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  • 112 pages
  • Time management The Brian Tracy Success Library
  • Brian Tracy
  • English
  • 06 April 2015
  • 9780814433430

10 thoughts on “Time management The Brian Tracy Success Library

  1. Adam Adam says:

    A classic Brian Tracy speed read This is a lite version of his longer detailed Time Power I almost prefer this one though because it is straight and to the point He does a great job of just covering the basics to a number of different time management tools including the ABCDE method the important urgent uadrants how to best handle emailcallsmeetings and many Chapters are only a couple pages so it's easy to breeze through topics and a good foundation on how to handle different situations

  2. Edythe Hamilton Edythe Hamilton says:

    “Your ability to manage your timewill determine your success or failure” This is how Brian Tracy begins his book on time management He also gives “the Four D’s of Effectiveness” desire decisiveness determination and discipline Each is discussed in further detail in the book I agree when Mr Tracy states “time management is a business skilla skill that you can learn practice and master” In Chapter 1 The Psychology of Time Management Mr Tracy says “How you think and feel about yourself largely determines the uality of your life” This will determine how far you will succeed in your endeavors He gives advice on tasks and activities in the section ‘The Important vs the Urgent’ Further in Chapter 11 there is a discussion on delegating tasks to other In addition we all know at one time or another we have procrastinated He deals with that monster in Chapter 13 ‘Overcome Procrastination’ Now that you have overcome procrastination he further guides on the importance of an organized workspace Clean desk clean and organized mind It is hard to find what you need when your desk is full of clutter He concludes with a final point “time management is the concept of balance’ You must learn to balance work and outside relationships “A wise old doctor once observed “I never spoke to a businessman on his deathbed who said that he wished he had spent time in the office”Also included is a free sample excerpt from ‘Success Under Stress’ by Sharon Melnick and a short uiz to determine your survival under stressBrian Tracy’s books teaches how to organize delegate and developing a reading system It is a self enhancement learning guide I recommend this book for business professionals small business and corporations I received this book free from O’Reilly Media for this review

  3. Hallie Gleave Hallie Gleave says:

    I read Time Management by Brian Tracey I originally wanted to read Eat The Frog but my bookstore did not have it in stock This one looked very similar and it's by the same author It was a nice uick read that had some very good information in it I’m going to get the “bad stuff” out of the way At times I felt like Tracy got a little too mechanical? Routine? Stiff? I'm not sure what the correct word I'm looking for is There were times where he described something that was structured and offered not much flexibility One thing I did not agree with is when he talked about how you should only check you email twice a day then after some time down to once a day because it serves as a major distraction I understand how it can be a major distraction but putting that into context with this my job it's not very realistic There are clients waiting for me to send them a uote and if I have a mind set of Nope it's 1 o'clock Already checked my email for the day I could loose a lot of business At the end of the book he talked about meetings and making the most out of the From his tone I felt like Tracy doesn’t see any value in staff meetings Tracy mentioned that there can be uite a bit of idle chit chat wasting time during meetings That is true but if you have a group of focused people and one designated leader to keep things on track you can have a successful meeting He mentioned how meetings can be uicker and effective if you were to hold a stand up meeting instead A stand up meeting is exactly as it sounds – everyone stands upThee first thing that stuck with me was the ABCDE list making method Once you make your list put “A” next to something you must do or something that is seriously important or would cause “serious” conseuences if not completed But a “B” next to something you should do or something with mild conseuences As so on and so forth The idea is to not start working on a “B” item until all the “A” items are done This is something that I think would be very useful for me Tracy also talked about ways to overcome procrastination He talked about dividing all your tasks into “bite size pieces” I found the Salami Slice Method analogy helpful You don’t try to eat a whole loaf of salami in one bite Just like completing a large task you you reduce the size of the task by slicing off one small piece at a time Those are the two biggest things I think will be very useful for me Tracy also put in some smaller and side note things I enjoyed He said to put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on your door when you need focus time Literally get a hotel DO NOT DISTURB SIGN and stick it on your office door First it made me giggle but then I thought “hey why not?” My favorite uote from this book is “The wise old owl has two ears and one mouth Use your ears and your mouth in exactly that proportion” Ask uestions and listen closely than you talk or contribute to the agenda Listen than you talk I think this applies exactly to this job You want to carefully listen to your clients needs so you can provide the appropriate thing for them Overall I found Brian Tracy’s book to have a lot of good information in it and very insightful Even though I disagree with some things I think the tools that I found interesting will be very helpful for me in the future

