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Mixed Me ➜ [Epub] ❧ Mixed Me By Tiffany Catledge ➦ – Thomashillier.co.uk Little Mixie wonders why everyone wants to know WHAT she is Isn't it obvious She is clearly a human being And anyway isn't WHO she is what matters most Coming from a family with a black dad and a whit Little Mixie wonders why everyone wants to know WHAT she is Isn't it obvious She is clearly a human being And anyway isn't WHO she is what matters most Coming from a family with a black dad and a white mom makes her extra special and maybe a little different too But different is good Mixie embraces her uniueness and determines to be the best Me she can be.

10 thoughts on “Mixed Me

  1. Karen Carter Karen Carter says:

    The little girl in MIXED ME addresses a number of potentially hurtful uestions and comments some children hear all the time and often don’t understand or know how to answer uestions such as “What are you?” or “Why don’t you have the same skin color as your mom or dad?” are answered cheerfully with a positive message repeated throughout the text Colorful illustrations by talented teenager Anissa Riviere add to the book’s appeal for young pre readers and their parents or caregivers

  2. Arayna Fleming Arayna Fleming says:

    Really cute book

  3. Molly Alexander Molly Alexander says:

    A little girl wants to know why people are asking her what she is when she thought who she was was the important uestion I love this children's book following a biracial girl through her struggles of figuring out who she is in a world of people wanting to know what she is I know that I have personally been asked WHAT I am times than I can count on all fingers and toes time and time over It started as a child when people notice my hair and skin wasn't like most of the girls who identified with the African American race nor was it like the girls that identified themselves as Caucasian This story takes a great look into the world through the eyes of a confused child trying to find her place in the world The colorful pictures and messages that are portrayed in this book make it a great read to take into the classroom for children of all ethnicities A reminder to us all to remember that focusing of who someone is is far important that where their skin color comes from The author is a multiracial woman as well he view from the inside is part of what makes this book so authentic

  4. Saba N Taylor Saba N Taylor says:

    A tale of pride and courage as Mixie shares her black and white heritage with young readers Children will learn from Mixie to embrace their heritage whether they are mixed or not Mixed Me is a great effort in helping children learn to cope and go beyond the barriers and challenges that they face due to being of mixed racesheritagescultures After all it is not important WHAT you are but WHO you are

  5. Megan Brooks Megan Brooks says:

    Mixed Me is a great story to take children away from the race side of things Mixie is bi racial and does not understand when people ask What are you? She is human As a teacher I will use this book to show that under our skin we are all the same human and who we are matters most Tiffany Catledge has six children and a degree in intercultural communications from Arizona State University Tiffany Catledge's illustrations are bright and vibrant

  6. Jdn1 Jdn1 says:

    This picture book is an excellent choice of putting children through the perspective of growing up with two different colored parents and cultures This is very common in today's society so I feel it's important for children to understand different family perspectives I would recommend this for lower elementary k 2

  7. Madimeier Madimeier says:

    This book is about a little girl named Little Mixie who is mixed She is both black and white and she is getting sick and tired of people asking her what she is Her mom is white and her dad is black which makes her a little different from everyone else In the story she talks about how being different is fun and she is trying to be the best Me she can be

  8. Adam Newman Adam Newman says:

    Everyone is uniue and each child comes from a different MIX Super cute book and a great conversation starter about differences for children

  9. Brittany Brittany says:

    Professional SupportDiverse Lit Paper resource

  10. Papatia Feauxzar Papatia Feauxzar says:

    A good parenting guide to answer tough uestions children might have about race

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