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  • 322 pages
  • Sweet Thing (Sweet Thing, #1)
  • Renee Carlino
  • English
  • 10 November 2014
  • 9780989138604

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  1. Mo Mo says:

    Good looking guy CheckCute girl CheckKelly and Ryan good Irish surnames CheckLovable Dog CheckNew York City CheckReferences to Music CheckNo Bondage CheckNo MillionairesBillionairesTrillionaires CHECK CHECK TRIPLE CHECKWhat a lovely find this was Had been going through a bit of a slump in the book department there for a while and this one caught my eye on Goodreads I must say we readers are very lucky with all the new talented authors emerging at the moment This is a debut novel by this author but you would not think it The Prologue piued my interest straight away and the whole book flowed along very nicely for me and the Epilogue was good tooI absolutely loved all the musical references throughout the book I am a big music fan and all these songs were great WILL RYAN MIA KELLY FRIENDSHIP You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together the you'll hear the sound of your soul Awwwwww You've ruined meEver has it been that love knows not its own depth until the house of separationI know some reviewers were not too happy with Mia and her wishywashy couldn’t make up her mind But let’s remember she had just lost her Pops had moved to a new city was trying to run a business was confused about what career path to take it is a lot to take on and then to have a certain gorgeous guy kinda fall into your lap – it would have made my head spin too“Remember me to one who lives thereFor she was once a true love of mine” – Check out the Johnny CashJoni Mitchell version of thishttpwwwyoutubecomwatch?vW1O0jWill was the hero who never gave up well deep down he never gave up – she needed her space he gave it to her It was painful it was sad but sometimes Love HurtsOne negative thing and it probably lost half a star for this It is 45 but could have been 5 If I read another book where the Hero shouts “You’re Mine Come for Me” again I will seriously throw my Kindle out the friggin window Let’s be a little bit original here Ya Hear Me?? and don't make the Irish guys out to be Paddys from the back arse of nowhere with their tree tirty instead of three thirty well it was some phrase like that Deliver us Lord from those who think the Irish sound like Tom Cruise sounds like in Far and AwayI am Irish and think I am ualified to make a comment like this I was born in the ould sod I am not a Green Beer on Patty's Day God I hate that phrase Patty's Day Oirish person I am the Real DealOther than that it was a fairly perfect read for meI remember seeing Van the Man in concert many years ago and when this song was mentioned in the book I immediately put it on to listen to It is definitely one of my favourites of his What a classic So crank up the stereo and let the sublime tones of Mr Morrison take you to a Higher Ground And I will stroll the merry wayAnd jump the hedges firstAnd I will drink the clearClean water for to uench my thirstAnd I shall watch the ferry boatsAnd they'll get highOn a bluer oceangainst tomorrow's skyAnd I will never grow so old againAnd I will walk and talkIn gardens all wet with rainOh sweet thing sweet thingMy my my my my sweet thingAnd I shall drive my chariotDown your streets and cry'Hey it's me I'm dynamiteAnd I don't know why'And you shall take me stronglyIn your arms againAnd I will not rememberThat I even felt the painWe shall walk and talkIn gardens all misty and wet with rainAnd I will never never neverGrow so old againOh sweet thing sweet thingMy my my my my sweet thingAnd I will raise my hand upInto the night time skyAnd count the starsThat's shining in your eyeJust to dig it all an' not to wonderThat's just fineAnd I'll be satisfiedNot to read in between the linesAnd I will walk and talkIn gardens all wet with rainAnd I will never ever ever everGrow so old againOh sweet thing sweet thingSugar baby with your champagne eyesAnd your saint like smile httpwwwyoutubecomwatch?v2zDWIShare your musicShare your words Share your love Your passionYou fearsYour hopesAnd your Dreams Share your precious heartShare your wild mind Share your special soul with me And I promise to Give you all of mine Yes it was a roller coaster ride to find cosmic soul shattering air in your lungs kind of loveimage error

