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Sinfully Sweet Boxed Set [EPUB] ✸ Sinfully Sweet Boxed Set Author Janelle Denison – 6 Bestselling Authors one delicious boxed set of 6 full length “SINFULLY SWEET” romance novelsRomance novels are like chocolates You can’t stop with just one BORN TO BE WILDE by Janelle DenisonS Bestselling Authors one delicious boxed set of full length “SINFULLY SWEET” romance novelsRomance novels are like chocolates You can’t stop with just one Sinfully Sweet Epub / BORN TO BE WILDE by Janelle DenisonSAVIN’ ME by Alannah LynneDRIVE ME CRAZY by Maruita ValentineBABY LOVE by Leslie KellyTHE PERFECT PROPOSAL by Rhonda NelsonTHE RIGHT CHOICE by Carly PhillipsBORN TO BE WILDE by Janelle DenisonEx Marine turned security specialist Joel Wilde thrives on the high wire thrills that come with his job And he isn’t about to give all that up to settle down – not even with a sexy woman like Lora Marshall Which means that while he’s protecting her from a violent mobster he’ll need to set a few ground rules to keep things professional Good thing he’s always been a rule breaker at heartSAVIN’ ME by Alannah LynneOne step away from the coveted Vice Presidency of her firm the last thing Kat Owens needs is the distraction of a man Her client Erik Monteague disagrees He's charming sexy seductive and impossible to ignore Erik's perfectly executed seduction gets Kat into his bed but her passionate loving nature is than he bargained for As the carefully constructed walls guarding his heart dissolve he's forced to make a decision spend the rest of his life running or risk being devastated by love againDRIVE ME CRAZY by Maruita ValentineNASCAR racer Carter Ambrose has decided to take his doctor’s advice and find a new occupation before another wreck on the track kills him Only his doctor hadn’t counted on his little sister’s best friend Melanie Ann Smith crashing his weeks of solitude with her short skirts and platform heels Will Carter risk it all for love or will Melanie be left holding the trophy for second placeBABY LOVE by Leslie KellyWhen Claudia Warren goes into premature labor in the worst possible place a handsome stranger comes to her aid saving her life her daughter Former rebel Chase Paxton is a loner and he likes it that way so delivering a stranger's baby shocks him to his core Even shocking is that the beautiful young mother disappears before he can even learn her last name Now fate has brought the very sexy available Claudia back into Chase's life And while the physical attraction between them sizzles neither wants any emotional tangles Can two people who've sworn off love for good ever move beyond the past to trust in a future togetherTHE PERFECT PROPOSAL by Rhonda NelsonAnnie Witherspoon has spent the last five years working toward obtaining the CEO position at Hightower Advertising She's worked nights and weekends has sacrificed her practically non existent social life and kept her eyes on the prize as it were Now thanks to some inconvenient ill timed bout of nostalgia her boss is giving his global playboy nephew a shot at her jobMitch Hightower isn't nearly the playboy the papers make him out to be and after the sudden death of his business partner Mitch feels to need to be closer to his family to his heritage But when pitted against Annie Witherspoon to win an important account Mitch finds himself less concerned with pitching his campaign strategy and interested in marketing himselfto herTHE RIGHT CHOICE by Carly PhillipsAdvice columnist Carly Wexler is planning the perfect wedding with the perfect fiancé So what if he doesn’t make her heart beat faster He’s the right choice Until sexy photo journalist Mike Novak her fiance’s adopted brother arrives and Carly experiences all the passion she’s convinced herself she doesn’t need Mike is torn by loyalty and a yearning unlike any he’s ever known After spending time with Carly he is sure the engaged couple are marrying for the wrong reasons With one week to go before the wedding can Mike convince Carly he’s the only choice for her.

