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  • The Kill Order
  • James Dashner
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  • 04 February 2014
  • 9780385742894

10 thoughts on “The Kill Order

  1. Alex Alex says:

    I demand a seuel to the preuel

  2. Aneeqah Aneeqah says:

    I can describe this book to you in a single word disappointment With a big capital D See the thing is The Maze Runner was one of my favorite series ever until the last book which I hated So the only reason I picked this book up was in hope that it would redeem the series for me and answer my bajillion uestions Unfortunately that didn’t happen The Kill Order just failed to live up to The Maze RunnerI think the thing that bothered me the most about this book was that it was not about Thomas and the rest of the Gladers You would think that it would be right? That’s what I was hoping for Instead this book is about some random people that I’m not 100% sure are connected to Thomas or anyone else And because we don’t know anything about this set of characters we’re left with even uestions Sure a few of my uestions about the world building and all that were answered in this book but I just ended up with so many uestions about everything in the series and specifically this book that will never be answered nowThe Kill Order along with having a new set of characters had a ton of action Non stop action actually If you know me you’ll know that I love action in books But even me the teenager who loves action thought that there was just too much On every page there was something going on and I’m going to be honest I got bored I lost interest in the book because nothing else was going on besides the action Sure action is fantabulous but there’s a limit to how much you can have in a single bookOverall I just could not bring myself to enjoy The Kill Order even though I enjoyed the first two books of the series so much We were left with a bajillion uestions and there was way too much action for me to even remotely enjoy this book If you don’t mind either of those two things then you should give this book a shot otherwise I would pass this one up if I were you

  3. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    Conversation in the editing roomRemember all of the semi likeable characters from the original series? Get rid of them How about all the plot holes from the first three books? Double them Should we give it a decent ending? ominous silence Annnndthat's about itWe are set far before the first novel in the heart of the initial Sun Flares and virus outbreak We get front row seats to the start of the apocalypse There's a whole new expendable cast that provides uite convenient fodder and a enough plot holes to bury all of themThe pacing of this book really threw me for a loop Every second of the book was spent in heart pumping action Literally all we did was race from plot arc to plot arc without taking time for character development or anything decent to happenAnd when things finally did calm down Dashner only upped the tension by having everyone shout their plans and ideas And the argumentsit was all 'science person wants to do this' and 'stupid army guy wants to do this' and 'civilian is running around with his head cut off'the usualAND THAT SO CALLED SCIENCE oooo that reallllly rustled my jimmies I can't even The science Ugh Incoherent rageBut seriously when you are going to go for a science based explanation for your seriesyou think it would begin by being rooted inscience Honestly What was the author thinking Audiobook CommentsRead by Mark Deakins and he did an okay job It just felt a bit bland overall Could've just been the text thoughYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

  4. Stephen Mcintosh Stephen Mcintosh says:

    I would just like to say How on earth can you rate this without even reading it? It seems that I got an unexpected amount of 'likes' for this so called review but I still don't get why people rate books without reading them What are they thinking?Anyway I don't think I'll be making a real review because I'm terrible at writing as evidenced by my mistake before this edit using the word anyways instead of anyway

  5. Dylan Dylan says:

    My first ever 1 star review Well done 'The Kill Order' you deserve it Before Reading it Oh I hope this is goodDuring and After reading it So here's what I didn't like about this book basically everything I couldn't get myself to read than 50 pages per day I thought about giving up constantly The characters were boring bland and flat forced vague and unnecessary relationships stiff and unnatural dialogue people dying before I could care or remember who they were inconsistencies in characterization Being told a character never usually does something and then they do it repeatedly the plot fading away into ridiculousness things just kept happening but it all seemed pointless the feeling that the author had a beginning and an end Then just put whatever he could in the middle to fill up space unrealistic fighting scenes sentences that repeat what has just been said Or state the obvious dreams that somehow show flashbacks in chronological order telling me things instead of showing

