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Dracones [PDF / Epub] ☆ Dracones By S.L. Armstrong – Thomashillier.co.uk Almost every ancient civilization has stories of some form of dragon from the winged serpents of Asian lore to the traditional Western image of the fire breathing behemoth Literature is filled with st Almost every ancient civilization has stories of some form of dragon from the winged serpents of Asian lore to the traditional Western image of the fire breathing behemoth Literature is filled with stories of valiant heroes riding into the jaws of danger to slay the beast and rescue the princess But sometimes the knight in shining armor is less interested in the maiden in distress than in the dragon he's supposed to slay Dracones brings together seven stories detailing the power and majesty of a dragon's loveMost of the humans in Fugue in Gold and Fire are unknowingly animals in human form and when the Vesti Moon rises the animal forms break free with no memory of their human lives Lovers Adri and Dru search for a way to recognize each other during the change but when Dru's true form turns out to be a dragon he considers never changing backPeter Harington aspires to be a Teller of Tales when he submits his fictional dragon manuscript for publication Tom the editor assigned to work with Peter though finds the worldbuilding a little too real and is determined to learn the truthWhen the dragon Daire is wounded only the Weird Magics of alchemist Cyras can heal him But when one of the fae is found killed and her blood drained Daire suspects his savior of illegal experimentation and murderThen in Chanson Commencante de Guerre the ancient dragon Rayvak finds himself strangely drawn to the young dragon shifter Stormy despite the years of war between the dragons and the dragon shifters The two must overcome centuries of animosity if they are to find any happiness togetherPsychic David and his dragon lover Ferdie are literally Two in the Bush when their camping trip is interrupted by the magical guardians of their forest They can sense the power of the dragon but believe that David and Ferdie have it bound and demand that they release it or die Finding the Rain is the task charged to Buwei sent with offerings to the Dragon Lord Shenlong in hopes of ending his province' drought a journey none have ever returned from But the dragon's temple keeper Tian wants Buwei for himself and is willing to defy even the great dragon to keep himFinally in Lukos Heat a mission of revenge sends the dragon Najlah into the mountains and into an unlikely partnership with the wolf shifter Barkus And the closer they get to their uarry the they realize that nothing is as it appears.

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  1. Deeze Deeze says:

    Its Dragons Yay hopefully there will be a few mixed up with the ones lol My first Dragon read in this book was Finding the Rain by Tam Ames I enjoyed this story and liked the way it played out Tian was a sweet guy and BuweiDeserved his HEA My one tiny niggle view spoiler Why spoil a climatic ending with Water catching fire? Even for a magical fairy tale that pulled me right out What was wrong with the water turning instantly to steam and scalding those that threw it? hide spoiler

  2. Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌ Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌ says:

    I bought this anthology not really knowing what I was going into because I only know two of the authors and I wasn't really sure what I was going to get In saying that however I was also really dead set on getting it despite that because hey it's dragons and I really really love dragons After reading it I had rather mixed feelings Sure I was mostly disappointed in the stories however I still didn't regret buying it because it was rather enjoyable though my bias for dragon stories is obviously shining throughAnyway a story by story ratingyou may need to refer to the separate story summaries in the overall blurb to understand what I'm saying Fugue in Gold and Fire 375 4 STARSI found this to be one of the better stories The story is based on already established lovers and although the romance wasn't brilliantly burning by any means you felt that their love was genuine The things I liked was the uality writing and the good world building I was intrigued about the world for the get go and this sense of fear for the unknown due to the rise of the Vesti Moon was definitely being conveyed A really intriguing start to the anthology Teller of Tales 15 STARSuite flat and unlikable characters and insta love though not much you can do about that in an anthology I didn't really like the dragon angle either I felt that his character only very superficially matched the ancient and powerful nature of a dragon if they were even going for that angle at all There wasn't much originalityresearch shown depending on whether the author chose to research for create a new angle Weird Magics 275 3 STARSuite a solid story with an interesting story line and well established setting Personally I didn't feel much of a connection to the characters or any fondness but I think that's very individual Chanson Commencante de Guerre 25 275 STARSAgain uite an interesting world with not only Dragons but Dragon Shifters and a long standing feud between the two races However I felt like the characters were very superficial and the voice and dialogue was a bit contrived Two in the Bush 25 STARSThis was a bit weird I'm not sure what to say about this honestly It was uite interesting I suppose but I didn't really like the story line or the characters Finding the Rain 375 STARSThis was a really sweet and fun read It was kind of what I expected from the anthology A bit fluffy different angle and some smut haha I'm not uite sure if I'm that sold on the Ancient China setting I don't know if that is exactly the correct time period but it's not like anthologies allow for in depth descriptions and etc Though actually there were some really weird moments where I was kind of a bit wary I'm not sure if this should be spoiler tagged but basically Buwei started having dreams about this dragon Explicit dreams And I was a bit curious whether it'd cross into the realms of supernatural bestiality or whatever you want to call itOh this story is by Tam Ames I feel the need to mention this because whenever I see this author I have to link her book alongside with it Lukos Heat 35 STARSMegan Derr's writing was lovely relief Not that some stories weren't well written but just that some stories were not It was uite interesting because her portrayal of dragons was a bit animalistic? I'm not uite sure what to call it but the perspective and the voice of the main character the dragon made me wince at times not really because of the personality of the character just the way he saw things view spoilerFor example he would refer to the breeding females of his den as 'bitches' or 'den bitches' And in no way is it meant to be demeaning or offensive but perhaps in the way a vet would call a female dog as a bitch It's just a term a name But it did make me wince at times personally hide spoiler

