing she searched for for years'Good can destroy evil but evil is no match for good'Gareth's ability may not be as shocking or unforeseen as he may have thought In fact it may be the instigator for a war of supernatural proportions And if he is to keep safe those he loves he may have to take off the armour he's made for himselfand become the man those closest to him knew he could beMechanical inventions secret societies reluctant vows shape shifting cats and family secrets when put together create a vivid tale that is bound to enchant and enthrall

  10. Dianne Dianne says:

    From the captivating cover to the final word Ard Hearts is one of those reads that is a joy to discover Not too dark not too deep but full of surprises fantasy and love In nineteenth century England a young lord confined to a wheelchair discovers a magical ability that is the tip of the iceberg to long kept secrets about his true identity After being shunned for his disability his entire life Gareth is resigned to a solitary existence until a young American girl comes along determined to make him hers But what is she really after? His cynical disposition is his only tool at trying to keep a distance between them but Jessamine has her own reasons for her persistence and uses her family’s financial leverage to gain Gareth’s hand In the world of steampunk Jessamine has like many brilliant women secretly designed a mechanical means to fly astonishing Gareth and raising his opinion of the young woman Together they uncover even long kept secrets that put them in the crosshairs of magical creatures who wish Gareth dead Who is young Gareth? What is young Gareth? What family secrets have been kept from him his entire life? Melissa Turner Lee and Pauline Creeden make a creative statement that reads fast with that “steampunk feel” tossing in some fae magic and a sweet story of love The interaction between Jessamine’s plucky attitude and Gareth’s surly one is one that will make you chuckle because you just KNOW this man is no match for this woman who has the ability to bring out the best in him The plot flowed effortlessly along plucking into the past and drawing it together with the present A feel good read for sure An ARC edition of this book was provided by NetGalley and All Night Reads in exchange for my honest review Publication date May 20 2013

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Armored Hearts [Download] ➻ Armored Hearts By Pauline Creeden – When a crippled young lord rescues a girl falling from a tree it reveals a secret about himself and his mother's side of the family that could put him at the center of a war with beings he thought onl When a crippled young lord rescues a girl falling from a tree it reveals a secret about himself and his mother's side of the family that could put him at the center of a war with beings he thought only existed in fairy talesTristan Gareth Smyth lived his entire life stuck at home at Waverly Park and left behind while his Grandfather makes trips to London all because of his blasted wheelchairThen an American heiress falls in his lap literally and he must find a way to keep her at a distance to protect not only his secret but everyone around him from an assassin sent to kill him.