  6. B B says:

    Actual Rating 35 starsThere are the books that either have too little action and you're bored to tears reading said book or book that have too much action and too little of everything else The Kill Order tends to fall in the latter category of books and I'll bet that was where Dashner was intending The Kill Order to fall The plot for The Kill Order is simple it's the end of the world sun flares are destroying the Earth and a group of teenagers are they teenagers? are trying their best to survive the apocalypse Along with the solar flares men in green suits are coming out of the sky in blimp like vehicles called Bergs shooting random people with darts that contain a deadly virus The group of teenagers try to discover the cure to the virus by doing incredibly stupid things all while trying not to get synched by the solar flares Now the execution for The Kill Order is anything but simple and looking back on the synopsis I wrote even that doesn't sound too simple With the above synopsis Dashner could have had a somewhat simple but entirely enjoyable book While The Kill Order was still enjoyable Dashner just had to add to the book And And From cults to ritualistic burnings of people to governmental deceit The Kill Order just had too much With the aforementioned plot points and much seemingly random other plot points you'd expect for there to be non stop action right? Well if you thought that then you would be correct A large portion of this book is comprised of thrilling action and while that might be your perfect cup of tea it won't be others and it wasn't mine exactly Action isn't the only thing that makes a book a good book If you don't have enough action your readers will be bored If you have too much action your readers will have whiplash But no matter how much action or lack of it your book may have it can't be the only thing going for it This is the case for The Kill Order With action you need to have character and relationship development especially in a book like this where the characters are put to the test in an apocalypse My feelings towards all of the characters in this book were pretty lukewarm I didn't hate them I didn't love them and I didn't like them They were just okay That's not to say that they're unlikable characters because they're not It's just that Dashner didn't provide me as a reader with nearly enough character development for me to care for the characters and what they're going through or to like themThat being said if you're the type of reader who just wants mindless action after mindless action pick up The Kill Order you won't be disappointed in it The action scenes are very well written and for the most part thrilling However if you're a reader who values character development in books as opposed to action The Kill Order won't be the book for you While I do consider myself the reader who values character development as opposed to action I found The Kill Order to be a fun thrilling and uick read but sometimes mindless action just isn't enough You can read this review and others on my blog Finding Bliss in Books

  7. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Now I enjoyed this book It's before the maze runner I think it said 13 years Anyway it was a pretty dark book I felt bad for this group and what was happening to them And holy crow what those evil people did to Lana I mean they did evil things to a lot of people but this was one of the group and these freaks were off their nut Also at the very end we get to read about Thomas as a young boy before all hell broke loose in his world It was just a page or so Either way I enjoyed it

  8. Charlotte May Charlotte May says:

    35 ⭐️This was a good addition to the series It was uite action packed with a whole new host of charactersWe meet Mark Trina Alec and Lana part of the human population who have survived the sun flares but now face a new terror They fight for their lives as an awful disease ravages the human race No one knows where it came from or whyDespite the constant action and violence at times I felt it was almost too much It relied heavily on the drama and excitement rather than actual plotAs I got to the end a few uestions were answered Like where the disease originated and what it's point was which was really interesting to find outIt was a good read if you are in need of some excitement and watching characters risk their lives constantly it was a good space filler

  9. Hayden Hayden says:

    Well First let me start off my saying that I am extremely disappointed about the fact that the series is now done I started this book yesterday afternoon and now at 2 in the morning I've finished it And let me just say HOLY CRAP THIS BOOK I CAN'T I thought all the other three were good but this book made me so overwhelminglyI don't even know So many feelings Can I just vent? I'm going to vent OK?view spoiler So firstwhere do I even freaking begin honestly Alright let's just start with the end WHAT WHAT WHAT? I honestly was so sad reading the ending I felt so sorry for them All of them were going completely insane and trying to keep it all inside They hardly even talked at all and it hit me really hard when I realized that none of them even had the strength to try to help Mark when he fell out the window of the Berg They were all holding onto their last thread of sanity and that struggle was honestly pretty hard to read Even if it didn't outwardly say how he was feeling their actions spoke louder than their words When Trina and Mark didn't even talk to each other OASFOAOSIHFASOIHF OH MY GOSH I JUST REALIZED WHAT THE ENDING MEANT DUH SHE REMEMBERED HIS NAME SHE REMEMBERED HIM HOLY CRAP YAY THAT MAKES ME FEEL A BIT BETTER What the heck happened to Deedee? I was hoping that the Epilogue would give me some insight into that but nope It was about freaking Thomas I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THOMAS I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO DEEDEE OH MY GOD So that was a bit disappointing hide spoiler

