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The Kewpie Killer ❮Read❯ ➬ The Kewpie Killer Author Falafel Jones – It's hard to be a tough investigative reporter when Mommy owns the paper you lose your apartment and you have to move back home There's also no solace in your social life when you own at least one bri It's hard to be a tough investigative reporter when Mommy owns the paper you lose your apartment and you have to move back home There's also no solace in your social life when you own at least one bridesmaid dress for every friend you have Just ask rookie The Kewpie Epub / reporter Rauel FlanaganThe night Rauel covers a carnival opening a Bearded Lady of uestionable gender finds a dead farmer planted next to a Kewpie doll Both the farmer and the doll sport straw hats and overalls Anxious to prove herself to Mom who is a pathological perfectionist Rauel locates reports of additional victims dead next to dolls that match their occupationsAt first no one believes Rauel's theory that a serial Kewpie Killer exists Then Rauel meets and falls for Eddie Franklin a cop working Kewpie Killings in Florida Eddie can't leave his job and Rauel's mom wants her to run the paper in New York Rauel doesn't know what to do She still hasn't found a place to live and now someone's sending her Kewpie reporters with tape over the eyes and mouths.

  • Paperback
  • The Kewpie Killer
  • Falafel Jones
  • English
  • 06 December 2015
  • 9781484069929

About the Author: Falafel Jones

Falafel Jones was named for a Mediterranean sandwich Mom craved while pregnant While this name may have been a burden growing up it provided a distinction from all of the other Joneses in town In fact things could have been worse Ask Falafel's brother a construction worker named The Kewpie Epub / Sweet Pickles.

6 thoughts on “The Kewpie Killer

  1. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I'll say up front I've been in an online group with the author for some time which is why I picked this up to readThis story will soon be a little outdated I think because the heroine is a reporter for a newspaper her mother owns in a small New York town A rival paper gives her grief too but as we all know the newspaper business isn't that great right now and few places have two papers survivingPutting that uibble aside we jump right into the murder that takes place near a carnivalfair The victim is a farmer found with a kewpie doll dressed up like a farmer There's also a small gold tractor charm at the scene Local police at first think his death is an accident We know betterOur intrepid heroine eager to prove herself to her mother and her other veteran coworkers jumps right into the fray The cop on duty at the murder scene seems awfully chatty but it turns out our heroine knows him from her school days She gets some facts from him and manages to talk to some of the carnies like the bearded lady who found the victimSoon she turns up a similar murder in Florida and meets a hot detective from the force down there Someone also sends her a kewpie doll; one that looks like her complete with a press pass with tape over the eyes and mouth Obviously she knows something the killer is warning her to keep uiet about It'd be nice if she knew what it wasAs she searches for the killer in between getting bounced from her apartment and having to move back home with her mother and smooching with the hottie Florida detective and being a bridesmaid in a wedding things keep moving alongThere's a little problem with the formatting or maybe proofreading on occasion but overall this is a nice read if you like light mysteries

  2. Lee Hatfield Lee Hatfield says:

    Very enjoyable story enough twists to keep it interestingall the way to the end Pay attention and EnjoyI am looking forward to books by this same AuthorLee Hatfield

  3. Mathew Walls Mathew Walls says:

    Incredibly dumb Every plot point is telegraphed way ahead of time and the characters are really bad at picking up on the obvious One example from early on The killer leaves these plaster kewpie dolls by the victims but everyone writes them off as being prizes from the carnival even though it's specifically and repeatedly mentioned that they're not the same as the ones the carnival has which are plasticA bigger problem though is that the protagonist just doesn't seem to do anything She just follows other characters around while they investigate Occasionally whoever she's with will be struck by a sudden fit of stupidity so that she can make the obvious suggestion to get them back on track but the book would probably be improved if she were written outThe characters in general are very badly written though most having only one or two actual traits and often the author has to tell us what those traits are rather than having them become evident from how the character behaves So even with a different protagonist the whole thing would still rest on the plot which is certainly not strong enough to carry itAlso by about two thirds of the way through it seems like the solution is obvious and the book should be just about over but then the insane plot twists begin each chapter introducing some new and implausible elementAnd the police are just really really bad at their jobs Any competent investigator would have uncovered the relevant information much uicker than either of the detectives in this book Then at the end they act like the killer might get away with it when in fact they have plenty of evidence to charge him with numerous crimes They might not be able to prove all the murders were him and in fact there does seem to be some doubt on that score but there are plenty of crimes they know and can prove he committedAnd I don't know if Jones felt they'd written themself into a corner or what but the book has the most abrupt ending I can remember reading The plot is suddenly and anti climatically resolved and where you'd expect a final chapter showing the characters' lives going back to normal instead you just get well nothing

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    The Kewpie Killer by Falafel Jones is the fourth book I've read by Falafel Jones In fact I chose to read The Kewpie Killer by Falafel Jones because I enjoyed reading three prior novels written by the authorThe Kewpie Killer by Falafel Jones is a cozy mystery novel approximately 205 pages in length I must admit that I wasn't overly impressed with the first chapter or two of The Kewpie Killer I felt like the start of The Kewpie Killer was a bit rocky and I almost gave up on reading it The storyline and characters just weren't grabbing my attention like they had in the author's previous novels Additionally The Kewpie Killer needs some minor editing work throughout the novel to make it a better read overall However with that said the storyline plot development and characters were good for The Kewpie Killer I did like the main characters of Rauel and Frank a lot I am hoping Falafel Jones writes another mystery novel that will feature these two characters solving another murder case together and also further exploring their budding romance in detailThe Kewpie Killer by Falafel Jones also had a lot of twists and turns that kept the story interesting This novel also kept me guessing as to who the real killer was The ending had a real kicker of a surprise that I didn't see coming either

  5. Tom Bradley Tom Bradley says:

    Lots of twists and turns especially over the last few chapters under the category of OK it's finished No wait it's not all right now Um hang on Character development was well paced even with such distractions as a wedding Also the characters tend to eat a lot but even these scenes helped draw out important dialog and plot pointsI do have a uibble with some plot elements popping up seemingly out of nowhere but it read the last few chapters at a gulp Nice job keeping the action and suspense goingEarly on I ignored punctuation and grammatical errors because the story was engaging Also there were some blatant clues which I picked up on but which the investigators seemed to overlook until near the end But no big deal It was a fun read and it did keep me guessing Nicely done

  6. S.A. Gibson S.A. Gibson says:

    Light fun mystery Interesting heroine reporter investigator Remember paper newspapers?

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