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The Fashion Doll: From Bebe Jumeau to Barbie Feminists Have Argued That The Barbie Doll Perpetuates Unrealistic Standards Of Feminine Beauty And Undermines The Credibility Of Women That Her Long, Slender Plastic Limbs And Tiny Waist Fetishize The Female Body In Unnatural Ways And That Her Mature, Overtly Fashionable Image Promotes Consumerism And Superficiality Over And Above Womens Liberty And Intellect Depending On The Viewer, Barbie Is Either A Malign Symbol Of The Strategies Of The Capitalist System Or She Is A Symbol Of Glamour, High Fashion And Style, A Fascinating Indice Of Cultural Change And Nostalgic Memory Yet Both Barbies Fans And Detractors Assume That She Stands Alone.In Reality She Is The Most High Profile Of A Series Of Iconic Dolls That Over The Past Century And A Half Have Been Intimately Connected To Notions Of Fashionability The Prominence Of Haute Couture In Popular Culture Suggests That The Link Between Fashion Marketing And Dolls Should Be An Obvious One Yet To Date This Connection Has Not Been Systematically Explored Doll Collecting Has Been Viewed As An Enthusiasts Or Curatorial Preserve, While The Volumes These Artefacts Speak About Culture And Identity Has Not Been Adequately Interrogated Peers Original And Shrewd Analysis Fills A Major Gap In Cultural Studies By Examining In Depth The Dolls Associations With Concepts Of Femininity And Fashionability.

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    Interesting and well informed academic study primarily focusing on the rise and decline of French fashion dolls, and their influence on a new wave of mature women dolls from the 1950s onwards The book also looks at the divide between research on costume history and research on fashion do...

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    I borrowed this from the library and enjoyed it so much that I bought it Admittedly, this was for research, but it s a fascinating look into the rise of a very particular cultural object It s academic in tone though, and won t appeal to everyone.

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    Great research on a subject that has not been of very much interest in academia before dolls, and the doll industry which is huge Recommended research and obligatory reference.

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