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The Ninth Karmapa's Ocean of Definitive Meaning The Ocean Of Definitive Meaning By The Ninth Karmapa 1556 1603 Is The Most Profound And Famous Text On Mahamudra Ever Written And Is Of Vital Importance In The Living Kagyu Tradition It Offers A Detailed, Uniquely Comprehensive Presentation Of Instruction On Both The View And The Practice In The Teachings Contained In This Book, Thrangu Rinpoche Has Distilled The Essence Of The Ninth Karmapa S Massive Text Into Manageable Proportions And Has Given Pointed Guidance On The Implementation Of Its Instruction According To Thrangu Rinpoche, Mahamudra Practice Is Especially Appropriate For Westerners And Contemporary Practitioners Because It Can Be Realized In The Context Of Virtually Any Lifestyle Mahamudra Dissolves The Artificial Separation Between Phenomena And Emptiness, Revealing The Radiant Display Of Mind The Ninth Karmapa S Text Has Traditionally Been Available Only To Advanced Students However, Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche Has Kindly Consented To The Publication Of These Core Teachings On The Text, Which He Gave In The Context Of A Retreat He Led In 2001 In The Mountains Of British Columbia For 140 Western Students His Compelling Presentation Provides Teachers And Students With A Systematic Approach To Some Of The Highest Practices In The Kagyu Tradition Thrangu Rinpoche S Extraordinary Wisdom And Insight Make This New Commentary A Peerless Jewel In The Canons Of Spiritual Literature.

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    You must have a teacher to fully understand this I have a few teachers and I don t fully get it, but I love it and will never stop reading it Thank you Kenchen Thrangu Rinpoce

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