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    There was a lot story than I was expecting I liked it and feel bad for sharks now There is a lot of slutty sex too Which I was expecting from cover Glad there was the decent story though made it much rounded The art was well done It s ki...

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    Great story great graphics Book 1 in the series

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    Mako Finn is one of the best characters created by Patrick Fillion and published by Class Comics And that s saying a lot considering how much I love and adore what they put out.I ve always been fascinated by the ocean and liked the sea based characters in comics such as Aquaman and Namor, the Sub Mariner I m also a fan of the old show The Man From Atlantis starring Patrick Duffy.Mako isn t all that different from regular guys except for the fact that he can breathe underwater and has a fin on his uncut cock I truly wonder how it would feel to take that particular appendage His lovers sure seem to enjoy it, of which there are many But that s no surprise considering it s a Patrick Fillion creation.Much of the first part of the book is introducing Mako, and the supporting cast who live in an underwater lab called O.R.C.A Then the action begins when t...

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    Really loved it Smart, sexy and so beautifully illustrated.Waiting impatiently for the next one

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Mako Finn Pornstars, Eco Warriors, Hot Horny Geeks, Underwater Bases, Evil Masterminds, Twincest And Our Telepathic Hero Mako Finn What Do You Want From An Erotic Gay Comic There Is Something Amiss Both In And On Our Oceans Above The Waves, Entire Ships And Their Able Bodied Crews Are Disappearing Without A Trace.Under The Sea However, The World S Shark Population Is Quickly Vanishing Before Our Very Eyes Mako And His Sexy Team Of Fellow Marine Biologists Are Desperately Attempting To Stop Both Will They Defeat The Vicious PIRANHA, A Brutal New Villain Who Has Unleashed A Horrible And Ancient Threat Against The Oceans Of The World It S Gonna Be A Race Against Time To Save The World From This New Menace, But Mako S Always Eager For Action Of Any Kind With His Team Of Hotties