  3. Tailtiu Tailtiu says:

    Lukos Heat by Megan Derr 3 Finding the Rain by Tam Ames 35Two in the Bush by ER Karr 15Weird Magics by EE Ottoman 3Chanson Commencante de Guerre by Lor Rose 25I'm not sure if I'll read the last 2 stories Fugue in Gold and Fire by Avery Vanderlyle Teller of Tales by DK Jernigan

  4. Melyna Melyna says:

    When I was given the opportunity to review an anthology with Dragons as the main focus I was thrilled As one who loves all things dragon and my favorite genre to read is mm romance this seemed like the perfect combination There are seven stories I had fun reading them all but a few really stood outTo read the full review please go to

  5. Lor Rose Lor Rose says:

    My story Chanson Commrncante de Guerre or Beginning Song of War is in there Somewhere Can't wait to read the others Who doesn't like dragons?

  6. Tam Tam says:

    My story is Finding the Rain I'm thrilled to be included with so many amazing authors

  7. Susan Laine Susan Laine says:

    Fugue in Gold and Fire by Averly VanderlyleScholar Adri and his lover Dru a tavernkeeper and an inventor are preparing for an event that last happened a thousand years ago When the purple moon Vesti rises everyone except children and the elderly change shape into animals real and mythical This change is permanent unless the person remembers who they are within the beast form they take Most never do says the chronicles When the day comes what happens to the two men who love each other when one’s real shape is a mythical beast and the other’s is a man?We are shown an intricate world preparing to lose a major part of their population and a city on the verge of almost steampunk discoveries of electricity and other technical inventions and yet facing a magical divine event The culture is fascinating and the bond between the two heroes is shown with warmth friendship and shared humor Rebuilding a ravaged world and a bond with a dragon are matched in a very effective juxtaposition We get details of a larger world expanding beyond the confines this story and that made this a truly enjoyable read for me RecommendedTeller of Tales by DK JerniganPeter Harrington is a dragon who has lived as a human among them for centuries He’s been banished from his own people because he’s gay Now once learning about a new modern dragon stories in the making Peter starts his own story about dragons Doing so he attracts the attention of Thomas Dougherty an editor Once they meet Peter realizes Tom is a virgin therefore attracting Peter’s dragon instincts to mate And Tom begins to sense there’s to the story then he’s being led to believe But knowing the bond is for life Peter fights the urge—until Tom takes matters into his own handsThis takes place in modern Las Vegas There’s an instant attraction between Tom and Peter Tom likes his job as an editor always on the lookout for a new creative tale but not having much of a personal life Peter lives in an upscale apartment a rich and cultured individual with some old fashioned notions In short they are very different distinct characters who come through clearly Peter goes through a lot of introspection and Tom has doubts but you know these two belong together A good story which I uite liked told in both 1st and 3rd personWeird Magics by EE OttomanDaire is a wyrm dragon a powerful cold seas preferring creature who has had his magic stolen from him by a blood curse from an unknown alchemist Daire has come to New York to search for the alchemist but without his powers he’s as weak as a human To heal him comes Cyras an alchemist who has been treating supernatural beings for a long time and is just learning that these creatures are being killed and drained of their blood by mysterious foes With Cyras’s help Daire learns of a method to rekindle his magic—and the hunt is onThe industrial revolution is well on its way here and new technologies work alongside magic The supernatural beings are a well known secret What we have here is a tight spaced action adventure that ends in a magic and gun fight Cyras is a sweet positive characters idealistic and smart where Daire is cynical and always expecting the worst Yet these two bond together though initially mostly hostile I liked the way this story fused together different genres from fantasy and paranormal to steampunk and action tales I uite liked thisChanson Commencante de Guerre by Lor RoseFor hundreds of years a war has raged between dragons and dragon shifters At first glance this seems like the sillies thing to fight over but there you have it Rayvak is an ancient dragon a hermit like loner who no longer likes to reminisce his battle days and now lives far from his own kind