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  1. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews425 OverallThis is a collection of full length romance novels by several awesome authors This collection is 599 so basically 100 per book and you can’t beat that Below are some “mini reviews” of each of the books in this collection I hope you’ll read the reviews and see that this is one collection worth way than the price; some of these books have been published before so just be aware of that when you are picking up this collectionBorn To Be Wilde by Janelle Dension 45 starsWhen Joel Wilde is asked by an ex Marine buddy to keep his sister safe he knows he can do the job but once he meets Lora Marshall he realizes there’s a whole lot he wants to do than keep her safe There was some danger and intrigue in this book but the main focus was the growing relationship between Joel and Lora and we got a bonus love story between Lora’s friend and boss Sydney and her daughter’s algebra teacher Daniel Joel is determined to keep things on a professional level with Lora but when she is injured comfort leads to much and although he tries to shut it down he just can’t help himself I really love seeing always in control guys like Joel lose it It proves they are human Lora is really insightful and begins to understand why Joel prefers to remain distant I love that she calls him on it and that she doesn’t back down from him and tells him how she is feeling knowing it will send him into a tailspin This is an entertaining story and honestly a fantastic group of charactersSavin’ Me by Alannah Lynne 45 starsI had previously read and reviewed Savin’ Me and I can honestly say after reading it a second time I completely agree with my original review Check it out here Baby by Leslie Kelly 45 starsI’ve read a lot of Leslie Kelly’s works in the past so I was really excited she was part of this collection When Chase finds Claudia in a cemetery about to give birth neither one of them ever suspects their lives will be forever changed This story held me captivated from the start Poor Claudia had no choice but to accept the help of a stranger when she went into early labor but the fact that Chase jumped in and held her hand and helped her deliver he daughter was pretty damn remarkable When she appears many months later on a job interview for his company it becomes evident that neither one can deny the special bond they have with one another They tap dance around each other for uite a while all the while talking and finding out about each other and their past lives They both have some serious past hurts they must work through and it was fun to watch their relationship grow and change over the months I love that they are as passionate about each other as they are about Claudia’s daughter Sarah Angel Baby is a sweet yet sexy romance that grabs hold of you and doesn’t let you goDrive Me Crazy by Maruita Valentine 40 starsI really love when a childhood crush turns into adult passion Melanie Smith has been in love with her best friend’s older brother Chase Ambrose forever It really started as a little bit of hero worship back when she was a young girl but over the years it changed to a very much one sided love fest Following a career ending crash Chase is back home and Melanie has decided it’s now or never to get his attention I flat out loved this story Melanie is a piece of work but considering his childhood and upbringing it’s no wonder I admire the way she works hard and doesn’t want to rely on anyone to take care of her She is bound and determined to make it on her own even when life and her Dad seem to always get in her way Chase was a little harder to like only because at times he seemed so insensitive However I think this is in part to becoming jaded as most pro athletes tend to become and also because he’s never really had to worry about anything in his life There has always been someone there to help him put the pieces back together They come from vastly different backgrounds but oh the chemistry between them is undeniable They share some very intense and steamy moments but they also share a lot of heartache I like that Melanie finally realizes she has to do something that make her happy and goes for it and that not only does Chase encourage that he supports her fully These two are a special couple and I have no doubt you will very much enjoy reading their storyThe Perfect Proposal by Rhonda Nelson 45 starsHave you ever read Rhonda Nelson? I have and this book reminded me of why I enjoy her work so much The Perfect Proposal is the perfect blend of romance longing wittiness and sexy fun Annie Witherspoon is have a pretty shittastic day when she is “rescued” by Mitch Hightower Little does she know that her knight in shining armor is the man trying to take away the job she’s earned over the last five years of her life Annie is one of those women you can’t help but like; brought up in foster homes she went to college and has made a name for herself in advertising She tough smart and at this point in time than a little ticked off Mitch has returned to his family’s company following the death of his best friend Determined to take over the reins for his ailing uncle he soon finds he’ll have to compete with Annie for the title of CEO The hilarity that ensues when a uirky client insists that they spend two weeks at his ranch in Texas with him is uite comical At times it is so obvious these two are being thrown together by some scheming matchmakers However I just couldn’t help but enjoy watching them navigate through all the challenges and eventually succumb to their feelings for one another While the ending was perfectly satisfying I wanted to know who ended up at CEO and importantly was Mitch’s uncle William was involved in the scheme to get them together Even with not knowing that The Perfect Proposal is an absolute delight and it reminded me why I’ve always loved this author’s workThe Right Choice by Carly Phillips 40 starsI admit I have a sick sense of humor because I kind of enjoy books tv shows and movies where the bride realizes as her wedding approaches that she’s in love or in lust with someone else So is the case for Carly Wexler She’s engaged to Peter Novack but for both of them it’s of a marriage of convenience; they like and respect one another are friends but there isn’t any passion Carly is okay with this because in her eyes passion ruins everything and she feels that she can trust Peter to be the reliable responsible and to honor his vows Then she meets his brother Mike and she beings to understand just what passion can do to a person I won’t lie Carly is one pretty messed up woman She is still reeling from her father’s infidelity and the ensuing scandal when she was a teenager More than that she has never understood why her mother chose to ignore his affair Mike is no prize either having been orphaned as a child he is a world famous photographer risking life and limb to break the next big story but his last assignment got to him left him injured and bringing old hurts to the surface While I loved the instant attraction between Carly and Mike there were times when this story drove me a little nuts Even after finishing it I still can’t understand the charade both Carly and Peter went through especially when it was so evident they had so very little in common The fact that Carly had true feelings for Mike even if it was only lust at the beginning should have been a clear indication that continuing to plan the wedding and avoiding Mike as best she could was the wrong thing to do I do appreciate that Carly and Mike spent a lot of time getting to know one another and that Mike really tried to be the stand up guy He was upfront and honest with Carly about his job the fact that he’d eventually leave and that he’d do everything in his power not to hurt her I also applaud the author for making both Mike and Carly face their past hurts and work to get past them Overall I enjoyed The Right Choice and even though it’s not my favorite in this collection it was still a worthy romance

