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Hubble Bubble ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Hubble Bubble By Jane Lovering ➤ – Be careful what you wish for Holly Grey only took up witchery to keep her friend out of trouble – and now she’s knee deep in hassle in the form of apocalyptic weather armed men midwifery and a sar Be careful what you wish for Holly Grey only took up witchery to keep her friend out of trouble – and now she’s knee deep in hassle in the form of apocalyptic weather armed men midwifery and a sarcastic Welsh journalistKai has been drawn to darkest Yorkshire by his desire to find out who he really is What he hadn’t bargained on was getting caught up in amateur magic and dealing with a bunch of women who are trying really hard to make their dreams come trueTogether they realise that getting what you wish for is sometimes just a matter of knowing what it is you want.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 356 pages
  • Hubble Bubble
  • Jane Lovering
  • English
  • 13 September 2016

About the Author: Jane Lovering

Jane Lovering was born in Devon England but following extradition procedures now lives in Yorkshire She has five children four cats two dogs and doesn't believe in housework so the bacteria and dust are approaching sentience and now rank among the pets Incidentally she doesn’t believe in ironing either and the children all learned self defensive cookery at early ages She works in a local.

10 thoughts on “Hubble Bubble

  1. Bookread2day Bookread2day says:

    I loved reading this magical book For me it was something so different A group of friends in to woods to do witcher The group of friends sit by primus stove and a large saucepanThey put into the pan a real owl's eye an ex's toenail clippingsThey all write a wish list and put that too in side the pan Be careful what you wish for now

  2. Alison Alison says:

    I think I've read this before but neither reviewed nor rated itI have to be honest I think this was a bit of a miss by Jane Lovering usually I think she can do no wrong but this one didn't do it for meHolly Grey is a location scout for TV programmes she also spends a lot of time caring for her elder brother who tends to talk to walls and get depressed if he is off his meds Her BFF Megan is one of life's optimists and forces Holly to join a women's group to do magic and make their dreams come trueSoon there are a leather clad long haired investigative reporters and their pregnant 20 year old daughters well just the one daughter ginger farmers priapic Scotsmen slobbering dogs fke witches and lonely women to deal withKai Rhys has spent his life adrift not knowing who he really is feeling abandoned and unworthy he tends to take out his feelings of worthlessness out on the women he sees using and abandoning them with impunity until he meets Holly For some reason this red haired woman 'sees' him in a way no other woman has ever tried toI'll be honest I thought Kai was a whiner and needed to grow up He tried to draw comparisons between himself and Holly but frankly if you had an older brother who demonstrated that he couldn't look after himself and parents who seemed incapable of recognising his issues would't you step into the breach? I know I would rather mother my older brother than find out he had been found dead in a ditch after coming off his meds and walking alone on the moors until he froze to deathIn comparison to the other Jane Lovering books I have read this was also short of laugh out loud humour the 'coven' didn't really go anywhere and I didn't feel invested in any of the characters

  3. Kim Kim says:

    Well there certainly was a lot going on in this one I think I’ll 35 but not a full 4 stars MC Holly is a single independent woman doing her thing taking care of her older brother and crushing life Her friend wants to play pretend witches and her life shifts axis and it turns into this story about introspection and truly loving life and not just going through the motions Kai was a fun character but for being 36 had a ton of emotional baggage that felt very teen heartthrob than grown sex pot man Holly was cool and I can relate to her so that’s double points for me The “magic” was a fun little twist but honestly a lot of the storylines made it a little jumbled for me Although it all connected in the end and came to a beautiful close mind you it felt like there were way to many threads However in Ms Loving’s defense having finished the book I don’t know which thread I would not have included Maybe Cerys? I don’t know cuz I liked her too and her commentary was the comedy to break up all the deep reflective conversations

