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Death the High Cost of Living [Reading] ➶ Death the High Cost of Living Author Neil Gaiman – From the pages of Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN comes the young pale perky and genuinely likable Death One day in every century Death walks the Earth to better understand those to whom she will be the final v From the pages of Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN High Cost ePUB ↠ comes the young pale perky and genuinely likable Death One day in every century Death walks the Earth to better understand those to whom she will be the final visitor Today is that day As a young mortal girl named Didi Death befriends a teenager and helps a year old homeless woman find her missing heart What follows is a sincere musing on love life and of course death.

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  1. MischaS_ MischaS_ says:

    The feeling when you are sure that Death could be your best friend #friendshipgoals I'm slightly confused by this development but still #friendshipgoals I absolutely love what Neil Gaiman did with his representation of Death She's fun nice and cheerful Things we do not necessary connect with death Can you be a best friend with Death?

  2. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    Deadly brilliant This is a collected edition of the story “Death The High Cost of Living” which includes “Death talks about Life” which is a health pamphlet about how to have safe sex and also there is a brief guide like about the appearance of “Death” in the pages of “The Sandman” Also it has an introduction written by the musician Tori AmosCreative TeamWriter Neil GaimanIllustrators Chris Bachalo main story Dave McKean additional health infoLetterer Todd Klein since he is easily the best letterer in the business always it’s relevant to mention that he was involved THRILLED TO DEATH That girl I’m tellin’ you That girl will be the death of me Neil Gaiman the author certainly made an epic run while writing The Sandman but once he introduced “Death” one of the sisters of “Dream” she became the most popular character in the series easily even popular than Morpheus himselfI think what made her irresistible was that instead of being a tall scary guy with a scythe and a skull for face or even some depressed andor somber person Gaiman created her as a beautiful girl with an endless smile on her lips But we don’t know where we’re going Ah that’s just part of the human condition Isn’t it neat? Certainly she wears black goth like clothes but that’s a fashion decision you don’t have to be angry with life or having glum mood just for wearing that kind of attireDeath is always smiling and it’s not a creepy malicious grin she is genuily happy with her role in the balance of the universe and she likes to meet people and experience new things DANCE WITH DEATH If you know someone really well it’s hard to be mad at them for very long I know everybody really well In this story Death lives a day as a normal human being Really alive breathing eating and experience as much as possible in those 24 hours This is something that Death does one day each centuryAnd today is the day in the 20th CenturySexton Furnival a young boy of almost 16 and a half years old with grim attitude about life will be the companion of Death during this day and thanks to Death Sexton will start to watch anew about lifeDeath and Sexton will meet odd characters like Mad Hattie a 250 years old homeless woman looking for her heart and a weird tall man without eyes obsessed about getting Death’s AnhkAnd you’ll discover that you don’t need much money to have one wonderful day with ten dollars and two cents is plenty enough and It always ends That’s what gives it value

  3. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    Gaiman’s Sandman is such a brilliant and creative series; yet for all that Dream does not have much personality Death is a far better character “It's no harder to be nice than it is to be creepy And it's much fun” I love what Gaiman has done with her Death is the end but she is also something we will all have to accept with open arms There’s no escaping her and perhaps that’s why she is so welcoming here It is fate that we will one day meet her And she’s so likable; she has a big smile and an even bigger heart The people she meets cannot resist her charm and easy going manner They like her They want to be around her and one day they will be forever In these issues a young boy wishes for her He is a typical teenager broody moody and full of self loathing He hates his life and he wants it all to end Death appears Instead of taking him she makes him realise that life is in fact worth living His attitude was wrong He failed to see beyond his own situation and understand that others were far unfortunate than him Death taught him a lesson she taught him that life must come first It always ends That’s what gives it value So I have only good things to say about this it’s wise funny and perfectly balanced go read it

  4. Patrick Patrick says:

    It's strange Gaiman's Sandman is a far better story overall than his death books But I think Death herself is a much better character

  5. Dfordoom Dfordoom says:

    This graphic novel seems to me to be all too typical of Gaiman’s work It’s slick but there’s not really terribly much to it There are good ideas but he doesn’t do much with them It’s not that it’s bad it isn’t It’s just not as good as you’d hoped it would be after reading the cover blurb The idea is great for one day every century Death becomes a mortal walking among us so that she can understand what it is that she takes away from us The character of Death herself is marvellous – I like the idea of Death looking like a teenage goth girl and actually being a rather sweet person The story though doesn’t really go anywhere and doesn’t make the most of the idea and the character I’ve never read anything by Gaiman that I’ve actively disliked; he just leaves me feeling like I’ve eaten a McDonald's burger rather than an actual meal

