Twirling Naked in the Streets and No One Noticed PDF/EPUB

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  • Twirling Naked in the Streets and No One Noticed
  • Jeannie Davide-Rivera
  • English
  • 10 April 2016
  • 9780615801438

10 thoughts on “Twirling Naked in the Streets and No One Noticed

  1. JoJo JoJo says:

    Words cannot express how much this book means to me I wish I read it a lot sooner4 and a half years ago 24 years old single mother to a not even one year old I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome I'd gone through my whole life wondering what was wrong with me I knew I was different I didn't do a lot of research or seek out any other Aspies as I was still getting over a relationship break up and learning to be a mother and I couldn't cope with a lot I really wish I had've Lately I've been going through a hard time even with a diagnosis to understand and accept myself and for others around me to do the same I finally read this book and for the first time in my life I feel like someone Jeannie Davide Rivera could actually understand what it's like to be me I've never had that beforeJeannie Davide Rivera also grew up without a diagnosis She was a lot older than I was when she got it As I started reading this book I was glued Here was someone who also learnt to read before school like me who walked on her tippy toes like me who loves typing and can speed type like me There is just so many similarities between Jeannie and I although having different lives and done different things And there were things that weren't similar like Jeannie had imaginary friends while I didn'tI want to buy this book to add it to my collection This is a book I'm definitely going to read than onceI recommend this to anyone with who knows someone with or is just plain curious about AspergersAutism I recommend it to everyone I can't recommend it enough I wish there was a 6 star rating

  2. Jane McBride Jane McBride says:

    This is a compelling memoir by Jeannie Davide Rivera telling her story about growing up with undiagnosed Aspergers which is a form of high functioning autism As an adult she finally got a diagnosis that pretty much explained her entire life in a nutshell When my son was diagnosed at age three and I started learning all I could about autism I was astounded not at his diagnosis but at the realization that I had it too I have never been diagnosed but don't feel I need it at this point Jeannie and I could've been identical counterparts in parallel universes The stories she tells are mine Her feelings are mine Her experiences are mineI think that usually when other people even experts encounter autistic people figuring them out is like staring backwards through the peephole of a locked door But here we have an actual autistic person telling what it's like from the inside That kind of empathy and understanding is the best gift the parent of a child with autism can give that childThis book was very well and logically done by a woman who is intelligent and articulate I'm recommending this book to everyone I know who might be I involved even peripherally with autism

  3. Julie Jackson Julie Jackson says:

    I was born in 1979 before the idea of Autism being a disorder with a spectrum I always knew I was different than everyone around me but never could pinpoint why My son was diagnosed 3 years ago with PDD NOS and I became an Inclusion Kindergarten teacher and thus began my introduction to the world of Autism Through my son and my students I began to see myself I knew something else was going on above being ADHD and having anxiety So I got tested tooAt 34 I just learned I have Asperger's Now my whole life to this point makes sense Reading Twirling Naked was like finding a new best friend I could relate to all of her experiences and feelings because I'd been there done that and had the t shirt It's nice to know you're not totally insane and even nicer to know you're really not alone you're just a citizen of a different country than you first though you belonged to Thanks and Kudos to Jeannie for having the strength to keep on going and the courage to write her story down to inspire the rest of us Aspies A must read for anyone on the spectrum or for those who know someone who is

  4. Winter Winter says:

    5 Stars There's not enough stars in the world for this bookThe many ways this book have touched me are probably impossible to describe I will try though because there might be others like me others who have gotten this diagnosis which explained a lot but who still feel like they are grasping in air to find some way to make sense of this chaotic world This book got me started on a journey for acceptance Probably for the first time I feel my weaknesses can be a strength too I have begun to accept that I need to plan my days that my world need to be orderly That I can’t just move to new places that I need time with my interests as much as I need breathing that I will probably never feel like I have enough energy to the social demands of the world For the first time it’s okay almost Friends who care will stay even if they don’t see me as often as they would like I’m coming to a place where I can put that bad conscience to rest I put on my earplugs when I need it without shame and let the sounds of coughing scratching chairs breathing eating and everything else fade when it’s neededIf I knew all this earlier I would let people know that the demands of school were too much to lay aside all pressure to give me freedom to succeed I would tell my parents how my teacher started the school year in the middle of our teaching book and how it ruined the course Maybe we could have found better ways for me to learn I would tell psychologists to help me find the energystealing component instead of treating the symptoms I would maybe be able to accept that changing cercumstances would throw me in a loop for awhile I would know it would fade eventually as I got used to the new There’s a lot I would have done but it’s never too late to begin This review is too honest for my comfort but if it can help someone to pick up this book maybe relate to someone truly for the first time Then it is worth it Everyone deserves to feel like they have a place in this world a feeling of belonging That is what this book has given me I hope it can give it to you too

  5. Casey Kiser Casey Kiser says:

    We thought we had a little genius on our hands my mother said but you were just a little bitch That is the way my mother described meJeannie's memoir of growing up completely misunderstood is told with irresistible humor wit and honesty that will cut you to the core and open your heart Wonderful and moving book Also a tremendously informative piece on Asperger's Syndrome Recommended for all

  6. Mark Rivera Mark Rivera says:

    This book is poignant and honest The writer has a writing voice that puts you in the room with her and makes you feel like you are actually there The release of this book right during Autism Awareness Month is right on timeThis isn't a book of someone whining or waving their hand saying look at meit's a someone saying Hey You could be missing the signs Does this sound familiar? Maybe you should look harderIt's an honest statement that holds out hope to people who may be on the Autism spectrum without ever having known it and it's a window so that those who don't have ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder can have a clear glimpse into what someone who is on the specturm may be going through everydayIt's an easy funny read Definately worth the time it would take to devour it