  2. KAS KAS says:

    I know I am six years late to this particular party but my reading advisor Robin Hill recently supplied me with a fantastic list of books she loved and figured I would as well This gem was on that list and once again her instincts were spot onWith blinders fully in place I opened to the prologue and it wasn’t long before I was in angst heavenI must forewarn you about the main characters Will and Mia Will oozes sex appeal and is adorable X 10 Mia well she will most likely get on your nerves a time or two Ah geez who am I kidding at least a half dozen times ;Although Will and Mia’s chemistry was palpable this my friends is how you write an engaging slow burn romance I loved how playing music together was their aphrodisiacA total page turner and I savored every word

  3. Aestas Book Blog Aestas Book Blog says:

    I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Will Ryan I’m in love Oh and did I mention he was a bit of a rockstar?? ;Sweet Thing was a sweet heartbreaking and romantic story that kept me up reading all night 45 starsThis was one of those books that shifted my entire TBR I had other plans but suddenly I felt compelled to read itI’ll admit though I was hesitant to start it at first because I’d heard about some people being frustrated with the heroine but then I realized that a lot of my favorite books Thoughtless and Beautiful Disaster for example had frustrating heroines at times too and I still loved them so I didn’t want that to hold me back from giving this a shot “sometimes we figure things out and then life changes and we have to figure it all out again” Hit hard by the death of her father Mia decides to move to NYC for a while to sort through his things and take over the cafe he ran On her way a chance meeting in an airport crosses her paths with a gorgeous musician Will Something about them just clicks and they spend the entire flight talking about their shared love of musicTurns out she has an apartment for rent and he’s looking for a new place to stay and shortly afterwards they become roommates Mia insists on keeping things strictly platonic between them – ignoring the pull she feels towards him She has her life planned out ahead of her – she wants a life partner who can give her stability Her father was a musician and her parents split when she was young giving her the fear that a relationship with Will who is so much like her father in spirit will just end up breaking her heart and so she strongly resists the temptation “And so it began my secret and suppressed obsession with the sensitive tortured artist soul An obsession I was still fighting tooth and nail and one I wouldn’t admit to anyone namely myself” This book is about her journey of realizing the important things with life It’s heart breaking at times frustrating and painful but there are also sweet beautiful moments that shine thoughMusic plays a huge part in this book Will is a musician on the brink of fame Mia plays nearly every instruments and her father lived and breathed music as well The story is full of musical references that tie everything togetherWill is now on my list of favorite rockstar boyfriends With his crooked smile tattoos and an adorable fear of flying he was hard not to fall for I don’t think he could have been adorable if he tried He was just so sweet loving and so endlessly PATIENT not to mention gorgeous and talented as well Oh and he cuddled Mia’s dog at night when it was sick I dare you to read that scene and not have your heart just melt into a puddle of goo As frustrating as Mia could be at times I still really liked her character – especially her love of compound swear words lol “There are at least five swear words I like better than fuck My favorites are compound words like apeshit craphat or batshit but above all my numero uno all time favorite swear word is assclown without a doubt Asshat runs a close second I must say very few things give me greater pleasure than calling someone an assclown when they really fit the bill I love it than puppies and baby seals” I guess no one is perfect and she wasn’t trying to be mean or heartless about pushing him away she was just scared Scared of where things could go scared of ending up with a broken heart And despite the fact that her heart was always pointing her towards Will she fought long and hard to follow her head instead “My real fear was that I would fall in love with Will or that I already had and then he would just leave me alone broken and pathetic” But it just made my heart break each time she pushed him away I could see how badly it was hurting him and I just wanted to shake her I mean tell me this isn’t heartbreaking “He looked so pathetic standing there rejected He corrected himself a couple of times when his body made involuntary movements to reach out and touch me He was fighting the urge just to simply take my hand or kiss my cheek I didn’t know why I was being so harsh The charade and the constant touching created so much confusion I couldn’t tell any what we were to each other” The middle of the book was painful for me but not in a way that made me dislike the book just in a way that hurt It had what I’d call uiet angst It didn’t make me want to rip my hair out or throw my kindle but I still just wanted to shake sense into Mia and scream in her face that what she was looking for was standing right in front of her Will was just so perfect and clearly so desperately in love with her ♥ ”Just let me kiss your mouth” he whispered his eyes pleading“ How do you say no to that??? He just kept giving and giving and it hurt to watch his heart being broken no matter how well he tried to hide it and say he was okay just being friends But his patience with her was a huge part of why I loved him so much It was like a part of him understood that she needed to go through her process and he was willing to wait “Don’t be silly Will is no dummy” She paused for a long second “He’s in love with you”“How do you know?”“I can tell and anyways he told me I believe his exact words were cosmic soul shattering air in your lungs kind of love” But I tried to see things from her perspective and understand what she was afraid of See technically she had a valid fear in a certain respect But what it came down to was her needing to decide what was worth the risk and whether she could bring herself to take that leap of faith and put her heart out on the line in exchange for a beautiful relationshipNow this isn’t a love triangle story technically but there are other relationships that happen on the side I guess you could say they’re mistake ones But you would tell always that they were wrong and they never lasted It was always Will and Mia at the heart of it all but it just took Mia a long time to give in to that factDespite romance playing a huge central role in this book it’s also just as much a journey of Mia’s self discovery of piecing together her past and in doing so finding what was holding her back from Will in the first placeAnd in case you’re wondering about the title of the book “sweet thing” It’s what Will calls her right from the start of the book C’mon tell me that’s not just fucking adorable??? meltI’ve been asked if it’s a rockstar book and hmmmm yes and no I guess you could call it one Will does become a bit of a rockstar and there are all the associated issues that go with being with someone on the brink of fame As I said music plays a huge part in this story as does him becoming a little bit famous but that isn’t the central theme of the story it’s just a part of itThe story is very well written The writing is smooth and captivating and keeps you totally immersed in the story I read it in one sitting and didn’t want to put it downI loved Will and Mia and really enjoyed their story I wish they well Mia hadn’t made so many choices that kept them apart but that’s kind of the way life is right? It’s imperfect and the journey isn’t always smooth but thankfully their story had a beautiful happy ending epilogue and all that left me smiling “He buried his face in my neck and pulled me into a hug I threw my arms around him and whispered “Never let me go”He tightened his grip as his mouth moved to my ear “Never” Sweet Thing was a fabulous debut novel and I’ll be watching out for from Renee Carlino4 – 45 stars I want to give it 45 but some of Mia’s decisions keep pushing it back to 4 and then Will’s sweetness strongly keeps bumping it right back up to 45 so I guess it’ll rest somewhere in between but closer to 45 ;CASTING See above and belowI couldn't decide which pic I liked for Will so I left them bothor maybe this? image error

