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Daffodils [Reading] ➸ Daffodils By Alex Martin – Katy a maidservant at Cheadle Manor longs to escape her narrow life but events unfold slowly in her rural village Jem Phipps has always loved Katy His proposal of marriage rescues her from scandal but Katy a maidservant at Cheadle Manor longs to escape her narrow life but events unfold slowly in her rural village Jem Phipps has always loved Katy His proposal of marriage rescues her from scandal but after tragedy strikes Jem becomes a reluctant soldier on the battlefields of The First World War leaving Katy behind restless and alone Lionel White the local curate has just returned from India bringing a dash of colour to the small village and offers Katy a window on the wider world Only when Katy joins up as a WAAC girl does she finally break free from the stifling class ridden hierarchies that bind her but the brutality of th century global war brings home the price she has paid for her search Through the horrors of WW she discovers only love brings freedom In essence Daffodils is a love story whose tender heart is almost torn apart through this tumultuous time COMPLETELY REVISED EDITION.

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  1. Margitte Margitte says:

    The first world war broke out in EuropeYoung people from small poor bucolic British families all dreamed of new possibilities and better lives if they signed up for the war Most of them in counties such as Wiltshire had never been in London many had never seen the sea They eked out a living working for the gentry on their big estates with poverty standing like invisible perennial guards at their doors There was hardly any escape possible until the war cameKaty Beagle worked in the manor house as a personal maid when the son of the manor needed a little bit of fun before he departed for London to join the war effort Young and inexperienced as she was and bored to death with the prospect of being rooted to her situation for the rest of her life Katy jumped at the opportunity to have some fun It resulted in a huff and a lot of puff with a cloud of scandal threatening her good name and honor Good rock solid Jem the gardener proposed again and this time she had no other choice but accept And so begins the story of a young couple within the village dynamics of Wiltshire with the assortment of lovable despicable and delightful characters who share their lives for ages But after the young vicar announced them husband and wife the village openly released a sigh of relief The scandal was short lived and the couple could live happily ever afterBut that was not to be Katy and Jem's paths through the deeply moving narrative exposes the highs and lows of two young people's inner turmoil with life and love their first encounters in the adult world with heartbreak and hardship The tale winds through a volatile time in world history and how it personally effected two young people but also their community The horror of the First World War is portrayed with accuracy and emotion The deprivations and devastation of the war is creatively and convincingly conveyed All the elements to make this a great book is present loyalty weakness betrayal guilt lies sex secrets violence an attempted suicide heroism and finally love coupled with justice All the people are real So much so that the reader becomes emotionally attached to them and become emotionally invested in the turns and twists of the plot Throughout the harsh reality of the war there is still an almost ironic wholesomeness present in the young people's optimism and hope for a better future Despite all the obstacles the daffodils never seized to bloom among the privation and suffering of the war Daffodils is an extraordinary story of commitment and enduring hope which teaches us the power of resilience integrity and true honorThis book was a deeply emotional experience that managed to reach the inner core of my being This is such a powerful story I am amazed that it has not attracted attention on Goodreads It really deserves itIf you have enjoyed The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows you will love this book as wellHighly recommended

  2. Nancy Knox Nancy Knox says:

    Enjoyed this bookThis was a very well written and enjoyable story Great characters and storyline It keeps you involved from the beginning to end I would recommend this book and am anxious to start the seuel

  3. Misfits farm Misfits farm says:

    Daffodils Alex Martin 4 Set in the early days of the first world war this tells the story of Katy and her life and loves Of the hills and fresh air of home and her dreams through her reading The harshness of the living conditions of the time and the lack of sanitation and things we all now take for granted The journey through the war for Katy and her family and village and the traumas therein I am not usually into historical novels but this one has a certain charm to it and the characters are well described The conditions of the war and the thoughts of those at home and abroad are easily pictured bringing scenes and the book to life A poignant tale for anyone who had family they remember at that time and maybe a tale we should all read to know that things were not always how they are now both the war aspect as well as general life A thoroughly enjoyable readI voluntarily chose to read this ARC and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased

