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Recklessly Documentary #3 [Download] ➺ Recklessly Documentary #3 By A.J. Sand – You first met singer Kai White’s best friend Wes Elliott in “Documentary now get his story in RecklesslyWes Elliott just met his matchand she might actually burn his entire world downSurfing and s You first met singer Kai White’s best friend Wes Elliott in “Documentary now get his story in RecklesslyWes Elliott just met his matchand she might actually burn his entire world downSurfing and sex This is Wes Elliott's life And it's just the way he likes it `After seeing Recklessly Documentary PDF or his parents stay in a loveless marriage his entire life and burying away a heartbreak from his past he knows where romance is best left crappy chick movies He'd rather lust and eventually leave and that's exactly what the plan was when he met Lana LangstonExceptturns out she’s only in it for the thrills too She's always only in it for the thrills life in the literal fast lane on her motorcycle and the hot nights in forbidden places without the awkward talks in the mornings after She's Wes Elliott in way tighter jeansSo this should be perfect right But the time Wes spends with her the he wants the nights to turn into mornings And maybe even longer Suddenly it isn't so perfect for him any And the things he thought were buried are digging themselves up Now Wes is in a lot of troubleHe’s falling in love with the one girl who might be a bigger risk than even a guy who gets barreled by the most dangerous waves in the world is willing to take onCan Wes and Lana figure out a way to make it work Or is he headed for something far recklessComing Spring .

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  1. A.J. Sand A.J. Sand says:

    I'm not sure why I never wrote about this I can talk and talk and talk so I'll keep it short not justAJ shortNot going to rate it Wes and Lana are my fave self created characters ever I've always wanted to write about people who are just themselves without really giving a flying fuck who has a problem with it my characters are always based on real people so yes these two are definitely based on real people personality wiseI'll let you have fun with that one Also I wanted to explore how sexual relationships become Just in real life I know many many relationships between us twenty somethings that started as sexual or friends with benefits I didn't want to write a traditional romance I didn't want to pretty it up I didn't want it angsty I specifically and purposefully kept Lana's POV out of it Why? This was always meant to be Wes' story Wes' life getting upended Lana's POV would've put a level of understanding in the story that I didn't want you to have Abel is up next in 2014

  2. Vickie*** Vickie*** says:

    I'll give this book a 355What's different about this book from the first 2 was that there weren't a lot of drama going on Normally I would be fine with that but the thing is this book is soooooo loooooonnnngggggggI was actually wondering when it would endThey were so hornyIn the beginning I thought it was pretty hot but then that was all they ever did read talk a little and then sex marathonbecause of that I didn't really feel the chemistry they had together as a COUPLE I only felt their sexual chemistry because as i said before they have a lot of it There was a small scare at the end that did come out of nowhere but everything turned out fineMaybe if this book was in both Wes' POV and Lana's POV then maybe it would be interesting

  3. Hannah Gregory Hannah Gregory says:

    Wes was my favourite character in the first book and Abel was my fave in the second so I always knew that I was going to love this book and it didn't disappoint Wes is perfect Well in my eyes he is It's not often you come across a book character that doesn't annoy you but Wes really didn't I agreed with all his decisions and I wanted a happy ending for him so badly Lana was great as well I loved the way she was introduced and the twist with her and Brody was great A few points in the book made me hate her so much because of how she treated Wes but somehow she always made me forgive and understand her These two had a lot of growing up to do but I loved seeing them change The best of this series is the relationships between the different characters Wes and Abel are amazing I loved every scene with them They tease each other but they also know each other and stand up for each other The love between them was so obvious and the end had me in tears These two are the perfect twins My favourite relationship has to be Dylan and Wes They understand each other she always knows what he needs and as much as I love the flirty banter between them I love that Wes lets his guard down with her I also love Kai's jealousy They were my favourite friendship in book one as well so I was glad to see it continue I really hope we get a Leko or an Abel book