  4. Beadyjan Beadyjan says:

    When Holly's brother Nick introduces her to Kai she dismisses him as someone of little importance despite his devastatingly attractive looks most of her concentration is given over to her brother of whom she has been protective all her life But Kai is destined to keep cropping up in her life especially when along with her best friend Megan she answers a small ad to join a witchcraft group just for a laugh she tags along and meets a disparate group of women all looking for that missing something in their lives and prepared to turn their hands to spell casting in order to try and achieve it He is a journalist and has uite deliberately cultivated the title bastard he's a bastard by nature and he sees no reason why he shouldn't be one in nature too it helps keep people at arms length and means he never has to give away the slightest clue about the real KaiHolly isn't lacking anything a spell can fix her life is full and rewarding in fact it's exactly how she's chosen it to be uncomplicated and cool with no messy relationships and feelings to get in the way of getting on with life She doesn't want a man cluttering up her carefully ordered existence She sees nothing wrong in dating a series of tossers she has no feelings for at all and maintaining a sexy yet shallow fuck buddy to satisfy her needsWhat unfolds are the stories of the lives of the 5 very different witches Kai's background and the reasons why he's like he is begin to draw similarities to the way Holly behavesAll the characters are deeply flawed circumstances have made them all the way they are and yet they are all immensely believeable and in the main very likeable apart from several really vile bigoted men of whom the girls fall foul when communing with nature in order to practise their amateur magic and this creates some real tension and nastinessThere are uite a few twists and turns it's a very sexy tale as well as being a romantic love story and one which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to endI don't know how Choc lit keep on repeatedly coming up with such deeply satisfying novels which just have you hooked from page one and turning the pages deep into the night but keep up the excellent work folks you're keeping a lot of ladies very happy by feeding our imaginations with your delicious heroes and tasty stories

  5. Megan Readinginthesunshine Megan Readinginthesunshine says:

    Holly Grey only becomes involved in witchery after tagging along with her friend with the intention of looking out for her However the pair don’t uite realise what they have let themselves in for Kai has arrived in Yorkshire desperate to find out who he really is however he hadn’t planned on being caught up in magic eitherI really loved this Hubble Bubble was the first book that I had read by Jane Lovering and I was not disappointed one bit In fact I’m very much looking forward to reading of Jane’s novelsThe characters were wonderfully written What I liked most about them is that they were so realistic Sometimes in novels there can be characters that are a little too unbelievable and it can be hard to relate to them but this was not the case at all The characters were so real I believed in everything they said and did and I found I was able to relate to them Throught the novel the characters had me hooked I genuinely cared about what happened to them and was always keen to read on and find out I loved Holly I liked her character straight away and her personality was fantastic I really rooted for her in the novel I was keen to know how her journey would progress and so Holly in particular had me racing through the chaptersI enjoyed that there were magical elements and witchcraft to the novel I’ve always been a fan of these elements in novels and Jane Lovering did a brilliant job of effortlessly weaving these into the plot line The story flowed so well that the magical elements seemed natural in the story which made it so much enjoyable as it felt right for the novelHubble Bubble is a fantastic novelwith lots to offer There is a lot of humour magic and some darker moments too which makes for a very exciting and gripping read There is also a beautiful romance to be explored too I am now a big fan of Jane’s and I can not wait to read from her

  6. Anna Anna says:

    Yeah it's a 2 star at most lol might have been a bit too generous with my initial 25 3 star rating It just wasn't really that great and I felt like I had to force my way through it for a book challenge and found I didn't really like any of it The main character seemed cool but the most interesting thing about her was her relationship with her brother Nicholas and I wanted exploration of that and less focus on the magic witchy stuff and the romance with Kai who just felt too one dimensional to give a damn about him Usually wouldn't have continued with it but needed a book with 'bubble' in the title and there's a shortage of that in the publication industry It's not terrible or anything it's ok but it really wasn't for me and I can't say that I want to read any about these characters or from this author in future unless the premise really appeals Sorry

  7. Samantha Montgomery Samantha Montgomery says:

    Absolutely amazing book I loved it so much I couldn't put it down Totally recommend

