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Herbal Remedy ✽ [EPUB] ✵ Herbal Remedy By Megan Derr ❧ – Thomashillier.co.uk Jordan is used to being the butt of every hedge witch joke painfully aware he's a checklist of clichés and long resigned to never being as successful as the favored elemental witches Then a prestigio Jordan is used to being the butt of every hedge witch joke painfully aware he's a checklist of clichés and long resigned to never being as successful as the favored elemental witches Then a prestigious magic firm puts out a call for hedge witches and the chance to prove himself and become than a joke is impossible to resist—even if he has to put aside all those things he loves for a little while It's only temporary the money is great and it will all be worth it in the end.

About the Author: Megan Derr

Megan is a long time resident of mm fiction and keeps herself busy reading writing and publishing it She is often accused of fluff and nonsense When she's not involved in writing she likes to cook harass her cats or watch movies especially all things James Bond She loves to hear from readers and can be found all around the internetmaderrcommaderrtumblrcommaderrlivejournalcomless.

10 thoughts on “Herbal Remedy

  1. Arthur Arthur says:

    I didn't really feel the chemistry between the MCs and the reason for the conflict at the end made me uncomfortable view spoilerThe boyfriend lured employees to get out of a big corporation that is portrayed as an evil company because it demanded the employees to work very hard that they didn't have social lifeLet's see Usually a big corporation is condemn as an evil one because one of the following Pay low salary Not the case since Jordan himself decided to work there because they paid him well Illegal method Not the case since the company works for clients with personal problem to solve Unethical product like damaging environment etc Not the case either since they actually help people Abusive to client Again not the case since many of the complaints by Jordan stem from the fact that his clients want something difficult but not illegal or unethical and the boss want him to satisfy the client's demand So yeah the only sin that the company commits is it demands their employees to put many hours something that prospective employees knew Somehow though such company is portrayed as an evil one IMO the only one that is unethical and vindictive actually is the boyfriend who not only spy but also lure the company to work for his small firm And I don't believe that the boyfriend didn't use information he got from the MC At the minimum he used it to confirm any info he got from the spy earlier But hey there's a reason Machiavelli wrote The Prince Not only it works it's also becoming acceptable over timeAnd I don't think the boyfriend grovels enough hide spoiler

  2. Renée Renée says:

    35 stars

  3. Heller Heller says:

    25A solid magical little story A bit too short for me with many details glossed over but I did enjoy the characters and their interactions It just felt like a lot of things got passed on

  4. Ami Ami says:

    25 starsUnfortunately I didn't really feel for this story and it became a big MEH and I ended up skimming it When you skimmed a short story it wasn't a good sign I guess my issue was that I didn't feel connected to these characters and I didn't feel their chemistry I thought the boyfriend gah I already forgot his name could actually told Jordan early on about who he was and the fact that he didn't made me uestion his intention Or maybe because I felt his character was glossed over and I didn't get him much Even if I liked Jordan One thing I didn't know what the magic element actually did to the story I mean this could easily be a non magic contemporary story with the same story line about a young man who discovered that his older boyfriend was keeping secret from him It didn't feel like Derr's usual regency stories It just felt off to me

  5. Deeze Deeze says:

    More a 35 due to the shortnessThis was fun and sweetA modern world but with a olde worlde feelShayne and Jordan are a lovely couple and the slight little drama at the end was a lovely way to get to the HEATo short as always but that’s because I’m greedy lol view spoiler I’m still not sure how I feel about the heavy use of cigarettes On the one hand I like the magical herbs used but on the other I’m pretty anti drugs so Jordan being the euivalent of a pot head was a little disconcerting for me hide spoiler

  6. M& M& says:

    The ending is too sweet and sticky Otherwise uite enjoyable in a Megan Derr kind of way 3 stars