in a cabin in the woods One day he comes across a hunted badly wounded young man Stormy who also happens to be a dragon shifter—and Rayvak’s mate This is strictly forbidden but the mating call is strong But what happens when five dragons come in search of their uarry?There’s a lot of ponderings and inner musings in this one But the reasons for the war are not give and the ending is abrupt without much closure Rayvak is protective and strong while Stormy is smaller shyer and filled with resentment over dragons who have abused him through violence and rape Having a dragon for a mate is not to his liking and he tries to flee But Rayvak is possessive too They do find a rapport of sorts but I never got to know these men very well let alone the situation they find themselves in Everything is only alluded to nothing told or shown Frustrating And the present tense didn’t really help matters Still an okay storyTwo in the Bush by ER KarrDavid a PI and his boyfriend of six months Ferdie a dragon without much magic as his heartstone is broken are supposed to be having a fun camping trip in a national forest But then they awake bruised and battered with little memory of what happened only to find their tent their car and all other campers and rangers around gone And when giant flying beings land from the skies to punish the humans who are keeping a dragon prisoner everything goes from bad to worse Ferdie cannot change to his true shape to convince no one is being held captive so for David he makes a big sacrifice—without David’s approvalTold in first person from David’s point of view we’re shown a telepathic man who has come to know and love Ferdie the dragon who due to youthful recklessness cannot shift to dragon form very often This is written like a stream of consciousness It’s funny And the giant flying guardians are scary and very effective One wing stroke and it’s adios muchachos The caring that these two men feel for each other is shown with little details and humor and I liked their interaction I liked this storyFinding the Rain by Tam AmesBuwei is a lonely farmer taking care of his mother and grandmother during a draught that’s lasted for years He is tasked by the Governor of the province to find Lord Shenlong the dragon who controls rain and give him tribute to end the draught Having no choice Buwei leaves At the temple high up in the mountains it rains all the time Lord Shenlong is a no show but a beautiful young man Tian bids him welcome and asks him to tell him stories But their time together is limited When Buwei returns home the Governor has gone back on his word to take care of Buwei’s family while he’s gone and they are dead But a leader should know better than to defy the morals of highly ethical dragonsThis was by far my favorite story in this anthology Reading like a fairytale this story shows us a poor man who is by nature good and honest and he knows many stories Tian’s attraction baffles him but through little touches kisses and closeness they are drawn together It was wonderful to read about another culture where dragons are seen as wise benevolent highly ethical and in many ways civilized than humans Lord Shenlong is no beast but a god in his own right I loved the culture the plot the lessons we’re given justice love and happiness all rolled into one Highly recommendedLukos Heat by Megan DerrNajlah has dragon features even when he is in human form and due to his fangs and tongue he cannot speak He is part of a royal shifter corps on the trail of an attempted assassin of the king Najlah’s brother was injured in the attack Now the corps have entered the Shide Mountain range far too cold for Najlah They are met with the inhabitants of the wilderness the Lukos pack or wolf shifters Their leader Barkus takes an immediate interest in Najlah who hasn’t sough company of any kind because his dragon plays too rough for any potential lover Barkus doesn’t seem to have a problem with that Their adversary however seems to posses powerful magic sending blizzards golems and wild mgic after them But when they find the assassin however they’re left with uestions than answersThis one was a great read Irritating at the end when things cut off so darn abruptly but a great story that reads like a prologue to a set of tales Everything feels detailed and thought out a fully fledged world We get hints of this larger world Najlah IS a dragon with dragon behavior and facets— than any other dragon in this anthology—and he and Barkus find new and exciting ways to communicate since Najlah cannot speak This is a wonderful conclusion to the anthology but I do hope the writer gives us of this world later on I want to know what happens next

