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Bring Me Back After Losing Her Parents In A Brutal And Horrific Tragedy, Ally Moves To A Secluded House In The Mountains Of Colorado For Two Years, Ally Has Gotten Through Her Very Routine Life By Giving Into Her Fears, Living Alone.Ian Is Grieving The Recent Death Of His Young Fianc Unsure Of How To Move On, He Moves Into A House In The Mountains Just Down The Shared Drive From Ally, Where He Wants Nothing Than To Be By Himself.When Ally Finds Herself Needing Help For The First Time In Two Years, She Has No Choice But To Turn To Ian Together, Ally And Ian Are Forced To Deal With Their Own Fears To Get Them Through The Next Few Weeks What They Never Planned On Was The Deep Feelings They Would Develop For Each Other, But Is It Enough To Bring Them Back From The Pain Of Their Pasts Contains Adult Content Recommended For 17

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    This was a great story, I read it in less than a day however it is less than 200 pages it s written in 1st person, each chapter dedicated to the two main characters, I actually really like this format, and it was well executed as the author doesn t lose your interest going over the same territory twice It dealt with some serious issues and showed the braveity, strength and endurance of the human spirit That s where the good review ends, which is my reason for 4 stars The ending feels a bit like dribble, it s too drawn out, perfect, and a bit for lack of a better word icky The beginning and middle were intense and engaging and then the ending went all soft and...

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    This is a great story The idea behind it really touches your heart and makes you feel for the characters That being said, it was hard to follow at times It may be the format of the Kindle edition but the paragraphs were grouped together oddly His quotes meshed with her quotes and at times, it was hard to figure out who I was since the author wrote in first person ...

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    This was a free borrow from kindle and I liked it I like the message I got out of it It was that in order to get over your own grief and worries you need to get out and serve someone else.

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    When I downloaded this book I was expecting full on depression, a little courage, and finally some trust leads to relationship however is still kinda suicidal But what I get is super unexpected The book went directly from Antarctica Cold to Volcanic Lava HOT to pretty in pink Let me explain Ally went to Just outside of Durango, CO to be secluded from the world because of something horrific that happened to her parents She never expected to have anyone near her living space, until she almost runs into IAN Ian is that one guy every girl dreams about Totally loyal to his fiance even in her deathbed He, like Ally is seeking seclusion, finds himself in the woods of Colorado to be alone to work He never expected to run into a tiny person terrified of all things crowded places.One night Ally finds her self seeking help fro...

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    I simply couldn t get into this book The dialogue was stilted, with constant use of people s names The repetition of the song throughout the story was increasingly irritating and I gave up counting how many times Ally had to be helped to the bathroom That girl really has a bladder problem The idea was sound, and I would have enjoyed it if Ian and Ally had been believable As it wa...

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    2 stars No matter how dark the night, somehow the sun rises once again and all shadows are chased away David Matthew Click It was a quick ok read, for something this short I expected to finish right away, but I wasn t that into...

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    Hmm Two horribly broken souls, trying just to survive one day at a time find each other, help each other break down the emotional walls and a bond is formed This story was not bad, some of the scenes were cut t...

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    Loved the characters Both perfectly flawed Ally has suffered a terrible act of violence and Ian has lived through life s most tragic act of cruelty, death of a loved one The plot was heartwarming and i couldnt put this book down.I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading from Taryn.

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    This was such a good story I felt myself hurt right along with them it was touching to see them come out of their darkness that they were drowning in The writer did a good job making you fall in love with the characters.

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    I enjoyed this short read I wasn t swept away by the characters, but they seemed fitting for each other This book left a smile on my face, but I think it will be a story that s easy to forget I never doubted they would fall in love and felt the story was a little predictable.

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