  10. Natalie Monroe Natalie Monroe says:

    DNF at 47% Mark jumped to his feet pulling Alec's arm The entire area around them shook as it rose and it took all of Mark's effort not to fall again He knew that what was happening had to be impossible and it made him wonder about his mental state I know that scene is supposed to have me at the edge of my seat but the only thing I can think of right now is the lack of cheese sticks in my house and that makes me wonder about my mental state After the fuckfest of The Death Cure I wasn't sure I wanted to finish The Kill Order I'd actually started this before The Scorch Trials and experienced the heart wrenching downward spiral of a promising series because in a derp moment I'd mistaken it for the second book But then I thought maybe it could shed some light on the crappy world building I wanted to find out about the Sun Flares and how the civilization ended Plus I'd already started it so what the hell How bad could it be?Apparently very badI expected the apocalypse I expected scenes of the climate growing hotter and hotter by day and baffled weatherman advising people to always wear sunscreen outdoors I expected scientists running around like headless chickens trying to figure out the problem while sweating world leaders tried to calm the masses I expected the inevitable spark to the keg of hysteria with all hell breaking loose and people breaking store windows for supplies acuiring guns to protect said supplies and fleeing to forests where there's natural shade I expected a grand mess in the footsteps of the The Stand or on a smaller scale The MistInstead I get thrown in a world a year after all the excitement has happened We survive months of the sun beating the tar out of the planet find a place where we can build shelter find food Where is the chaos I ask you? The murder the plundering? Where are the religious nuts like Carrie's mom that come out and say I told you so Now repent for your sins Where are the groups of wild eyed people in week old clothes fighting for diapers and tampons? If it were the end of the world I'd gladly trade my iPhone for a maxi pad No proper world building no excitement And I do mean no excitement We're talking watching the paint dry levels here Even when the characters were running for their lives I couldn't work up a speck of emotion to care The main characters Mark and Trina were really bland like the characters whose names I have already forgotten in The Geography of You and Me At least I was emotionally invested in Thomas no matter how much I hated him in the aftermath Mark and Trina on the other hand I care no for them than I do about the hundreds of tinted food pictures my elementary school acuaintances post on FacebookOh wait I do care about Trina a bit I care that she like Teresa and Brenda are perfect unblemished specimens of the female sex Man she was prettyShe turned a page her green eyes following the wordsHer short blonde hair shifted in the wind and she appeared the very definition of peace and comfort Why does every love interest have to be hot? Why can't she have a big nose or be overweight or have a weirdly shaped hairline? I don't like this trend in male love interests in YA and I certainly don't condone the opposite especially since girls are often objectified in manga and comics No matter what way you argue it I highly doubt Wonder Woman wants to fight crime in a cleavage baring bustier Or heelsNow I can finally rest in peace knowing The Maze Runner series is genuinely a one book wonder Bland characters shitty world building mediocre writing Might see the movie if only for Dylan O'Brien but other than that me and this series are done Don't call me I'll call you 'K?My review of The Maze RunnerMy review of The Scorch TrialsMy review of The Death Cure

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The Kill Order❰PDF❯ ✑ The Kill Order Author James Dashner – They Thought The End Came In A FlashBefore WICKED was formed before the Glade was built before Thomas entered the Maze sun flares hit the earth killing most of the populationThe Worst Is Yet to ComeMa They Thought The End Came In A FlashBefore WICKED was formed before the Glade was built before Thomas entered the Maze sun flares hit the earth killing most of the populationThe Worst Is Yet to ComeMark and Trina were there when it happened They survived But now a virus is spreading A virus that fills humans with murderous rageThere is no cure No escapeThey’re convinced that there’s a way to save those who are left—if they can stay alive Because in this new devastated world every life has a price And to some you’re worth dead than The Kill Epub / aliveThe End Is Only The Beginning.

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