  7. Ariel Ariel says:

    I'm so grateful to have a read a book that I can relate to on such a deep emotional levelall uotesI loved my books; all my friends lived within their pages My friends often lived inside my books and the television setI felt like an earthling walking in the midst of a sea of Martians Today I feel like I am from another planetI didn't understand the odd stares or know to feel left out when children didn't play with me I was simply happy playing in my own world without anyone intruding or trying to change the way the game was playedDon't fret over the lonely child with only one friend; I was not lonelyEfforts to fix me or demand I conform to the normal world around me only resulted in my retreat I retreated into my own world further into the depths of my foggy existenceI didn't receive the manual You know the manual where these social rules were written but it appeared that everyone else around me hadInside the gaping divide between what others perceive and what my brain processed was a dangerous place This danger was greatest at a time when I was most vulnerable at a time when I was developing my sense of selfBeing mind blind makes you extremely susceptible to deception There can be many conseuences of missing social cues but none may be devastating dangerous and harmful than not seeing the signs with your own relationshipsI was never myself than when I was six years old She was carefree free to be herselfIf I could not make friends I could create them upon the blank pages of my computer screen on my legal pads in the stories I had bottled insideDue to the inability to express our emotions or communicate feelings of disturbance anxiety or distress verbally depression is often missed until it is so severe that it hinders our ability to functionI suppose I may be just too tired to pretend to be normal; too tired to consciously stop each instance of stimming or every impending meltdownIn my virtual world I have a voice I can talk without worrying about how I sound if I spoke out of turn or unwittingly offended someone I can put my words to the page in a logical order say what I mean and mean what I say In my fake world I am real I am alive and I have something worthwhile to say In the real world I am fake voiceless; a manneuin posing pretending to fit in

  8. Anna Anna says:

    Twirling Naked in the Streets is an autobiography about growing up as a girl with undiagnosed autism The story unfolds in a straightforward manner that makes it easy to follow along and relate to the ways the young girl's uirks hypersensitivities and presumed princess manners cause social friction bewilderment and hostility in her near surroundingsIt is a lonely story a path of misunderstandings and mysterious dysfunctions into an ever complicated adult world where the alienation seems to grow with every anticipated and missed milestone up till the ‘moment of truth’ where Jeannie's diagnosis emerging self insight and discovery of online communities of fellow aspies gives her the explanation she was looking for Despite the gloomy plot the story isn’t a heavy read it is vivid humorous and entertaining to read and the simple matter of fact like observations of Jeannie’s fellow characters make them easy to imagine and relate toWhat I liked most about the book is how it shows ways autism symptoms can present in girls and women who may otherwise not come across as stereotypically autistic Jeannie is a girl who talks well and a lot Who has friends at least some of the time Who goes out drowning the sensory overload with alcohol studies albeit interrupted lands jobs and initially comes across as socially capable at job interviews although she can’t hold onto the jobs She also gets married and have kids In other words from an outsider’s perspective her life may seem fairly normal but in reality her autism pervades all spheres of her life draining her energy and limiting her capacity to meet the standards of a so called normal life womanhoodGreat book

  9. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    I found this autobiography to be extremely compelling easy to relate to and informative for a non Aspie reader Jeannie tells the story of her childhood adolescence and adulthood and her struggles with sensory overload managing energy and the many other symptoms of her undiagnosed autism She is straightforward and honest and makes you feel like you're right there with her My heart breaks for all of the misunderstandings and misdiagnoses throughout her life but she doesn't linger on the understandable grief of missed opportunities In fact the book is poignantly funny in places and isn't a heavy read at all I learned a lot about the many ways that autism affects every aspect of life and I enjoyed her commentary on the evolution of autism spectrum disorder as a part of the DSM the diagnostic handbook in the field of psychology There are uite a few editing mistakes which usually bothers me in a book but her story is so powerful that it doesn't matter at all

  10. Kim Kim says:

    I found this book fascinating It was written by a lady who grew up without being diagnosed with autism until she had her own children Some of the ways she described things and the reason these things happen really struck a chord with watching my own daughter struggle

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Twirling Naked in the Streets and No One Noticed[PDF / Epub] ★ Twirling Naked in the Streets and No One Noticed By Jeannie Davide-Rivera – Jeannie grew up with autism but no one around her knew it Twirling Naked in the Streets will take you on a journey into the mind of a child on the autism spectrum; a child who grows into an adolescent Jeannie grew in the MOBI ´ up with autism but no one around her knew it Twirling Naked in the Streets will take you on Twirling Naked PDF \ a journey into the mind of a child on the autism spectrum; a child who grows into an adolescent an adult and Naked in the Epub à becomes a wife mother student and writer with autism This is a gripping memoir of a uirky weird but gifted child who Naked in the Streets and Kindle - grows up never uite finding her niche It took years to discover that all the issues problems and weirdness she experienced were because she had Asperger's Syndrome AS a form of high functioning autismThe tale begins at age three and takes us all the way through her Naked in the Streets and Kindle - diagnosis Along the way she explains autism in a way that will have fellow Aspies crying tears of joy at being understood and neuro typical people really starting to grasp the challenges that autistic people face every moment of every day.

About the Author: Jeannie Davide-Rivera

Jeannie Davide in the MOBI ´ Rivera is an award winning author Twirling Naked in the Streets and No One Noticed; Growing Up with Undiagnosed Twirling Naked PDF \ Autism the autism category expert writer for answerscom a writer for Autism Parenting Magazine The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism and a Naked in the Epub à professional blogger with Asperger’s Syndrome Growing up with undiagnosed autism and now raising three ASD children gives her.