  4. Jamie Jamie says:

    LOVED THIS STORY WILL ♥♥♥♥♥ I loved this book every single angsty heart clenching moment and this book was full of themMia has recently moved to New York City from her home in Michigan Her dad recently died and she's come to take over his cafe and live in his apartment until she figures out what exactly she wants to do in her life She's young and recently through with college This story is told from her POV On the flight to NYC she meets Will he's seated next to her and freaking out about flying Initially she tries to ignore him but that doesn't last long It's hard to ignore Will He's sexy as hell and a charmer He's totally different from what she's normally attracted to He's got some tattoos and is a little scruffy around the edges he's also a musician and plays the guitar They laugh and cut up on the plane and she feels like she's made a friend I won't go into all the details of how it happens but he ends up renting out one of the rooms in her apartment with her STRICT rule that they will only be friends The attraction was immediate once he was in the the apartment but she was determined that Will was not they type of guy she wanted and she wasnt going to make things complicated by hooking up with him since he lived with her Will sigh he was so f'king dreamy I loved that man he was so sweet and caring and he was so totally into Mia He wanted her so bad but she kept up this wall in between them that she wouldnt step over She started dating the type of man she thought she should be with and he was nothing like Will HERE COMES THE HEART WRENCHING ANGST This book almost killed me for a large part Will wanted MiaMia wanted Will but Mia did not WANT to want Will so she kept hurting Will over with her actions In turn Will would would try to get on with his life knowing he couldnt have her and this in turn would hurt Mia This went on for a while Are you familiar with Abby from Beautiful disaster? Well multiply how much she pissed you off by 10 and you'll have Mia I wanted to smack this girl around so bad Just thinking of the pain she caused Will still makes my heart constrict days later after I've finished this book But still even though all the incredibly painful angstit was such a good story You get to see Mia grow and become the person she was meant to be and this is due in large part to Will You also see Will become than he was before Mia It was such a long twisty road for them to get to where they needed to be And yes there was a sweet beautiful HEA that left me with a huge smile and tears in my eyes at the end I'm in awe that this was Renee Carlino's first book it was just so so good I did not skim a single part of this book I couldnt turn the pages fast enough And I must thank Amber Amber Reading Room for the book recommendation I was all set to read another book when I got her rec and the blurb made me want to read it right away and I finished it in under a day I am really looking forward to what Renee puts out there next I would recommend this book to anyone that loves the sexy sweet musician with the heart of gold and also loves to have your heart torn apart but the put back together in the best way