  4. Keris Shay Keris Shay says:

    Kai's BFF Wes

  5. Court Court says:

    I reviewed this book at MustReadBooksOrDie with my friend Shelley Court We say a lot we have a great love for AJ because we became friends through discussing her debut novel Documentary but it really goes much deeper than that She is a fantastic writer and we are always on the edge of our seats to find out what she's working on Recklessly does not disappoint Wesley Elliott and his twin brother Abel are huge secondary characters in the other booksso to have an insider look into Wes's life was an amazing journey Shel Yes we bonded over Documentary and shamelessly stalked AJ until she succumbed to our harassment I'm thrilled to say that from Documentary and relentless stalking I made two new and wonderful friends and I fell in love with the characters that AJ continues to enthrall us withCourt Wes and Lana are perfect replicas of each other They don't do commitments or really any long term commitment to anything other than what they wanna do Lana proves this in her ability to just pick up and go wherever and whenever she wantslike spending a month in another state Wes is a professional surfer who travels all over the world Either of their lives are enviable because of the freedom but they find out that sometimes its okay to want something permanentmaybe even in each other Shel It is precisely their free spirited ness is that even a word ? probably notno judging that draws me to Lana and Wes and also makes me uncomfortable AJ and I had a marathon conversation about this a while back and something about their reckless yeah I totally went there behavior got under my skin In the best way I loved their independence their joie de vivre and yet I wanted to anchor them down a little too I guess it's the responsible mom side of me that wanted to sit them down and ugh I hate to admit thischange them But that would NEVER do for these characters and it wouldn't be the vision AJ had for these two so I took a deep breath let go of what I wanted for them and instantly became emotionally connected to themCourt The amazing characters in this group of friends really floors me every single time Wes Abel Kai and Dylan are my favorite friends of all time because they support each other no matter what Kai because I always swoon for Kai helps Wes in ways that I and I'm sure Wes never expected and all of them spending time together were some of my favorite momentsShel Yes If you are familiar with the gang from Documentary and Remake then you are in luck AJ continues to give us snippets of what they are up to and delights us with their banter and witty comebacks Both Kai and Dylan give Wes some good advice and solidify them as my perennial favorites for best book coupleCourt Okayleast we not forgetthe sexy times are off the charts Wes and Lana are very uninhibited in every aspect of their lives so while they're not too kinky they don't hold anything back in their passion for all things sex Shel Yesfrom the very beginning it's very sexual and sexy Manto be young hot and single in CaliforniaI WISHCourt This tale is real life and its hard and raw and I loved every single second There is angst and insecurity and 24 year old's making decisions making this New Adult in every sense of the word Recklessly had me on the edge of the cliff right up until the very very endso yeah AJdon't do that again Haha Shel OMGah The last 20% of this novel SHEESH This novel had me literally sweating by the endand if you knew me you'd know that I don't really sweat especially when I am glued to the couch reading But I did for Recklessly My heart took nose dives and tailspins and just when I thought I saw hope I'd find myself screaming the F word a lot in bold with exclamation points Shel Read it It's a must read It'll get under your skin in the best possible wayCourtney 5 StarsShelley 5 Stars

  6. Bianca Bianca says:

    I was provided with a copy of this book for the blog tour Thank you‘Recklessly’ is the 3rd volume in AJ Sand’s series ‘Documentary I need to say that I haven’t read the first two books ‘Documentary’ and ‘Remake’ Even though I didn’t have a problem reading the 3rd volume as a stand alone But I plan on reading the first two books soon‘Recklessly’ is an amazing book A truly amazing absolutely lovable book It’s that kind of book that obsesses you All you wanna do is sit down and read Because as I said before ‘Recklessly’ is an amazing book After I finished it I was very impressed Really I didn’t expect to like to so muchOk so We have Wes He’s hot blonde smart lovely oh did I mention hot? He’s a surfer He’s the kind of guy that is God’s gift to women He’s having sex with any chick he wants he drinks he parties he surfs Oh and he reads A lot And he is smart Really really smart and funny And under this appearance of his as a bad guy he’s actually a really great guy He’s smart he cares about other people he’s a great friend and a great brother But he is broken as well He can’t get over his ex’s betrayal and death But he’s one of those guys that at the first glance they seem shallow and stupid and just hot But when you get to know them you figure that they are not what they seemThen we have Lana I liked her in general but sometimes I didn’t She made some mistakes and took some decisions that made me angryShe made me so angry when she was with Brody I mean seriously Wanna prove your boyfriend that you respect him and you’re into him?Spoiler alert Don’t go and party with your ex that your boyfriend hates That was a stupid mistake A really really stupid mistake But what was even stupid was her not telling Wes about it Then another mistake was getting into that damn car with Brody Spoiler overBut then again she was a genius sometimes Such a badass And smart And funny Her conversations with Wes were impressive And their passion for books was really special and gave this book something I think Lana and Wes are perfect for each other They both have strong personalities and they are both funTheir love is tragic beautiful and reckless Their story reminded me of classics books where the atmosphere and the love story is so tragic that your world and your mood become for a few days well tragicThe atmosphere in this book reminded me of 90210 You know the surfing part beaches affairs sex parties hot guys it reminded me of summer And of serials like 90210The dialogues between the characters were either smart flirtatious funny or in banter The relationships between the chatacters were normal and well developed I love Wes’s relationship with Abel They were the perfect brothers Always taking care of each other always making fun of each other That one scene with Abel near the end? It almost made me throw my Kindle into the wall Wellluckly I didn’t have toOver all ‘Recklessly’ is one of the best book I’ve read this summer It’s definitely a love story and a book that will mark you Belive me Wes and Lana’s stories and relationship will obsesses you You’ll fall in love with the characters and with the story immediately Highly recommended itRate 5 stars out of 5