  4. Georgi Nenov Georgi Nenov says:

    I have never spoken to a businessman on his death bed who wished that he had spent time in the officeOne of the most insightful uotes that I got from Brian's view on Time Management

  5. Nick W. Nick W. says:

    If you don't know where you're going any road will get you there This book discusses many helpful ideas to improve productivity including daily to do lists how to treat meetings PERT charts prioritization and using email as a tool

  6. Stefan Svartling Stefan Svartling says:

    A fast read and some things I didn’t agree with Personally I have some things that works better than what this book recommends

  7. Daniel Parsons Daniel Parsons says:

    Excellent theories of how to plan your day set goals set priorities and take control of your most precious asset

  8. Chris Weatherburn Chris Weatherburn says:

    uite like this short book that contains some practical tips focused on optimum time management Some of these tips are ridiculous such as attending work one hour earlier finishing work one hour later and working through your one hour lunch break The main reason he suggests working these additional three hours is that your not going to be interrupted in these times hence will be massively productive Suggests puting a notice on your door saying 'Do Not Interrupt' Laughably says if someone comes to speak to you tell them you are just leaving and for them to summarise to you whilst you walk out your office before then returning to your officeWhen arranging meetings arrange these back to back meetings so people can't run over If someone comes to you asking to discuss something with you in a meeting give them the minimal time possible such as 15 minutes instead of an hour so they are conciseOutlines emails soon become the main killer to your productivity if you are not careful as you are responding to other people's agendas so prioritise your main goals over emails When speaking to people on the phone for pre planned meetings ask them at the start if now remains a good time to talk not just because this is polite but because if things have genuinely changed for them it is worth rearranging the meeting Otherwise they may have a new urgent priority on their mind meaning they wont contribute fully to your meeting which may end up having to be repeated Batch similar tasks together to be efficient with these and avoiding multitasking The book very much advocates planning strategically main priorities at the start of every day suggests the time spent planning is paid back massively with benefits gained from the act of planning

  9. Laveen Laveen says:

    Time management by brian tracyTime management is actually life management Often people take time management programs so that they can increase the number of things they can do on a day to day basicsit's a business skill and all business skills are learnable to be a good time manger first your must have an intense burning desire to get your time under control part of the book is all about the psychology of time managementit teaches you how to Visualize yourself as a good time manager and someone productive becausethe person you see on the inside is the Person you will“be“ on the outside creating a clear mental picture of yourself as a person who is in control of their time and life ask yourself why am i doing what i’m doing? You must always start off by asking the uestion “ why “to avoid wasting your time on things that aren't actually important to you What would your wold look like if you accomplished your biggest goal when you’re clear about what is your goal ask yourself “ how am i trying to do it “ So there are three uestions you should be asking yourself what you are trying to don? how are you trying to do it ? and how is it going ? some important lines from te book Take thirty minutes each day to review your goals your plans and your progress The rule is that every minutes spend in planning and creating checklists will save you ten minutes in execution and getting the job done Start with the end in mind take time to develop absolute clarity about what your goal would look like if they were accomplished in an excellent fashion Set deadlines a goal without a deadline is not really a goal it is merely a discussion The time you take to think and plan on paper the better results you will get and the faster you will get those Results Crest to do lists The best time to make a list is the night before so your subconscious mind can work on your list while you sleeps Twelve minutes spent in preparation daily list will give you a payback of 120 minutes or or two hours of increased productivity Remember you can only get your time under control if you stop doing things of low value

  10. Tony | Outwork Tony | Outwork says:

    Time is our most precious resource In regards to work it is especially crucial for the business executive entrepreneur or aspiring ladder climber It has to be maximized as opposed to what most people do which is to “kill” timeTime management is a business skill that can be learned and perfected If you understand the psychology of time management and the law of control; you feel good about yourself to the degree in which you feel in control of your life Just like the Stoics aim to be a master of your destiny Nowadays time is mostly left up to each individual to spend as they like The comforting and easy way out is Netflix and Instagram and Pinterest Instead repeat the mantra below This uote resonates The degree to which you feel in control of your time and your life is a major determinant of your level of inner peace harmony and mental well being A feeling of being “out of control” of your time is a major source of stress anxiety and depression” At all times say to yourself “My life is precious and important and I value every single minute and hour of it I am going to use those hours properly so that I accomplish the most I can in the time that I have” More like this wwwoutworkinccom rOnward

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