  7. Cole Riann Cole Riann says:

    Review posted at The Armchair Reader35 starsIn this Paranormal Days story we get to know Jayden's brother Jordan In Beach Remedy we really don't get to see much of Jordan only enough to see that he's a reserved and responsible version of Jayden with long beautiful dreadlocks And while they're both hedge witches Jordan is the only one that really practices He's a stereotype in most ways think beach bum even down to the herbal blends he loves to smoke One of the biggest differences are their sexuality while both brothers are gay and Jayden tends to be a somewhat promiscuous wildcat Jordan prefers a sedate and mature man and hasn't been out on a date in foreverBeing a hedge witch is Jordan's dream He makes defensive amulets and protection charms agains vampires and werewolves He makes his own small spells that he sells to his neighbors including his herbal cigarettes though some of them are private and definitely not legal It's what he loves to do even if most people see him and immediately take him for a lazy bum and he'll never make enough money Both he and Jayden have taken care of each other from a young age but Jordan is fed up of always living hand to mouth when they deserve so much The remedy seems to be against a lot of what he stands for but it might not be that bad either A large magic firm is looking to take on hedge witches to travel around the country and work It pays a lot of money and Jordan knows that he's good enough to get one of the coveted spots But working up the corporate ladder means saying goodbye to his dreadlocks his pride and most unfortunately his time The only thing that saves him from a complete breakdown of spirit is the distinguished older man he meets while on the roadIn structure and plot this story differs a bit from Beach Remedy Where that story is all about falling in love and having fun on the beach Herbal Remedy is really about trying to make it through the pitfalls of a relationship with an older man while trying to work a particularly demanding job Jordan is a genuinely good soul In many ways he's uncomplicated and fiercely loyal and that can come across as naivety In a way it is Falling in love for Jordan is freeing and beautiful with no reservations which makes dealing with the experience of a man so much older than him a difficulty that he didn't expect to face and doesn't know how to reconcile I liked Jordan uite a bit I'm not sure how much I liked Shayne and I can't decide if it's his actions or the fact that I felt like I didn't really get to know him or much about him or see them a lot together Or both Probably a little of bothHowever for a short story I think that we get a pretty good picture of the world and a lot of story for only 13000 words As I said in my review today of Beach Remedy these stories should definitely be read as a pair I only say that because I enjoyed both of them They definitely don't need to be read together and you could pick either one to read as a standalone story and be satisfied Recommended

  8. Ro Ro says:

    Jordan is a practicing hedge witch who gets the chance to improve his finances and maybe the reputation of hedge witches when he gets a job at a big magic firm They have previously hired the prestigious elemental witch so he’s determined to make a go of it The fact that he hates it is beside the point As he is unwinding one night outside his motel room smoking herb and kicking back in his pajama pants herb and flower tattoos on display he meets the gorgeous Shayne I did blink a little bit at Jordan wanting to dispel the idea that hedge witches are herb smoking hippies as he is acting like an herb smoking hippie but okay Even as Jordan is just holding out that after his probationary period his job will get better he is happier with money for himself and his brother and now has a new guy in the form of Shayne I read Jayden’s story first Beach Remedy and he seems a lot scatterbrained here The brothers snipe at each other and you can see the love behind it They have been all for each other for years and you can tell I liked that a lot There are some secrets being held and some problems at work that have to be worked through Jordan is a great character honorable and loyal Shayne is a bit complicated Jayden’s protection of Jordan towards the end was the best Those brothers have each other’s backs I did want a little groveling as well I like the setting for this story and I’m hoping there will be in this world in the future

  9. ~♥ Elle ♥~ ~♥ Elle ♥~ says:

    25 starsI was not entirely convinced of Shane's motivation The circumstances surrounding the couple's meeting and what Shayne had been doing even before he met Jordan rubbed me the wrong way Even with the grovelling and explanations I still dislike Shayne and I think Jordan could do so much better than him

  10. Jilrene Jilrene says:

    Sweet sweet read I actually like Jordan than Jayden Didn't see that coming ; Loved it

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