  6. Justin Justin says:

    It is nothing short of criminal that I call myself a comic reader and yet have never read any of Gaiman’s Sandman books I actually have the first volume at home ready to read but thanks to my involvement with a comic book discussion group this one ended up being my introduction to the Sandman universe insteadOther readers have claimed this book has problems as a standalone book but I found it to read uite nicely on its own The book largely centers on a depressed teenager named Sexton’s encounter with Death in the form of a perky young woman who takes him on a strange trip through the city while two mysterious figures nip at both of their heels By the time “Didi” leaves him—whether returned to the ether or simply and mundanely dead Sexton’s not uite sure—he has a new perspective on living and dyingNow granted the plot is rather dreamy and loose My experience with Gaiman’s stuff thus far however leads me to believe that this is merely a function of his storytelling style Well that and the fact that this indeed is a spinoff from a larger universe which necessitates there being pieces of the mythology that aren’t as clear to first time readers like me Even so the metaphor rich fable worked for me and the character work is great I understand why Death got her own spinoff because she’s awesomeThe art is a little dated as one might expect from a comic published in 1994 The penciling and colors are typical for their age lending a classic feeling to the illustrations Also Didi’s pop goth look complete with shaggy hair studded belt and The Crow esue eye makeup are definite artifacts of an earlier time The introduction by Tori Amos and the lighthearted PSA about AIDS and proper condom use complete the trip down memory lane for me This is not a problem as far as I’m concerned; it took me back to the last time I read comics this freuently which is definitely a good thing Still these retro elements exist so be awareI liked this one a lot In fact I’d peg it as a great introduction to the Sandman books I got a taste of those books’ world and now I’m ready to begin properly with it

  7. Fadi Antwan Fadi Antwan says:

    I wanna be friends with Sandman’s Death so bad 🥺

  8. Afro Madonna Afro Madonna says:

    Mindless multiple gasporgasms

  9. Elizabeth A Elizabeth A says:

    One day in every century Death takes on human flesh better to comphrehend what the lives she takes must feel like to taste the bitter tang of mortalityI love the Sandman series and Death is my second favorite of the Endless I liked this graphic novel installment and while not great it's an interesting story and the art is good The Death Talks about Life pamphlet at the end of the book endorsing safe sex is brilliant I love Gaiman's take on Death She is so much appealing than the Grim Reaper model A sexy always smiling genuinely interested in people and always dressed in black female version has my vote In this installment Death meets Sexton Furnival a jaded suicidal sixteen year old and they spend an odd and rather alarming day in New York City Because from sixteen to sixty and beyond we all need to be reminded of the cost and value of living

  10. Airiz Airiz says:

    “It would be really neat if death was somebody and not just nothing or pain or blackness And it would be really good if death could be somebody like Didi Somebody funny and friendly and nice and maybe just a tiny bit crazy”Sexton Furnival one of the main characters of Death The High Cost of Living shares this sentiment with me—and perhaps also with legions of other Sandman readers when they meet Death of the Endless for the first time in Preludes and Nocturnes It’s a nice thought or a profound wish if you will and it only proves that Gaiman created one of the best unconventional characters that touch the readers’ heartsDeath The High Cost of Living is a spin off of the Sandman series I just finished rereading the sixth volume Fables and Reflections and I would have reviewed it and gone on to Brief Livesexcept that I’m craving for a lot of Death perkiness and peachiness that I decided to skip to this novel first It contained no spoiler for the rest of the graphic novels anyway This triple issue miniseries tells one of those “days” when Death walks the earth as a mortal so she could taste the “bitter tang of mortality” some kind of a reuirement for being the divider between life and afterlife Here Death takes on human flesh as a girl named Didi and she literally stumbles upon Sexton Furnival a suicidal boy In a whole day they spent together both took from each other important lessons about life and the value of itThere is nothing much to say about the plot; even if there is an antagonist of sorts in the form of the Eremite the spotlight is on the Death incarnate and Sexton Didi clearly treats the reuirement of being a mortal as a gift as she seems to enjoy the company of people the food the music and other trivialities that most humans take for granted Sexton wants to commit suicide because—of all the other deeper reasons he could possibly think of—he is bored He doesn’t love anyone doesn’t hate anyone he isn’t a hero and there isn’t a bad guy out to get him; in short he thinks there isn’t anything interesting happening in his life and he might as well be dead What I find amusing is that Sexton deep inside must not really want to die The first thing he ever does when a refrigerator falls on him in the garbage dump is scream for help In the end after interacting with DidiDeath he admits to thinking of life so much after the day they spent together In such a short time he matures and values life Didi on the other hand admits to wishing her one day life could have never ended but her Death self which enigmatically exists in another plane says that’s what gives life value its endingAll in all it’s a very interesting read an account in a day in a life of this someone format The premise as I’ve said isn’t really meaty at all but the witty banters and the extreme charisma of Didi give the story a sheer gravity Plus the art is gorgeous too

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