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Slick Competition Beaus Backdoor #1 ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Slick Competition Beaus Backdoor #1 By Mandy Harbin ➝ – Thomashillier.co.uk Mitchell Hill might be gay but working for a business specializing in sexual products for men makes it hard for himin ways than one When his new boss announces a contest to find an innovative product Mitchell Hill might be gay but Beaus Backdoor Kindle Ö working for a business specializing in sexual products for men makes it hard for himin ways than one When his new boss announces a contest to Slick Competition Kindle - find an innovative product to launch nationally Mitchell blurs the line between personal and professional by deciding to submit a lubricant he’d created for himself One problem—he has to get the approval of Competition Beaus Backdoor eBook ↠ his boss’s sexy assistant a man he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about in very carnal ways since first seeingKayden Wright has heard nothing but insane ideas about products until newcomer Mitchell walks into his office He’s thrilled with the lube ideaand turned on by the man before him He always maintains a professional demeanor—he needs this job to deal with the mountain of medical bills piling at his door But when Mitchell kisses him he loses his steely control Not easily willing to trust others Kayden mistakes innocence for treachery and the two men start a roller coaster relationship filled with lies deceitand smoldering sex.

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10 thoughts on “Slick Competition Beaus Backdoor #1

  1. Gigi Gigi says:

    Slightly enjoyable little story about an office romance at a gay products specialty company which will likely be turned into a series MC Mitchell is a recent graduate from graduate school drowning in school loans and MC Kayden is deeply in debt with hospital bills for his grandmother's cancer treatments They become lovers and then both end up competing for the same 10k bonus Not the best combination and feelings get pushed aside in the uest for the money Lots of angst and dramaI'm kind of on the fence about recommending this one I'd recommend it to those that love MM office romances and high drama and angry sex there is a big angry sex scene that was particularly hot but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone else That just wasn't much in it that made it stand out

  2. Susan Laine Susan Laine says:

    45 stars Mitchell is the new employee Kayden is the boss’s assistant The company forbids fraternization When an open contest is organized to find a new product that could fit any gay man Kayden hears the proposals Mitchell has been developing a new type of lubricant for years and he enters the competition But due to a few misunderstandings Kayden thinks Mitchell is trying to seduce him to win the competition So Kayden betrays Mitchell in the worst way As a result Mitchell goes on a bender while Kayden tries to fix things But is it too late to recover what was lost?Now this is one heart wrenching emotional rollercoaster ride Mitchell is optimistic and smitten while Kayden is pessimistic and jaded The motivations of both men are described very well and as a result neither comes off as a bad man even though both act pretty badly I liked how well the characterization came through drawn with simple efficiency The inner workings of both men was a delight to read because they are so different Understanding the true motives and personality of a virtual stranger and being able to forgive them that’s a hard lesson to learn and even harder to put into effectThe plot has a couple of delicious twists and the pace is just right for a novella The writing is solid and to the point and the sex scenes are hot However Be warned There’s a sort of a violent sex scene here Okay let me explain Some will see it as rape some as forced seduction and others as an emotional turning point in the story I recommend reading the whole story before making any judgmentsAll in all a good strong story with basically good smart men who fall in love and make terrible mistakes out of love and in anger Redemption is a wonderful thing though Recommended

  3. Pat Pat says:

    Sometimes the ogre in the fairytale turns out to have a heart of gold but often he's just a guy everyone loves to hate with good reason Unfortunately the only gold the ogre in this story covets belongs to the supposed hero Mitchell Hill with his newly minted master's degree in biochemical engineering moves to New Orleans to work for Beau Broussard's sex products empire Mitch has a mountain of college debt to pay so he works as a well paid product development specialist for Beau and further reduces his debt working in a hospital lab When Beau announces a competition to come up with a new product Mitch thinks he has the perfect thing a new lube designed expressly for gay men All Mitch has to do is convince Beau's assistant Kayden Wright that this is the winning product and the ten thousand dollar prize is his Mitch however doesn't count on a couple of things First little does he know that he and Kayden will hit it off and become an unofficial couple despite Kayden's ogrish reputation around the company In fact Mitch thinks he's found the real Kayden the kind and caring Kayden But the second thing Mitch doesn't see coming is that Kayden who needs money for his extremely ill grandmother will stoop to claiming Mitch's lube is really his in order to win the prize moneyRead the rest of my review at The Romance Reviews

  4. Cathy Brockman Cathy Brockman says:

    Review Written for is starting a new job with a company that caters to gay men He meets Kayden the assistant that no one at the company likes They all warn him to watch his back that Kayden is a weasel and backstabber but Mitchell finds him hot and intriguingI really liked this story I thought it intriguing I loved all the characters The office politics really hit home I went back and forth on the Mitchel Kayden thing I liked Kayden and I could see his point of view I loved all the crazy ideas the people kept coming up with and I even liked the grouchy hateful boss This story was lots of fun and very sexy I think I see a seuel coming and I can’t waitI recommend this if you like bartenders science nerds whacky ideas sneaky assistants and some hot mansex

  5. Elaine White Elaine White says:

    I originally read the sample of this back in book 05 and loved it As soon as I could I bought this and it was well worth itSlick Competition had me on an emotional roller coaster I absolutely fell in love with both Mitchell and Kayden and their relationship I loved all the innocent misunderstandings the way that Kayden made mistakes in their relationship just because he didn't know any better I also love how Mitchell was conflicted over his anger and saw sense really uickly even if he couldn't forgive just as uicklyBeautiful story with a great ending I'm hoping Zack and Van or just one of them gets the main story in the next book I can't wait to read it

  6. Silkeeeeeereads Silkeeeeeereads says:

    It was nice to get the end of the story but be forewarned about 30% of the story is a repeat of My Straight Roommate So you are paying for about 65% of a story if you have already read the other It's still a hip it little story I wonder if that lube actually exist and if it doesn't I think we need to find someone to help us develop it LOL

  7. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I liked the premise workplace drama with the temptation to betray a co worker derailed by attraction There is a scene of angry sex which isn't a favorite of mine but not necessarily a deal breaker

  8. Debbie Benson Debbie Benson says:

    I wish there was to this series Mitchell finally sells his lube as suggested by his old roommate He develops a relationship with Kayden while doing it Not to say it was smooth sailing but it was realistic for reality rather than just a story I highly recommend this book

  9. jules0623 jules0623 says:

    25 stars

  10. Janie Janie says:

    Enjoyable story of an office romance gone bad Butt butter is the cause of Kaydens wrongful actions against Mitchell Luckily Mitchell is forgiving and goes to bat for Kayden at Beaus Backdoor

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