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The Dead Sea ➧ The Dead Sea Ebook ➭ Author Kevin G. Bufton – On the open seas, nothing is deadly than the cold and uncaring oceanuntil the dead start to rise from beneath the waves and take their vengeance on the living.Cruentus Libri Press brings you sixteen On the open seas, nothing isdeadly than the cold and uncaring oceanuntil the The Dead eBook Õ dead start to rise from beneath the waves and take their vengeance on the livingCruentus Libri Press brings you sixteen tales of horror and the macabre set upon the high seas, where vampires and zombies, werewolves and ghouls and every manner of undead fiend is ready to slake their thirst and where there is no escape, save for the cold, eternal embrace of the inky black waterThe Dead Sea contains stories from the world s finest horror authors, including Chris Bauer, Cameron Suey, Jay Wilburn, Brent Nichols, Scott L Vannatter, Robbie MacNiven, WB Stickel, Ken Goldman, Kevin G Bufton, Kristal Stittle, Christopher Hivner, Joanna Parypinski, Ken MacGregor, Paul S Huggins, Sara Taylor and Paco.

About the Author: Kevin G. Bufton

The Basement Sessions Collected Fiction Since , he has chosen not to The Dead eBook Õ write any fiction, content to columns and book reviews for his websiteHe lives in Birkenhead, on the Wirral Peninsula, with his wife and their two children, where he writes his darkest fiction whilst wearing his brightest shirtsHe thinks the world could do with rum.

10 thoughts on “The Dead Sea

  1. Michael Fierce (Gandalf the Red) Michael Fierce (Gandalf the Red) says:

    A great, rare horror collection of tales set on the sea The Dead Sea.Here are several I liked The Curse of the Cristobel by Brent Nichols 5 5 Spanish conquistadores vs zombies Good characters, great writing, cool fight sequences Bad Fruit by W.B Stickel 4 5 A modern tale of castaways stranded on an island with minimal food supplies, and the horrible effects on them from consumption of the only plentiful fruit to be found Shark s Tooth by Ken Goldman 5 5 An ex military officer, many years ago, hid a cache of gold teeth at the bottom of the ocean, and his attempt to retrieve them in shark infested waters This one should ve been funny, but it wasn t Hooked by Kevin G Bufton 4 5 A captain whose loss of his hand, leads him on a maniacal hunt for the man creature demon that did it to him Like a couple of other reviewers said, strangely, this reminded me most of Moby Dick though, mild spoiler, don t expect any whales Lost at Sea by Kristal Stittle 4 5 A man lost at sea finds a luxury cruiser adrift with seemingly no crew or passengers, until he finds a young girl on board The Island of Doctor Moldovon by Joanna Parypinski 5 5 Dracula s empire has survived for decades in eternal war with the rest of the world and its military factions Soldiers on a mission to infiltrate his land and destroy his forces are shipwrecked onto an island of the vampires doctor, Doctor Moldovon, whose experimentations on his human subjects is grotesque and ghastly A sort of homage to Bram Stoker s Dracula and H.G Wells The Island of Dr Moreau Overall, I am very happy to have read this And own the paperback I liked some of the other stories, only not quite as much.Kevin G Bufton put together a keeper of a book There were several typos and such but all of that can be overlooked when there are as good of stories as this to read.Would have merited 5 stars if not for a few I just couldn t get into.I look forward to reading stories by the authors I highlighted above Recommended to all fans of zombies, vampires, pirates, and ocean voyage horror.

  2. B K B K says:

    Read this book because Kristal Stittle has a story in it it was great A lot of the other stories were also great, some just so so Overall I enjoyed it.

  3. Jay C Jay C says:

    16 horror tales of varying quality, all dealing with, or taking place on, the sea Strongest, in my opinion, were The Curse of the Cristobel zombies vs Spanish conquistadores by Brent Nichols and Lost at Sea by Kristal Stittle, featuring a luxury yacht version of The Flying Dutchman Also interesting were Bad Fruit by W.B Stickel, Sharks Tooth by Ken Goldman, and Joanna Parypinski s The Island of Dr Moldovan, an alternate history story where Dracula has lived on for centuries and leads a Wallachian Empire which controls most of Europe Overall, the anthology contained a lot of distracting typos or misspellings Some made me wonder if spell check was relied upon too heavily, since several cases of past tense vs present tense errors made it past the goalie.

  4. Hakan Hakan says:

    A mixed bag of short horror stories which share the common theme of being tied to the sea I liked Curse of the Cristobel best, closely followed by The island of Dr Moldovan , both alternate history stories Sharks Tooth was also fine, but the rest go to the lower region of interest, making the overall vote three stars of mixed bag.

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