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Harvey Keitel: The Art of Darkness Harvey Keitel Has Made His Menacing Presence Felt In Some Of The Greatest Cult Movies Ever, From Martin Scorsese S Mean Streets And Taxi Driver To Quentin Tarantino S Reservoir Dogs And Pulp Fiction Today, Keitel Is One Of The Most Admired And Influential Figures Working In Film Harvey Keitel The Art Of Darkness Tells The Whole Story From His Early Promise To His Firing From The Set Of Apocalypse Now And His Self Imposed Exile In The Eighties, To His Extraordinary And Well Deserved Success In The Nineties.

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    The best book I could have found to satisfy my current, unexplainable need to know everything about Keitel It manages to situate his work and his life within his contemporaries and the filmmakers he worked under while also trying to be true to who he is as a person obsessive, perfectionist, intense to the point of self sabotage The author steps back and allows snippets of interview, quotes from his friends and coworkers, and, m...

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    Harvey Keitel is a great actor who has enjoyed ALOT of success within the film industry, but it wasn t always like this for him. He struggled to get to where he is today, and his story is filled with great insights into the actors early years as an actor If you re an acto...

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    excellent insight to one the worlds most independent and uncompromising actors

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