  4. Jenny Lloyd Jenny Lloyd says:

    This is the last book I shall review this year and I found it compelling Katy dreams of a different sort of life away from the uiet Wiltshire backwater she has grown up in Her dreams make her reluctant to accept Jem's proposal of marriage as marrying him would mean giving up her dreams of travel Katy has her head and heart briefly turned by the charms of her employer's son Her liaisons with him are enough to cause a minor scandal which threatens to tarnish Katy's reputation So when Jem proposes again she accepts Surprising herself she finds happiness and contentment in married life until tragedy strikes to break her heart and the ensuing grief creates a strain which threatens to tear the couple apart Unable to comfort or console his grieving wife Jem decides to sign up for the war When he goes missing in action presumed dead Katy joins the war effort too Originally she goes in the hope of finding Jem alive but is soon caught up in the blood guts and mayhem of war working at a field hospital in France Combining romance historical fiction and a feminist touch Daffodils is impressively well researched and vividly imagined making a worthy and respectable contribution to WW1 historical fiction It vividly portrays the brutality and futility of war while paying homage to the bravery and camaraderie of those who were involved in all aspects of the war effort While many novels have been written about the war this one for me brought a fresh and feminist perspective to the subject In many ways the terrible loss and grief aside the war was a liberating experience for many women as they were given roles which would never have been open to them otherwise I do not hesitate to recommend

  5. Siobhan Daiko Siobhan Daiko says:

    This touching love story set against the backdrop of the turmoil of World War I is told from the heart and although the subject matter is tragic I really enjoyed the read Katy is a wonderful heroine I found myself caring deeply about her and wanting everything to work out Jem too is a hugely sympathetic hero and I liked him for his courage and steadfastness The main theme of this novel is the human spirit and how it prevails in spite of the horrors of poverty and war All is not doom and gloom in the narrative however and the lighter moments not to mention the cast of believable secondary characters including the creepy Lionel help to make the storyline well rounded I found “Daffodils” un put down able and I’m looking forward to reading the seuel

  6. Dina_s Dina_s says:

    A charming easy going read with endearing characters Pure coincidence that I read it during Remembrance time and right after downloading Downton Abbey Season 5Although I thoroughly enjoyed this book I do have a few gripes the main characters are all so NICE Well apart from the vile Leonard i felt that some of the language did not fit the context properly fe the use of pound cake vs sponge cake Also I can't imagine simple country folk from the Great War era likening things to automatons and zombies Katy's hair was described as bobbed at one point I thought the bob was invented for Clara Bow? There were a few similar foibles but these are easily forgiven and I look forward to the second instalment

  7. Donna Wilkey Donna Wilkey says:

    I really liked this story because it reveals so much history of WWI which is blatantly missing from my education I remember memorizing facts about the “tinder box” of alliances which started the war I know I had to memorize which countries were on which side I knew about famous people that suffered in the trenches such as de Chardin and Hemingway But this well researched piece of historical fiction synthesizes the facts and makes it all very real The book also describes the class differences of the time Downton Abbey especially for women and how those differences were obliterated by the war effortTop shelf as the British might say

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I really loved this book After I finished it it was as if I had seen a movie I had to keep reminding myself that I didn't see it I read it It was just so vividly described and emotionally well thought out There is an element of grief to the story that is very realistic and even though the elements of faith are in a negative vein the theme of grace and mercy and forgiveness still comes through very moving story

  9. Kathy Kathy says:

    Katy is a maid who lives to read and hates being a maid Her parents want her to marry Jem who is a gardener on the estate Charles is the heir to the estate When he comes home from school unexpectedly he takes a shine to Katy and all hell breaks loose He ends up joining the army and Katy gets fired Jem asks her to marry him Though Katy finally admits that she loves Jem but their life is not easy and the First World War will affect everyone's lives

  10. Vanessa Wester Vanessa Wester says:

    A fantastic story which was written beautifully I have not read many books based around WW1 and this was just rightThe characters have some hard times and I found myself in tears at times but overall the story was told in a way I could relate to and understandHighly recommended for fans of historical fiction

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