  5. Christy Christy says:

    45 Stars Sweet Thing was a really sweet read It was a beautiful and touching story of two people Mia and Will who meet coincidentally and both of their lives change forever Mia Kelly is moving from her home in Ann Arbor to NYC Her father has recently passed away and she is going to the city to take over his cafe She is responsible has a business degree but her real passion is music Not only is she grieving her father but she is trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life Will Ryan knows exactly what he wants to do with his life Music Music is his life He loves to play sing write and he is very talented He and Mia happen to be on the same flight on their way to NYC They connect on the flight just click She runs into him again and offers to rent a room out to him in her apartment They become best friends Sometimes it takes the love of others to show us who we really are Okay everyone I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Will Ryan Yes I loved Will How could you not? Musician with tattoos the sweetest guy ever charismatic personable and funny He is exuberant and has such a passion for music and life I just adored him Will gets Mia to see life in a whole new way Open her eyes to whats right in front of her See what real possibilities exist for her A chance to follow her dreams do what she loves and what makes her happy Not what she is ‘supposed’ to do He is able to reach her and heal her in a way no one else has Mia is still hesitant She still can’t get out of her own head that she needs to be with the guy who can provide for her with real ambitions I really loved Mia’s character but for a while she infuriated me I was frustrated with her for a large part of the book but I understood some of it “I’m surprised that you can’t see what everyone else can” Mia means so much to Will He wants her as than a friend but he will take her anyway he can get her My favorite parts of this story were when the two of them were just together happy making music enjoying each other I loved the build between the two of them My heart broke for Will over and over again Mia just pushes and pushes him away Mia has gone through so much she just couldn’t get it together For a while she does Will and Mia together perfection Mia finally see’s past herself and gives Will and herself a chance to be happy together And they are For a little while Will is getting bigger and bigger in the industry Labels are wanting to sign him but Will is the type of guy that has to be true to himself and his music He won’t compromise or change who he is for anyone It’s an admirable uality but Mia misconstrues everything and really screws things up between them Big time She hurts Will in a pretty unforgivable way “The pain of losing someone is always worse when you know you could have prevented it” 
My heart not only broke for Will during this part of the story but for Mia as well I was an emotional mess I wanted this couple to pull through than anything Mia hurt Will in a big way She feels terrible She’s not really living any her friends are concerned A lot of time passes before she can finally get herself together And she is willing to do anything to make it right between them ‘Never let me go’‘Never’‘Where have you been?’‘Waiting for you’Do you ever have a book that sits on your e reader and sits on your e reader You are constantly meaning to get around to it but weeks go by and you still haven’t read it? This is constantly happening to me Too many books not enough time I guess But this is one of those books that makes me want to kick my own ass for waiting so long to read it Don’t make the same mistake I made get to this one asap I can’t believe this is a debut novel It is well written and compelling The story moved me the music moved me I fell in love with these characters Not only were Mia and Will amazing but the supporting characters were as well A story I won’t be forgetting anytime soon ‘Love life and life will love you back’ ARC kindly provided by author Renee Carlino via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  6. • Lisa • • Lisa • says:

