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Bones Omnibus [Ebook] ➩ Bones Omnibus Author Mark Wheaton – In one volume for the first time is the complete Bones saga presenting the occasionally heroic easily distracted yet ferociously loyal Pittsburgh police dog in nine tales of spellbinding mystery and A In one volume for the first time is the complete Bones saga presenting the occasionally heroic easily distracted yet ferociously loyal Pittsburgh police dog in nine tales of spellbinding mystery and Apocalyptic horror In the five part Early Years the titular German shepherd’s survival skills are honed as he faces down increasingly diabolical villains in the shadow of the coming Armageddon Then in the four part Apocalypse Saga Bones confronts his destiny as devastating events conspire to decimate humanity and open the door to a new age.

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  1. Dani Dani says:

    First of all I've got to thank Mark Wheaton for sending me a copy of this magnificent book It took than a year to arrive but I'm finally reviewing it Bones Omnibus is a collection of nine stories featuring Bones a German Shepherd that was trained by the police He is one of the most amazing characters I've read I've never thought that a book whose main point is the intervention of a dog on various stories would be so thrilling and compellingThe prose is wonderful and the way the story builds up is incredible The descriptions are perfectly placed to make the world reliable Fantasy and paranormal elements are introduced during the book gradually to reach its climax on the second part The Apocalypse SagaBecause of those paranormal elements I thought I'd like the first part The Early Years than the second one The Apocalypse Saga The thing is I enjoyed both of them Now I'm going to rate and talk about the stories separately The four stars are probably because of the extension of the story I found out I liked the longer stories because the world building was extremely richer The Early Years Bitch ★★★★★A great start A tiny Yorkshire terrier named Bitch is involved on a crime scene and she joins Bones on a trip to solve the mystery and get revenge Hellhound ★★★★★I loved this one Weird things are happening on a complex of aparment buildings A little girl called Becca is sure there is a strange presence messing around I read this one at night while all the hounds in my neighborhood woofed and howled I've never been so terrified while reading a book And the ending was so creepy and amazing I'm sure I'm going to re read Hellhound for Halloween Cur ★★★★☆Cur takes Bones to illegal dog fights It was good but a little too short for my taste Inja ★★★★★Ah in Inja Bones travels to South Africa The descriptions were so vivid I almost felt that I was in that place This story incorporates a major paranormal element into the volume but it was greatly developed Mongrel ★★★★☆Another story that was too short It was a shame because in this one we encounter the adventures of Bones and his former handler Lionel Oudin The relationship between the two of them is very important for the book in general specially to understand and be moved with Alpha The Apocalypse Saga Bones ★★★★☆This one started great The prologue describes how a man that discovered new animals in the Artic triggered the apocalypse I loved the prologue but the matter of how the apocalypse was triggered by this is treated very lightly during the story I would have liked of that for the story to be perfect Shepherd ★★★★☆In Shepherd the behaviour of rats and birds change a little As it happened with the previous story I would have liked a little of explanation of how it all came to this point Alpha ★★★★★Without a doubt this one is the most amazing story of The Apocalypse Saga It's a story about survival the links between species and an epic conclusion to the Bones saga The ending made me shed a tear it was beautiful Bigfoot An Apocalyptic Interlude ★★★★☆This story as it says in the title is an interlude The events told here happened between Bones and Shepherd Let me warn you all it involves a pack of sasuatches so it obviously takes you out of your comfort zone It is very weird but good nonethelessAnd with this I end up my review Bones Omnibus is one of my favourite books read on 2014 and I'm sure I'm going to re read it for the next Halloween

  2. Sherry Fundin Sherry Fundin says:

    The Bones Omnibus by Mark Wheaton is a collection of the complete Bones saga consisting of nine “tails” of a Pittsburgh Police Department K 9 German Shepherd caught in a zombie apocalypseHe goes through Hell as he battles to save the worldSome of the stories are normal K 9 cop stories untilWe have the paranormal and the supernatural along with some gruesome horror and dark fantasy making up this dsytopian collectionThe “tails” range from your run of the mill crooks to zombies earthuakes and hordes of rats Would you rather be killed uickly or eaten alive?The characters well don’t get too attached The star is Bones and the stories are his I love this twist of the oft told zombie end of the world apocalypseBones is an amazing saga that I only put down when my eyes crossed making it impossible to keep reading I read this 716 paperback in two days and my only complaint isI did not want it to endTo see visit

  3. Sarah Hallgren Sarah Hallgren says:

    The Bones Omnibus is a collection of stories focusing on the adventures of the police dog Bones Although the stories don't seem to follow an exact timeline their themes stay about the same with a lot of death a lot of monsters and a lot of gore and by a lot of gore I mean rampant and often very sudden gore like sudden decapitations rotting corpses and giant mutated zombies made up of tens of thousands of humans living in the core of the Earth? You'd think Bones would be the hero of the story and the ultimate conueror of the undead and other baddies but he seems just as likely to help someone out as he is to wonder off to go pee on something I was rather expecting his story to be told with an emotional underline but he is straight up dog I don't think I've ever read a book that made no ualms about telling dogs how they are The book is also filled with seedy characters and their inner workings While we all try and put our best impressions forward Mark Wheaton writes in a very direct no sugar coating fashion and you can almost taste the humanity of each character One thing I really noticed about the book was the research that the author had done seemed pretty sound The place descriptions ethnic names and characters and specifics in guns and mundane items added a lot of depth to the storiesAlthough I found the profanity to be too much at times and the in depth descriptions of eyeballs and intestines being eaten made me go BLECK I'm pretty sure that was the point if these stories were turned into a tv series or apocalyptic movie I bet they'd get a lot of attention

  4. Matt Matt says:

    If you love action fun horror and dogs and let's face it who the fck doesn't? then you owe it to yourself to read this gripping cinematically paced epic short story collection Bones the four legged hero of this badasssss omnibus is cooler than Toto smarter than Lassie deadlier than Cujo luckier than Old Yeller sexier than Sounder funkier than Fluke and bloodier than Blood the chatty pooch from Ellison’s “A Boy and His Dog” Take it from me this isn't some drippy sentimental Koontzian doggy tale designed to warm your heart This is a laser focused mayhem packed hilariously profane mammoth tome designed to kick your ass and keep you begging for It's filled with scene after scene image after image sentence after sentence that will make your jaw drop from sheer why didn't someone think of this one million years ago? awesomeness Just read the goddamn thing you know you want to

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