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Wikiworld [PDF / Epub] ☆ Wikiworld Author Paul Di Filippo – Wikiworld contains a wild assortment of Di Filippo’s best and most recent work The title story a radical envisioning of nearfuture sociopolitical modes received accolades from both Cory Doctorow and Wikiworld contains a wild assortment of Di Filippo’s best and most recent work The title story a radical envisioning of nearfuture sociopolitical modes received accolades from both Cory Doctorow and Warren Ellis In addition there are alternate history adventures homages to icons such as Stanislaw Lem; collaborations with Rudy Rucker and Damien Broderick; and a posthuman odyssey.

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  1. Christopher Murphy Christopher Murphy says:

    An excellent guess at how wiki technologies and collaborative practices subvert other systems Definitely worth a read There's an abrupt ending it is a short story after all but it works perfectly and is very nerdly satisfying

  2. Letizia Sechi Letizia Sechi says:

    By the time the Venezuelans took our suirm futons offline and we shut down all their sex toys the trade war had devolved into a dangerous farce“All right you bastard you win Let’s talk” I smiled as big as I could “Tell me first what was the final straw? It was the sex toys wasn’t it?” He wouldn’t answer but I knew I was rightThe friend of mine who recommended me to read Wikiworld by Paul Di Filippo told me he demystifys and he puts everything into farce I always loved demystification and farce so I guessed I'd enjoy reading WikiworldIf you'll read it asnwer to a riddle from where do simoleans come from?And now that things have uieted down I figured people would be calm enough to want to listen to the whole story behind those frighteningly exciting events

  3. Phoenix Phoenix says:

    World CrafterPaul di Filippo is an amazingly creative writer with the ability to rapidly weave evocative neologisms delightful alternative realities with crackerjack satiric references to history and other works of Science Fiction and Fantasy Displaying a brilliant range of tone and theme each of these 19 stories takes place in a differently constructed world yet any one of them and their characters could be carried into a full novel Without giving away too much what follows is a brief outline of premisesI'd rate the following 7 stories as excellent1 Providence a post apocalyptic robot society in the throes of decline and a disruptive addiction to analog vinyl records that without humans can no longer be produced2 See Infinity Bare an end of the universe story and the Big Flash not the Big Bang set to sex drugs trans dimensional spiders jealousy and of course rock and roll where music is the key3 Professor Fluvius' Palace of Many Waters A steam punk story of nature's revenge in the person Professor Nodens Fluvious and his seductive Naiads set in 1880s Boston with cameos by Frederick Olmstead the designer of Central Park and Dr Simon Baruch inventor of hydrotherapy4 Yes We Have no Bananas taking place in an alternate present day Hudson valley strewn with Canadian references the Perimeter Institute is now in NY State where the most popular instrument is the ocarina and where slaves had never been brought to America and the Cavendish banana has gone extinct Complete with of delicious never made movie references and uantum physics puns Witten it be nice the story follows Tug as he loses his job as a projectionist to a commune on a barge who's owner is looking a better world1 The New Cyberiad two titanic robots Trurl and Klapaucius tipple lemon electrolytes and decide to recreate the human race to alleviate their boredom However the plans for the human race have been lost so they decide to travel back in time to retrieve a sample5 Return to the 20th Century deliciously pulpy adventure where Africa's Cannibal ueen Jungle Alli setting off from the new man made continent of Helenia to save the men of Earth from the telepathic Cat Women of the Moon6 Murder in Geektopia protagonist PI Max Moritz referencing a well known German book about a pair of pranksters takes a client a woman who believes her father was murdered by Big Pharma Set in an alternate America where a morally chastised William Randolph Hearst was a popular 6 term president who had assembled a think tank to successfully create a less violent world7 WikiWorld Things happen really fast in a connected society In a near future where global warming has forced most people inland scavenger Russ Reynolds becomes the jimmywhale President of the Wiki States of America starts a raucous trade war with Venezuela and then retires all in the space of 3 short daysHonourable Mentions1 Fjaerland2 Bombs Away3 Land of the Great Continuity4 iCityThe only story I did not care for and this was not because it wasn't well written because it was was the Kafkaesue Cockroach LoveMy only regret was not coming across him earlier Get yourself a copy and buy one for a friend Enjoy