    45 SWEET STARSCutest most endearing and frustrating book I've read this year I'm pretty convinced that from the first page I knew I would fall a little in love with this book and here's the reason why WILBUR RYANNow for reviewing's sake heres some of my book thoughts The characters Well we have already established that I'm a firm fan of one of the leading characters so I'll tell you a bit about them Mia is incredibly sweet determined talented and a whole lot of lost Her character teetered on a level of annoying most of the way through the book but I understood the authors point and found her inner ramblings true to character Will is a typical charmer he always has a smile or a wink to give out and I fell for his humorous and cheeky behaviour I have no doubt that his gregarious ways will grab any readers attention What's the story Mia is recovering from her pops death she moves to New York to take over his business and start to make sense of her mid twenties existence without her father On her plane journey Over the new York she meets aspiring artist and all round charming and gorgeous Will they hit it off immediately the respective love of music tying them together Another chance meeting seals the deal with fate and Will moves in as Mia's housemate Mia has already made the decision that her and will are destined to be 'just' friends but what they don't realise is that love is round the corner ready to make its appearance and a friendship can often be sweetest thingWhat I lovedGreat chapter titles Irresistible adorable and charming characters The best first encounter I've read about a frustrating push and pull take of a friends to something story The beautiful story telling from the author and fabulous music references There is no doubt I'll be reading from this author I ate this novel up it has a like ability factor that I'm convinced with sell itself to mostWhy not five One word Mia as much as I understood what the author was trying to achieve this character frustrated me no end and at times I did not like how she treated will or their friendship With that being said I don't want to focus on the negative as I really was wrapped up in this musically loved up soiréeFinal thoughts This story is a breath of fresh romance air I challenge anyone to not find something likeable about this story Full of sweet and cute and a personable feel to it I applaud the author for bringing a love story alive ❤❤Love life and life will love you back❤❤You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together Then you'll hear the sound of your soul❤❤“The pain of losing someone is always worse when you know you could have prevented it” ❤❤“Yes committing yourself to someone reuires a leap of faith—that’s why it’s so hard for some” 45 WILBUR RYAN STARS

  7. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ says:

    DNF AT 70% I HATE MIAWhy????? This book was a 5 stars but ugh Mia ruined the whole book for meThe story begins with Mia who lost the only person who had the same interest for music with herHer fatherAfter that she went to take care his cafe business in New York and that's when she meet Will a musician who they eventually become roommatesI loved the beginning and how they developed an adorable and sweet friendshipBut things getting confused between thembecause Will has feelings for herAt 47% my problems begin with Mia OMG Mia really?????I can't stand herShe really pissed meShe is so stubbornI really wanted to give her a smackSometimes I felt she was selfish and irritating and I didn't like the way she treat WillUGH

  8. Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister says:

    Sometimes it takes the love of others to show us who we really are Sweet Thing was a truly refreshing read What I loved most about this book was its incredible depth If you were to judge this story by its pretty cover and adorable title you might expect a sweet and tender love story but what you're given is substantially This story provides such powerful wisdom—offered in bundles and in subtle whispers It kicks off with one of the most intriguing and well thought out prologues I've read in a while really setting the stage for the insightful tone generously present throughout I love how this uniue introduction creatively ties into the heart of the story Mia Kelly thinks with her head and doesn't let her heart lead her through life She is a talented musician but stubbornly pushes her passions aside as she focuses on obtaining a sensible business degree However all of her perfectly planned out decisions come to a crashing halt when she meets the sexy slightly neurotic and adorably passionate musician Will Will Ryan is full of life and abundantly lives up to his name; his strong willed character was an inspiration and I loved him the second he whipped out his rosary beads Will is guided through life by passion and refuses to sell out or conform to what is expected of him Although he and Mia had music in common Will possessed an inner strength that Mia lacked by remaining true to himself always The romance in this story was slow building which I always find extremely refreshing I adored the genuine feel of the 'friendship first' process and its gradual progression truly allowed the love to ignite when finally recognized Music and art saturated these pages—the love for it; the knowledge of it; and its poetic display were all eually and beautifully portrayed I've never wanted to jump inside the pages of a book so badly before just so I could listen to the music being played It was described with such an intricate grace that I almost felt like I could hear itbut I was thankfully able to feel every little bit of it The writing was elouent insightful and truly allowed the characters to become relatableThis touching story became such a lovely example of breaking down those protective walls that guard us and having the faith to go forward After all the barricades we build around our hearts may protect us for a while but never allow us to truly thrive in their presence You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing togetherthen you'll hear the sound of your soul This was a birthday buddy read with my girls Thanks for joining me ladies even though I severely trailed the read Book Stats ▪ GenreCategory RomanceNew Adult▪ Steam Caliber ModerateSteamy▪ Romance GradualFriendship first Sexual tension Solid connection▪ Characters Adorable sexy passionate musician hero Guarded strong but sweet heroine ▪ Plot Uniuely executed Centered on finding that balance between listening to your mind and having the faith to follow your heart Awesome prologue▪ Writing Developed and lyrical; engaging ▪ POV 1st Person Heroine▪ Cliffhanger NoneStandalone

  9. Debra Debra says:

    You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing togetherthen you'll hear the sound of your soul 4 STARS for this SWEET HEARTWARMING MEANINGFUL TOUCHING STORY about love loss friendship music and so much It's a story about two people trying to come to terms with their past and trying to find a way to realize their hopes and dreams together in the city of New York Mia Will After reading this story's thoughtful original and intriguing prologue I knew I was in for an unforgettable read and that's exactly what this book turned out to be From the moment I started reading it I could not put it down and I ended up devouring it in one dayMia and Will meet each other on a plane to New York City Will has been living there for uite some time while Mia is heading there to take over her recently deceased father's cafe After they land Will promises to stop by at the cafe some time so they can chat over a cup of coffee and he keeps true to his promise When they meet each other again Mia mentions that she's looking for a room mate to share her father's old apartment with and before she realizes it Will who was looking for a new place to live himself has taken her up on the offer of becoming her new room mate The idea that I just invited a relative stranger who owns nothing to live in my apartment gave me a stomachache but the weird thing was that I felt like I had known him forever Although they haven't know each other for a long time they both feel comfortable living together They become room mates and best friends and although it takes them a long time to realize it their friendship slowly but surely evolves into something much Mia At first I really liked Mia; she seemed to be an open minded talented adventurous young girl and a character I could easily relate to But as the story progressed the way she acted started to irritate me and and I had to ask myselfSeriously the way she view spoilerkept pushing Will away while he was being nothing but sweet and kind to her and the way she treated him like a loser for not selling out his soul in order to gain a promising record deal and earn a lot of money hide spoiler