  7. Ali Ali says:

    I already miss Wes Wesley Elliott is one sexy hot piece of surfing ass Let's just be clear about that up frontHot body CheckCocky in an absolutely adorable way CheckSuccessful CheckLoyal CheckDependable Committed Secure Wellmaybe not so muchWes is a man whore He knows it and he makes sure the girls he's with know it He's responsible about it has his 'rules' Living the dream life of a professional surfer garners a lot of partying and women and he's enjoying every bit of itHere's to living large Playing often Working hard Getting drunk And fucking dirty His motto doesn't change when Lana enters his life Lana embraces the same ideals as Wes and he feels he's struck gold She's fun sexually free and doesn't want to be tied down Lana Lana is Lana has Hmmm With one hand I want to lift Lana and worship her as a strong female as my hero All while giving her a damn smack down with my other handShe is either fiercely fun loving and femininely strong or an absolute train wreck that sabotages every good thing that is set in her path Including Wes I totally adored this love story It has a spit balls being thrown at a wall and hoping it eventually sticks kind of feel It's two people who don't know how to be in a secure and healthy relationship fumbling down a windy road that only leads to commitment or total epic failure I was wholly wrapped up in it Again I'll comment on the fact that AJ Sand is a wordy author The book is a bit long up until the end then it is entirely too short I want Wes I want Wes NOW I'm very happy that the next book is his twin brother's story I think that means I'll get a good shot of Wes from that It has to mean that It better mean that It's not just Wes I want Wes and Lana I want a tad of a finishing touch to what felt like an abrupt end

  8. Zili Zili says:

    45 Stars in my SkyI received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewRecklessly is the third book in AJ Sand's Documentary series following on from Documentary and Remake and is told from the POV of Wesley 'Wes' Elliot For those of you who have read Documentary Wes is Kai's best friend Recklessly works as a standalone novel or as part of a series Wes and his identical twin Abel are living the dream as pro surfers; they get paid ridiculous amounts to travel the world and are surrounded by a constant stream of beautiful and available women Wes's world is rocked when he meets the beautiful enigma that is Lana LangstonLana is beautiful dangerous arty and creative She isn't interested in a long term relationship She's perfectly happy to just have fun with Wes I enjoyed the twist on the usual girl falls for the player and then tries to change him story because this time the player is uite literally outplayedSometimes with this sort of book the characters are often lacking depth but with Recklessly this really isn't the case Some scenes were heartbreaking and at one point near the end I could barely read through my tears Lana uite literally changes Wes's life and not always in a good way At times I wanted to shake or slap some sense into her but for the most part I could understand her reasoning I think the book worked so well because it was told in the guy's POV; yes a lot of Wes's thoughts were superficial and smutty but it also allowed Sand to provide a greater insight into how a guy responds to all these moments of angstThe epilogue was one of my favourite parts of the story I really enjoyed it and liked the positive message which came through all the angst Maybe I just like to hold a grudge but I would have like to see certain sneaky surfers suffer from some bad karma? BUT the ending fit perfectly with the story and was in no way cheesyThere is a lot of smexy times so this is a NA which borders on the adult end of things but it also contains some really poignant scenes and ridiculously funny moments

  9. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Holy Hotness In Recklessly the third book in the Documentary Series author AJ Sand weaves an entertaining romantic story that follows hottie pro surfer Wes Elliott and biker girl Lana Langston's casual sexual relationship develop from instant sizzling attraction to one of weaving through the waves towards loveWritten in the third person narrative through the point of view of Wes the reader follows the two free spirits' journey from a no strings attached sexual relationship to discovering that they can still have their freedom while falling in love and being in a permanent relationship Filled with humor drama sizzling sexual chemistry romance surfing and motorcycles this sexy little novel keeps the reader captivated and turning the pages I loved Wes and Lana's free spirited and independent nature there is just something about characters who are larger than life that simply draws me into their world and makes me connect with them I am a sucker for romance stories that features a couple's complex relationship and their journey to finding true love and this is exactly what makes Recklessly an enjoyable story to readSince this is the first book that I have read from author AJ Sand I didn't have the pleasure of meeting the cast of characters from the first two books in the series but I really did enjoy meeting them in this book Lana is a bad ass girl after my own heart I loved that she has a fun personality and a soft side I fell in love with Wes twin brother Abel Kai and Dylan and I plan to go back and read their stories in Documentary and Remake I also look forward to reading Abel's story in the upcoming fourth book in the seriesIf you are looking for a contemporary romance novel that has a nice mixture of humor wit drama and smoking hot romance with a HEA ending to the love story then Recklessly is the book for youDisclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Reading Addiction Blog Tours

  10. TeriLyn TeriLyn says:

    I really love this series I adored Wes Elliott from the first two books and reading from his POV makes me fall in love with him He's fun laid back carefree; the uintessential surfer boy who's finally met his match Lana is fun laid back and carefree too They meet and fireworks explode There's no other to describe this book than fun Their relationship is so easy and downright fun REFT is the acronym they give to describe it Their tender moments are heart warming their banter is funny and their passion is off the charts Wes has met his match and reading of him dealing with his new found emotions was so worth it We also see a good glimpse into the past and why these two characters are the way are Even though they are reckless they keep their hearts guarded When they begin breaking down each other's walls the story starts turning and it's angsty to read Wes shows maturity and proves his self worth The secondary characters are back and great as usual We get a lot of insight into the friendship that Wes has formed with Dylan and I'm so glad she was a major player here Abel was hilarious and fiercely protective of his twin Kai is understanding and there for Wes in a big way My only complaint is that we didn't get to see Erika and Bryson A great series

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