  8. Julesmarie Julesmarie says:

    Fugue in Gold and Fire by Avery Vanderlyle 12 March 2017 5 starsMaybe I shouldn't have been as surprised as I was but this was brilliant The idea was excellent a planet of people mysteriously forced into animal forms when a particular comet returns But it was just wonderfully beautifully written Enough that I plan to immediately go see what else this author has writtenTeller of Tales by DK Jernigan 13 March 2017 3 starsIntriguing idea A dragon who's been cast out for being gay writes a fantasy novel using his dragon culture and then falls for the editor he submits the story to I think part of the reason I liked this so much was I felt like they were geeking out over books about dragons just like I do Otherwise the bizarre pov switches 1st person from Peter and then 3rd person from Tommy would have frustrated me much Favorite uote Get over it Tommy boy because dragons are just a dreamWeird Magics by EE Ottoman 14 March 2017 5 starsThis was spectacular A dragon shifter and a professor of alchemy in the most fantastically atmospheric Steampunk New York Fantastic magic delightful mythology excellent secondary characters stunningly perfect gritty setting This was just thoroughly entertaining to readChanson Commencante de Guerre by Lor Rose 15 March 2017 1 starSo much of this makes absolutely no sense He drove an hour to buy two bags worth of groceries And what grocery store doesn't have a parking lot? Why is he having to walk a block and use a crosswalk other than the author needed an excuse to have him make internal comments on human cultureThe worst was calling the two groups dragons and dragon shifters Both groups can shift into dragon and human forms the differences are based on the size of their dragon the energy it takes them to shift and how long they live If they'd been called different tribes of dragons or different races I think I would have been able to relax and get into the story Both groups are technically dragon shifters so basing the whole story and millennia of war on that name made me not able to give this any than 1 starTwo in the Bush by ER Karr 15 March 2017 3 starsI love these characters A telepathic private detective and his dragon shifter loverassistant So fun The story itself though was just bizarre I'd love to get to see these characters again in a different storySome Favorite uotes It took me a little longer to figure out what he really was and even longer than that to believe it Some days I still don'ta shot to save in the mental photo album a memory I never wanted to forgetFinding the Rain by Tam Ames 16 March 2017 3 starsThis had a lovely dreamy Chinese fairy tale feel to it Sadder than I like my fairy tales to be thoughLukos Heat by Megan Derr 3 July 2015 5 starsI thought this was just brilliantly done Najlah was a spectacular character and the descriptions of both of his forms his homeland dragon societal structure all of it was spectacularly uniue and wonderfully great funMy absolute favorite Najlah's complete inability to speak any human language in either form yet he was still able to communicate perfectly well Very cleverly doneI also just adored Najlah and Barkus together they complemented each other brilliantlySuch a fun story in a wonderfully uniue world I'd love to get to come back and read set hereSome Favorite uotes It was nice not being fearedI think I preferred it when they thought us demons and we were allowed to eat them