  10. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    4 STARS ★★★★ “You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together then you'll hear the sound of your soul” Holy motha of emotions I never thought I'd live to see a day where a book could have pushed all my buttons like Thoughtless did and to go through a heroine as frustrating as Kiera all over again minus the cheating and love triangle thankfully All I wanted to do is set my Kindle on fire repeatedly or throw it against the wall in hopes that it'll somehow be enough to knock some sense into the heroine Mia I swooned I yelled I cried and I raged a helluva lot that it left me so worn out by the end of the book But did I love this book? Without a doubt YES Honestly this book left me in a mess Where do I even begin? The prologue itself was already so thought provoking and original the writing was absolutely poignant and beautiful that I just knew that this read is gonna be different Throw in an adorably chance encounter between both MCs on an airplane little did I know I was going to be swept away by a hurricane of a story that is Sweet ThingThis is a story of Mia Kelly who moves in to New York after her dad passed away and left behind his cafe that has been home to many undiscovered musicians and artists Being a musician herself a pianist to be exact and going through a uarter life crisis at the age of 25 Mia who graduated with a business degree is figuring out her life as she's torn between doing the sensible thing by living the life she has planned out with her degree or to follow her one true passion; music But when one Will Ryan crosses path with her and opens up her eyes to a whole new life where music is concerned she's about to realize that life is about taking chances sometimes and following your heart Allow me to preface my thoughts by introducing my new book boyfriend Will Ryan oh sweet motha of jeebus that is him He stole my heart from the first moment he showed up and whipped out a rosary chain He had such an irresistible charm that had me grinning from ear to ear everytime he burst out into a converation His love for music comes alive through the pages when he speaks about it with such passion and he was just the most kind hearted free spirited and forgiving guy you can possibly ask for Now Mia really tested my patience with this read Honestly I nearly DNF ed this read 2 or 3 times because I was at my breaking point with this woman and the amount of frustration and RAGE boiled up in me was enough to send me into annihilation mode In my eyes she was such a hypocritical judgemental btch that couldn't see the most amazing patient guy standing in front of her and instead decided to fck things up with him SEVERAL times I mean C'MON I would sell my left kidney in a heartbeat to be able to find a guy like Will It broke my heart so many times for Will when Mia couldn't get her shit straight and being absolutely fickled about whether she should reciprocate her feelings for him It left me feeling so angry at her that I had to put down my read mentally write a hate note to Mia and take in deep breaths But it's also at this point where I tried to reason out with myself on why she would act this way And honestly I'm glad that I did because I found it in myself to forgive her Often in life we always wonder if we make the right choices and if opting for a safer route is the right one indeed People often forget that fear is something that drives us to do unwanted things and it's only when we screwed up is when we learn what truly matters in your life I can see where Mia is coming from and while I don't approve of her choices sometimes I get itSweet Thing is a journey of self discovery filled with ups and downs joyous and heartbreaking moments finding friendship in the strangest places and most of all taking that risk and fall in love I really struggled with how to rate this one because on one end it was beautifully written and there was just a certain depth to this read that strike a cord with me The rich music setting also added another beautiful layer to it and there was just so much you can take away from this read But on the other end the choices that Mia made truly left me raging in frustration and made me all stabby On an angst scale of 1 10 the angst was a very high 9 and I swear I could feel my veins popping during this read Weighing all the highs lows of this read and how it affected me emotionally I'd say it was definitely a solid 4 stars read for me It's just one of those unforgettable reads that you'll look back and say oh this book sure as hell did a number on me and I don't regret going through a single moment of it I'm not sure how I've missed out on this author previously but she's definitely one to be on a lookout for Considering this was a debut novel by her I was captivated by her writing as this read consumed me from the very beginning and by the end of it I was left in awe on how she brought everything back to a full circle I would recommend if this read if you're a fan of the music setting read that's be warned profoundly heartbreaking yet beautifully thought provoking as you embark on this journey of self discovery ♥ Sweet Thing is a standalone contemporary romance read

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Sweet Thing (Sweet Thing, #1)➦ Sweet Thing (Sweet Thing, #1) Ebook ➬ Author Renee Carlino – Thomashillier.co.uk You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing togetherthen you'll hear the sound of your soulMia Kelly thinks she has it all figured out She's an Ivy League graduate a classically trained pianist You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing togetherthen you'll hear the sound of your soulMia Kelly thinks she has it all figured out She's an Ivy League graduate a classically trained pianist and the beloved daughter of a sensible mother and offbeat father Yet Mia has been stalling since graduation torn between putting her business degree to use and exploring music her true loveWhen her father unexpectedly dies she decides to pick up the threads of his life while she figures out her own Uprooting herself from Ann Arbor to New York City Mia takes over her father's café a treasured neighborhood institution that plays host to undiscovered musicians and artists She's denied herself the thrilling and unpredictable life of a musician but a chance encounter with Will a sweet gorgeous and charming guitarist offers her a glimpse of what could be When Will becomes her friend and then her roommate she does everything in her power to suppress her passions for him for music but her father's legacy slowly opens her heart to the possibility of something.