[PDF / Epub] ✪ Inconceivable Conceptions ☆ Juliet Miller – Thomashillier.co.uk

Inconceivable Conceptions It Is Over Two Decades Since The First Test Tube Baby Was Born During This Period A New Belief That All Infertile Women Can Now Have Babies Has Become Widely Accepted Indeed, Infertile Couples May Feel Great Pressure To Seek A Medical Solution However, The Psychological And Social Effects Of The Changing Experiences Of Infertility Remain Confusing, Both For Those Who Experience Infertility And For Wider Society In This Book, A Distinguished Range Of Contributors, Including Novelist Hilary Mantel And Germaine Greer, Examine The Experience Of Infertility From Both Male And Female Perspectives, The Psychological Aspects Of Infertility Diagnosis And Treatment, And The Often Radical And Unexpected Effects On Kinship.Drawing From A Wide Range Of Theoretical Backgrounds Including Jungian, Analytical, And Compelling Personal Reflections, This Book Aims To Unravel The Implications Of Advancing Reproductive Technology For Our Understanding Of Ourselves And Our Families.

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