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Dead Letters ❃ [EPUB] ✻ Dead Letters By Christine Poulson ➜ – All is not well at Cambridge University's St Ethelreda's College The head of the English Department is dead and Professor Cassandra James is appointed the task of running the department Faced with the All is not well at Cambridge University's St Ethelreda's College The head of the English Department is dead and Professor Cassandra James is appointed the task of running the department Faced with the choice of whipping her underperforming colleagues into shape or losing the much needed funding for the program Cassandra resigns herself to the challenge However when she stumbles upon the former head's private papers and realizes that the death was no accident Cassandra is forced to use her academic expertise of solving obscure literary puzzles for a very different purpose tracking down a killerBritish Praise for Murder is AcademicCambridge academic Christine Poulson's first crime novel is a triumph of suspense and intrigue A labyrinthine plot is unravelled as intriguingly as a literary puzzle Bodies in the bookshop MagazineAn intriguing readPoulson certainly keeps the reader guessingThere is a lot to enjoy in this romp through the Cambridge commons This is Poulson's first novel and she creates a strong sense of place with a narrative style that is both energetic and engaging Sherlock MagazineA fascinating mysteryThe sense of place was very strongThis is Poulson's debut book and I just hope that the next one is not too long coming Mystery Women.

10 thoughts on “Dead Letters

  1. Grey853 Grey853 says:

    When a good friend and head of her department dies Cassandra James takes over It's hard time for her because while some think her friend committed suicide Cassandra thinks it's murder A lot of the story deals with the pressures of working in a university getting people to publish or perish In the end that's the heart of the whole storyI found the book very slow repetitiveand too predictable I did finish it but I found myself skimming because I got bored It was okay but it could've been so much better Not to mention the ending where Cassandra knows who the killer is but then lets her in the house to help deliver her baby was just not believable to me It was just weird

  2. Bev Bev says:

    Being an academic mystery fan I can't resist snatching them off the library shelves when I see them I should have left this one on the shelf The writing is not crisp and the story just did not hold my interest I did finish itjust

  3. Amber Amber says:

    This was a decent first novel I must admit however that I'm not a fan of pregnant women as a plot device and even less fond of childbirth as an event in this type of book Save it for the touchy feelies and just let the cozies be cozies

  4. Dinh Hong Dinh Hong says:

    just try to finish it The plot is not very logic just so boring

  5. Tony Fitzpatrick Tony Fitzpatrick says:

    Murder mystery not a police procedural based around multiple deaths in and around a Cambridge College The plot is very convoluted and the role of the principal a divorced lecturer battling for her job carrying a baby and in a complex romantic relationship rather implausible Very slow in the middle and involving the introduction of bizarre story lines including seances and the occult I struggled through it but the poor writing lack of character development and weirdly the clunky formatting on my Kindle nearly made me give up

  6. Hannah McInnes Hannah McInnes says:

    To be honest this book was a chore to get through The writing was clunky the characters with the minimal exclusion of the lead weren't really developed and the ending was a hot rushed mess If you want to challenge yourself by trying to get through a dull book be my guest Otherwise it'd be best to stay away from this particular novel

  7. Susan Susan says:

    Set in the English department of one of the Cambridge University colleges the detective Cassandra James is a professor who specializes in Victorian authors All it takes is a slight exaggeration of the normal wrangling within the typical college or university to imagine a motive for murder An entertaining read but probably interesting to readers tuned into academic settings

  8. Reggie Virus Reggie Virus says:

    Loved everything until Cassandra became pregnant and her relationship with Stephen seemed like a whatever thing This had me on the edge of my seat and I never thought it would be who it was Lawrence is such a douche lol and I wish she would have yelled at him I will definitely read book two

  9. Bryan Lawson Bryan Lawson says:

    I loved her description of the academic world Gets going so uickly and keeps up the pace

  10. Bryan Lawson Bryan Lawson says:

    a different published edition to the eraly one of the same name

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