  4. John G John G says:

    The Short Stories ★☆☆☆☆ “PROVIDENCE” Anthropomorphic robots with mildly funny dialog uasi clever word plays on todays tech terms Not my favourite Kitch and Reddy are not very likeable Maybe a bit too cute★★☆☆☆ “ARGUS BLINKED” The sentience achieved by an archival all world sensory system is discovered supposedly in an ironical fashion The narrator is then scared of the system Seems dated to me It would have been interesting to find out how ARGUS collected auditory and visual data from the human neural system since the story implies that Argus is not just a bunch of cameras and microphones And how this universal access of everyone to everyones’ experiences changed things like conversation contracts collaboration conflict and other exchanges between beings I think that is the real story that was missed The AI awakens is kinda old Oh and I did have to look up a word “oneiric”★☆☆☆☆ “LIFE IN THE ANTHROPOCENE” A heavy handed eco morality tale of ours sins come to fruition Some incongruities to my ear like the ability to bio engineer new human species but not the ability to find adaptive food crops to the new eco system The technology to lay super conducting cables for kilometres but still using solar as a power source If you can build miles of superconductors without refrigeration or vacuums then you can build fusion reactors★★☆☆☆ “BOMBS AWAY” The kind of terrorist weapon Greenpeace would build Liked it even as short short story★★★☆☆ “COCKROACH LOVE” Zany political comedy Somewhat vulgar but not really offensive Politically incorrect in a number of places that would get it in trouble if it had a wider exposure Overall a good fun story★★★☆☆ “WAVES AND SMART MAGMA” A fun tale Again in a post apocalyptic world Some good dialogue Some imaginative creatures and especially original was the tropospheric mind construct The plot zipped along once the expedition reached the island and I think that was the best writing in the story★★★☆☆ “To See Infinity Bare” Wordplay and good ones A hipster feel in a decadent universe following a ‘meta music’ star to his final exit I liked the mood and all the allusions to origins of their tech in our current science But really the good thing about this one is its rhythm★★★☆☆ “The End of the Great Continuity” I think this was a good story but I did not think all the 3 words were necessary I don’t know if Mr Di Filippo was trying to impress the reader with his vocabulary but it is a good one or at least the big words were well used I just don’t see how they contributed to the character’s authenticity or the tone of the narrative I think that kind of showboating could lose some readers although the great thing about words is that a sense of their connotative meaning is evident from their context even if the nuances may not be apprehended So readers can and do float over new words because they have a sense of the tone and intent of the sentence ★★★★☆ “FJAERLAND” Great story This is the reason I bought this collection A friend recommended I read this short story The tone is the special uality of this piece And I greatly liked the blend of mythic and sci fi A really uniue creation☆☆☆☆☆ “THE HPL COMMONPLACE BOOK” Fun book reviews ★★★☆☆ “PROFESSOR FLUVIUS’S PALACE OF MANY WATERS” To my mind a uirky story again filled with the authors penchant for obscure words Not sure what the message was The beginning had the mood of a travelling snake oil salesman but then that was overtaken by some intrigue which culminated in an unexplained denouement Maybe the Professor was a water witch or perhaps he was Nature’s avatar In either case the story like many of the others seemed concerned with painting the set than performing the play★★★★★ “YES WE HAVE NO BANANAS” To say I loved this story would be an understatement Wow There are so many things I liked about this novelette that I do not know where to begin I don’t understand it but I know I loved it Marked for study What makes a story great★★☆☆☆ “A PARTIAL AND CONJECTURAL HISTORY OF DR MUELLER’S PANOPTICAL CARTOON ENGINE” Strange little journalistic short which presents the history of a mechanical device★★★☆☆ “THE NEW CYBERIAD” This short story felt like 1960’s pulp Sci fi I liked it The ending was so predictable it made the whole piece very retro but that is the nature of 50’s ‘surprise’ endings★★☆☆☆ “iCITY” On this one I did not like the tidy little ending A couple of fun ideas were the use of hours as the main timekeepers instead of days and weeks and the creation of self assembling goo that formed the carcass of new designs Would have been nice to have had some explanation of what the designer’s tool set was Such as what kind of things were measured and what were the tradeoffs in such an unconstrained and utopian environment For me a better premise might have been that it was a game in which residents were simulations as well as the designs or that the designers were building for groups of people who existed only as digital personalities★★☆☆☆ “RETURN TO THE 20TH CENTURY” Kinda liked the writing in this one better There were some long exceptionally smooth sentences in this story Also I get a feeling in these stories that the author knows some French which makes the writing richer for me I realize however that I am not a fan of Steam Punk style And Steam Punk is completely about style selon moi and that alone is not enough to sustain my interest over many stories So what am I doing reading Di Filippo?★★★★★ “MURDER IN GEEKTOPIA” The story is another variation on the classic Phillip Marlowe genre except the detective is a young man and not at all hardboiled This story also had a strong plot and a good twist at the end Di Filippo obviously loves words but he can also build a beautiful sentence Terrific invention of slang in the first few paragraphs This was an engaging read from the first page I very much liked the pace and the tone of the story And I thought it was brilliant funny and the ending oddly profound ☆☆☆☆☆ “THE OMNIPLUS ULTRA” A wasted opportunity for a lot of other explorations Instead a windup with a pitch to deliver a trite aphorism★★★☆☆ “WIKIWORLD” Wikiworld seems completely out of place in this collection To see Di Filippo whom I have never read before abandon his ornate writing style used in the rest of this collection and tell a simple story was eye poping This is a simple guy gets girl story with some cool concepts about direct democracy facilitated by the internet and if you like architecture a future house building project Overall this collection was a bit of a slog for me I am definitely not a Steam Punk fan But the author is a good writer whose obsession with big words and cleverly invented ones detracts from some good story telling Strangely Di Filippo reminds me of Palahniuk despite their obvious style differences because both authors seem to be interested in the Reader’s reaction than in the story they are writing Sometimes people who are too clever or too original are not the best communicators On a positive note my new favourite maxim which was uttered in “Murder in Geektopia” is ‘No matter how much you knew it was never everything’Note Thanks to Goodreads’ author Rob Friesel for showing me where to find the stars on my MAC It is really great when someone takes a moment to help a newcomer That is generous

