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Dead in the USA ❮Epub❯ ➞ Dead in the USA Author David Price – College girls just want to have fun That's all Kim French wanted to dohave a little fun Sure inviting a male stripper back to her place was risky but you only live once right But when that stripper tu College girls just want to have fun That's all Kim French wanted to dohave a little fun Sure inviting a male stripper back to her place was risky but you only live once Dead in PDF or right But when that stripper turns out to be a deranged serial killer it becomes the last risk Kim will ever take The Grim Reaper gives Kim's spirit a choice Oblivion or Vengeance Hungry for revenge Kim's ghost chooses to avenge her death and stop her murderer from killing again The hungry ghost leads two police detectives and a reality TV cop show on the hunt to catch her killer culminating in the last concert ever played at the historic Boston Garden.

  • Paperback
  • 108 pages
  • Dead in the USA
  • David Price
  • English
  • 24 February 2015
  • 9780615800042

About the Author: David Price

David Price lives in Maine His favorite place to write is the family cabin in New Hampshire.

9 thoughts on “Dead in the USA

  1. Nick Cato Nick Cato says:

    After going out clubbing with her roommates Kim gives her number to one of the dancers at a male strip club where they end the evening He calls shortly after she gets home and she invites him over But unfortunately the stripper turns out to be The Scalper a serial killer who has been murdering young women and taking their scalps as a souvenirBut Kim finds herself alive in the afterlife looking at her dead body and watching the killer escape on a motorcycle as her roomates discover her bodyBefore long two cops are on the case and Kim manages to communicate with one of the officers as well as one of the members of a reality TV show crew who have been assinged to accompany the copsDespite the novella's title this is a ghost story that reminded me somewhat of the short lived comic book series iZOMBIE which featured a ghost character; Kim is on a Grim Reaper approved vengeance streak and does all she can to communicate with the living I found some scenes uite funny the killer is a Bruce Springsteen fan and the title itself is a spoof on one of his hits and while everything happens uite uickly including our human characters accepting perhaps a bit too easily the fact they are being contacted by a spirit DEAD IN THE USA is a fun little tale that should appeal to fans of uirky ghost stories and Boston locations

  2. Sydney Sydney says:

    Price’s DEAD IN THE USA is a tightly woven tale of collegiate angst leading to an ill fated night of reckless abandon and worse for our protagonist Kim her friends and the detectives who become deeply involved in the hunt for her killer than they ever bargained for Price’s characters are compelling and real; from Kim’s wild boy crazy friends blowing off steam after finals to the cocky media figure looking for an inside scoop and his conscientious partner who plays an integral role in leading the police to Kim’s killer the key players are all believable and bear the weight of the human condition Price’s dark humor colors the story throughout and the authentic portrayal of individuals caught in the crossfire of Kim’s vengeful relentless journey to bring her killer to justice like Ol’ Flem the janitor and Crazy Jane a street urchin add a rich layer of empathy and intrigue to draw the reader in as the story unfolds For such a short work Price adeptly takes on the well worn territory of the afterlife with a new and interesting angle using frank genuine and often comical dialogue and interactions between characters both living and dead Dead in the USA will appeal in particular to Bostonians but his sharp wit and penchant for sarcasm will captivate any reader along for the ride

  3. Jennifer Provost Jennifer Provost says:

    Kim goes out for a night of clubbing with her friends and consumes two Ecstasy pills six Teuila Sunrises and a Long Island Iced teathen she invites a male stripper back to her apartment As you can imagine this wasn't the best laid planSo now Kim's dead and Death itself gives her a choice move on or get vengeance? Yep she chose the latter Dead in the USA is an thrill ride taking you from the packed clubs of Boston to a show at the late great Boston Garden Recommended

  4. Chris Philbrook Chris Philbrook says:

    Local New England author David Price wrote the novella Dead in the USA and I was happy to read itDead in the USA follows the demise of Malibu native Kim French when a cup of coffee turns into her murder at the hands of a serial killer in early 90s Boston But Kim's journey isn't over She finds herself watching her killer over his shoulder and soon realizes she has crossed the threshold into the world of the undead Unable or unwilling to move on when the Grim Reaper literally comes calling she haunts her killer and leads the police as well as the cast of a reality cop show to his trailI won't give away the ending but the afterlife is a helluva place in Dave's imaginationI liked the book but obviously there were some things that struck me off Some of the sentence structure gets a bit repetitive and italics were dropped in numerous places I think my biggest gripe is that I wanted MORE STORYTack on 50 good pages and I'll add a star just for principle Dead in the USA is an enjoyable read especially if you're a Bostonian

  5. G. Munson G. Munson says:

    Dead in the USA is a story about a young woman who is brutally murdered after a night of excessive drinking Don't worry her death doesn't end the story; it begins it She remains a vengeful spirit who does everything she can to communicate with the police and the reality tv crew who are working on her case I thought the book was well written a fast read that skipped on the fluff and went right to the meat of the tale I was a little hesitant when the main character Kim died so close to the beginning but the author did a great job of expressing her loneliness and frustration as her body bleeds out on her apartment floor As the investigation begins that feeling turns to anger and a desire for revenge She learns how to manipulate the environment enough to communicate hints and show clues to her murderer's identityI also found it very refreshing to read a book with dead in the title that wasn't a zombie story Nothing against zombie books but as a ghost story Dead in the USA really shines I'll keep an eye out for books from David Price

  6. Jason Jason says:

    It was a good first novel It keeps you wanting to read until the very end

  7. Stacy Stacy says:

    I heard David Price read an excerpt from this book at a library reading and it REALLY made me want to find out what happenedHowever I was waiting on my friend to be ready to read it so we could read it togetherButafter a few months I could wait no longer and went ahead and read itIt was a pretty uick read which turned out to be a pretty great story

  8. Brianna Brianna says:

    I bought this from local author David Price when I meet him and other Maine authors at a comic con in Maine I loved Kim sassy even in death My only wish is that it had been longer and in depth Otherwise a great story

  9. Cornerofmadness Cornerofmadness says:

    Won as a first read but never received

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