  9. Nix Buttons Nix Buttons says:

    Fugue in Gold and Fire by Avery VanderlyleA very imaginative story with a dark take on humans being forced to take their true animal forms All but the young and old are forced to change and they can only hope to survive even if they do they may not remember being human and turn back Their loved ones can only pray 27042020? 1h 4min 35 stars I will look into other works by this author Teller of Tales by DK JerniganA short sexy read about a dragon writer and his virgin editor 27042020? 0h 36min 35 stars very enjoyable Weird Magics by EE OttomanUrban fantasy with non humans alchemists and a government opressing non humans and most forms of magic We have a dragon with a hate for alchemists looking for someone and a soft hearted alchemist helping non humans in his free time And forget the blurb at no point are they suspicious of each other05072020 1h 8min 35 stars would be very interesting as a full novel Chanson Commencante de Guerre by Lor RoseThis story had so much potential Even though it felt rushed and there was much that was either not explained well or very confusing it got me interested It seemed like a draft meant to spark interest for a novel or a series one I would gladly read05072020 0h 42min 3 stars would be very interesting extended into a series Two in the Bush by ER KarrIn this story dragons are godlike beings just that our dragon is really young and a bit of a handful So when he drags his telepathic boyfriend on a camping trip of course it has to go wrong The characters are amusing and sweet and want me to read the humour is also well done Fells like a side story to a novel or series05072020 0h 57min 35 stars sadly this seems to be the only story by this author Finding the Rain by Tam AmesThis is a short story as it should be The story fits the length perfectly and doesn't feel like it wanted to be A poor farmer his family and village suffering from starvation is sent to the great dragon lord with offerings to ask for blessed rain to end the drought A fairytale esue story which of course means some cruelty and violence06072020 0h 48min 4 stars Lukos Heat by Megan Derr ♥A lovely fantasy story about two violent non humans made me interested in the world this takes place in I love it when the non humans do not think or behave too much like a human06072020 0h 43min 4 stars I already love this author I read verything by her

  10. Squeek Squeek says:

    A story by story review on Dracones published by Storm Moon Press and edited by SL Armstrong;Fugue in Gold by Avery Vanderlyleuite liked this story The characters were likeable and I was eager to see how the main protagonists relationship would turn out The setting and plot had the trappings of a really good fantasy and was a world I was engaged in and happy to read and learn about The overall story did have a couple moments where it felt a tad predictable though given how this is all about dragons yeah to be expected and at least one moment where my suspension of disbelief was taken away but there were some surprising nuances that really worked for me4 out of 5Teller of Tales by DK JerniganNo easy way to say this but I hated this story It was ridiculous wish fulfilment from beginning to end The characters were bland only going on about how much they wanted the other with little to no substance regarding themselves And the switch in narratives from first person for one character's perspective to third person for another's did not work for me How this story wound up as the second in the anthology I do not know especially since the dragon aspect of things felt so tacked on that I wonder if this story hadn't begun as maybe a vampire tale instead1 out of 5Weird Magics by EE OttomanGreat This was a great story with a really interesting world that I want to revisit and learn about The characters here were fantastic to the point that I would love to know what happens next for them5 out of 5Chanson Commencante de Guerre by Lor RoseNot too sure about this one At times there is way too much in the way of info dumping and then feeling as though this might have been a semi polished role playinteractive writing exchange That latter observation may have been that it was written in present tense which was rather jarring to get used to Has a very predictable scenario and I just didn't understand the differences and conflict between the two factions featured while also finding that some of the details presented came off as confused It does have some decent and numerous sex scenes though2 out of 5Two in the Bush by ER KarrWhile not generally a fan of first person storytelling this was still a really good story My one complaint though is that I can't help but feel that this was a continuation of another story one that sets up some pretty major events which are only alluded to here but still have overarching conseuences Surprisingly this was the least smutty story actually there was nothing in the way of smut but I won't hold that against it4 out of 5Finding the Rain by Tam AmesWhile a very cliche scenario I think by the title alone you can guess the premise I really liked how this story played out It was beautifully written and the sex scene was so very tender and lovely4 out of 5Lukos Heat by Megan DerrAn interesting bit of world building I think this story could have worked better as a full length novel rather than a short story Not that there was anything wrong with it just that it felt bigger than what could be shared in only a few pages and even ends feeling like there was adventure and intrigue to be had3 out of 5Overall this was a pretty decent anthology though I have to admit to being a tad disappointed I know I shouldn't be; that given the type of anthology this was of course all the dragons would be shifters of some sort But anyway that's my thingNot sure if it was because I had the ebookkindle release but there were times when I felt that there was spacing between scenes missing So I would be reading and suddenly the characters were waking up or it was the next day but there was no break in the text Also surprised that there were uite a few spellingwork errors as if the book could have used just one read through before being sent out

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