  2. Lauren Lauren says:

    Born to be Wilde2 Stars The main characters just didn't do it for me They really didn't have anything keeping them apart in my opinion The side characters however had a very interesting story and I liked their chemistry a lot They had much to overcome Savin' Me3 Stars I liked this story The main character was very relatable I don't have too much to say about this one Angel baby4 Stars This story was my favorite it had a great meet cute and the story just was very sweet The romance built steadily and the reasons they tried to stay apart were legitimate Drive me Crazy4 Stars While this story wasn't my favorite in the book I really liked the author's style It was a little too much about the love making aspects of their relationship I like when there is a little build but since they already had the strong friend foundation it didn't seem completely out of place Also of all the books this one had the most grammar errors or typos All of them had a few but this one was the worst ONe sentence was It was is okay I mean its such as easy fix there is no reason not to have an editor read through and make the corrections so they don't distract from the story The Perfect Proposal 25 StarsPretty much a corny love story It had its moments but it wasn't really a page turnerThe Right Choice 3 StarsThe best edited book for sure I'm glad it ended with this one because the constant typosgrammatical errors were driving me crazy Overall I like that this story had a stronger plot I really wasn't sure how the heroine was going to handle her predicament It was a engaging story that the last but not my favorite of the series nor my favorite by Carly Phillips in general Overall I got a lot of fluffy reads for 99 cents and was happy I took advantage of the deal

  3. Peni Peni says:

    Please see individual stories for review

  4. Barrie Mac Barrie Mac says:

    Wonderful well written full length books by popular and well loved authors I loved all the books Each were hot and sexy I had a hard time putting my kindle down and sleeping as I just wanted to keep reading all night long

  5. Crystal Yawn Crystal Yawn says:

    overall books are good editing is horrid

  6. Kissa Mil Xu Kissa Mil Xu says:

    Wow 6 fab authors for a great low price Hmmmm which one to read 1st?

  7. Daniela Daniela says:

    5192013 Finished Angel Baby by Leslie Kelly Very nice sweet story6292013 Finished Drives Me Crazy by Maruita Valentine so soDid not read the other storieshad no interest

  8. Krista Krista says:

    Way too sexy I had to skip a few books in this set I couldn't even finish Carly Philips because it was the typical romance with no storyline Bored It was a good thing this was only 1

  9. Lora J. Lora J. says:

    All of them all authors were great reads for me

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