  8. Shaz Goodwin Shaz Goodwin says:

    Hubble Bubble starts with Holly round best friend Megan’s Megan has split from boyfriend Tom Rescuing an old half eaten takeaway wrapped in newspaper from the fridge a meal she’d shared with him Megan sees an advert on the newspaper for women to form a groupLeaving Megan Hol meets brother Nicholas in a pub and is introduced to journalist Kai She looks after Nicholas We find out that Holly is a location scout and Kai has a gothic property on the edge of the woods Holly has no time for men and she’s suspicious of KaiVivienne is the one who advertised for ‘women interested in forming a group to practise a new branch of the magical arts’ Holly’s appearance at the first meeting is highly amusing Excellent characterisations of the group and ALL the characters All of them want fulfilment Their spell making is humorous although underlying this is a sinister aspect too not the magic but the characters who intrudeThere’s intrigue about Kai – I wanted to know who he was writing the letters to The attraction between Hol and Kai has barriers which they’ve put up themselves in fact they are a mirror image of each other underneath the façadeAll the characters are wonderful Those I haven’t mentioned – Cerys Aiden Vivienne Isobel Eve the bikers each bring something to the story alongside our main characters This gives an added depthThe locations and the weather are perfect for the building tension and the suspenseUnderlying the humour and the spells is the love story of two people wearing their masks so they can’t be hurt The intimacy is electrifying and even so because of the slow build up There’s intrigue by a group of men and their threatening behaviour and intrigue with their connection to Kai; Intrigue with Kai’s letters; Holly’s brother Nicholas and his needs; Cerys and her pregnancy; the needs of the group of womenAs well as the plot and the characters Lovering’s style of writing is brilliant I loved this on page 154 describing the gale force winds“It was too busy working the tree tops forcing the fingertips of branches to rake the sky and all the while sounding like an incoming tide”I could really ‘feel’ Lovering’s writingDon’t be fooled by the title or the blurb This is a multi layered story that will engage all your emotions and cause you to think about the characters long after the story has endedI would like to thank the publishers for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review

  9. Agi Agi says:

    I have received an ARC from a publisher for reviewTo be honest I didn't know what to expect from this book Hocus pocus witches I mean there is only one Harry Potter And although this book started a little slowly for me after some time it took such a pace that I just couldn't wait to turn the page and read read and read If I could I would finish this book in one go it was a fantastic readThere is actually everything comedy drama thriller romance in it There are some best lines that I have ever read It is fantastically written so light so smooth so easy to followIn my opinion those are the characters that are making this book There are many of them but each one is an individual with their own stories which can make a separate book The stories are important ones they deal with serious situations such as mental illness lost motherchild etc but they are told in such an easy warm way that balances everything wonderfully I loved Holly I am not ashamed to say this She was my kind of girl she could be my best friend really I loved her sense of humor I loved how witty and clever she was I loved her conversations with other people they were like watching a tennis play head right head left waiting what they are going to say And although there are so many characters there we always get their point of views as well we know what they think and what they are doing Who I liked too was Cerys and the way she was coping with her pregnancy funny ironic and very consciously The other girls from the witch club were special characters each and it was great to see how they wishes are coming true Maybe not in the way they were hoping for but surprises for usThe dialogues are witty and smart full of irony and sarcasm The action is fast some of the stories are actually really hard to imagine to take place in the real world but nevertheless they are not spoiling the whole reading no they are adding pepper to the book If you expect dark magic story about witches then no it is only a very small part of the book but I hope you won't be disappointed I wasn't Would recommend it as a funny summer reading And as it was my first book of this author ekhm ekhm I know I am going to read of her previous books For sure

  10. Serendipity Reviews Serendipity Reviews says:

    Originally published at wwwserendipityreviewscouk I think one of the things I love best about Jane Lovering’s books is her ability to make paranormal sound so contemporary In this book we find Holly practically dragged along to join a rather dodgy women’s group that dabbles with the occult There is something very WI about this group and I found myself pining to join them Only Jane Lovering could make dabbling with the occult sound like a knitting circleHolly is a great protagonist The kind of person with wit and style every girl dreams of being Her one liners had me choking with laughter She is extremely happy with her life and doesn’t want to make any changesor so she thinks Along comes dark mysterious bad boy Kai and her life turns upside down If I’m truthful I didn’t like Kai to begin with which I believe is intentional He comes across as a rather nasty womanizer when you read his letters and I couldn’t see a future for the two characters But as with all good books characters change as the story progresses and Kai turns into the man you would like to tie to your bedpostThe rest of the characters were uirky and interesting I loved Vivienne But then I would I have always wanted to be a white witch and now I can be – within Jane’s novelThe plot has some very interesting twists especially at the end I was really surprised by the events that occurred With the magical element in the story I do feel you are left to your own conclusions as to whether it is real or not It’s a bit like religion you either believe in it or you don’t and I think the author has left it open Things happen in the story but they could always be put down to coincidence I’m always intrigued by what Jane Lovering will write next as she has taken the chick lit market and given it her own uniue slant allowing speculative plot strands to weave in and out of a very contemporary story Jane is definitely an author that stands out on her own With her wit and sarcasm entwined with an entertaining and original story you find yourself with a really entertaining read

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