  5. Michael Michael says:

    Immensely enjoyable Each story was a gemno duds in this collection That said I wondered how fulfilling even comprehensible this book would be outside the circle of readers that already love di Filipo and Rudy Rucker the SterlingStephensonGibson triumvirate Charles Stross Paulo Bacigalupi Cory Doctorow and a few others His writing assumes a base knowledge and he doesn't deign to explain for the layman who has perhaps NOT spent the last 20 years thinking HARD about the future There were a lot of references to geek recreation lingo that I could tell were beyond my pay grade And to my utter delight he also plays the sport of Extreme Vocabularyone of my favorite activities Even I needed to google once in a whileand the words weren't always there My favorite aspect of these stories was the sheer FUN he was clearly having with these The exuberance shone brightly through the prereuisite cynical raised eyebrow of many of the settings Climate change and its devastating effects were dealt with as matter of fact background for the very human little tales he wanted to focus on One of the reviewers mentioned that many of these stories would become dated very uickly I agree but it did not detract from the appeal so far I'll reread in 2020 One of the charming and thought provoking books I've read in a while

  6. Stephane Stephane says:

    Nice clever short story that follows the basic tenets of science fiction pick a current trend and extrapolate itProblem is as clever as the story is not sure how well it will age as some of the basic references and ideas couldwill mutate uickly and lose all their meaning For example the currency is the linden which was the currency in Second Life currency that could be purchased with real money and which had an actual exchange rate Second Life is almost dead and unless you were really plugged in the digital life space of a few years ago you have no idea what it wasWorth reading but ultimately very much an artifact of its time

  7. Stephen Stephen says:

    William Gibson as written by William Burroughs Some of the stories are tough sledding but they are all worth the work Particularly good are the short short Argus Blinked Cockroach Love Waves and Smart Magma Professor Fluvius's Palace of Many Waters Murder in Geektopia As with his partner in crime Rudy Rucker I haven't cared for his novel length work but Di Filippo's shorter works are outstanding

  8. Jay Daze Jay Daze says:

    My first e read on my cell phone A funny sf economic organization story with echoes of Bruce Sterling or does Sterling echo Di Filippo? Never the less I haven't enjoyed something cyber punky in a long while and this has the spirit and none of the arrogant young pricks who usually accompany it

  9. Jeff Jeff says:

    If I may paraphrase The Who Paul Di Filippo will take your mind where minds don't usually go Don't expect conventional science fiction when you read these stories Prepare to have you mind fucked This is amazing stuff

  10. Andy Andy says:

    Short story Interesting concept roughly similar to what Cory Doctorow outlined in Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom I liked it I don't know that I was knocked out by it

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