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    Edit RIP Adrian Barnes I learned today that the author died early this year, succumbing to the brain cancer he was diagnosed with around the time the book was released I m 5 ing this because it s a fine book.I m warning you that you might not like it because it is literary than most fantasy you re likely to pick up Yes, many fantasy readers read literary fiction But also many don t Consider yourself warned.Consider the books Nausea by Jean Paul Satre and The Girl With All The Gifts by MR Carey This book could be the I won t say love child let s say biological consequence of an abusive tryst.As it starts out you could be mistaken for believing you re going to get a high octane end of the world novel with zombie analogues Actually while it could easily have gone that way it turns toward the navel gazing, deconstruction of personality, relationships and society But it s very well done.Since the basics of the setup are delivered almost immediately and hinted at by title and cover I don t think I will be spoiling anything to reveal that sleep plays a large role here, and specifically lack of sleep A rather vicious strain of insomnia unravels things an...

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    Ah I so wanted to like this The excellent premise lured me right in, but sadly the slumber was not as restful as I would have liked There is a plot, of course, but I found it so sparse on actual story and so heavy with experimental tangents that I couldn t connect with what was going on It s obviously very clever and you can feel the author s style consistently throughout, but it almost felt like this is a book for a certain elite and if that s not you, you re left right out.The plot moves from normal to Nod far too quickly and though I expected that I would need to suspend my disbelief somewhat, I still felt it needed some semblance of a time frame to allow things to flow realistically.This is certainly a book of unanswered questions, and most frustratingly of all, the protagonist, Paul, doesn t seem interested in what any of the answers are He rarely questions anything why is his book coming to life Why is this happening What does his dream mean How is he connected to the Sleepers when most others aren t I found some of the metaphorical language difficult to swallow and I felt the swearing was over used, like it was just in there for some kind of shock value, like a late night episode of Hollyoaks I can withstand the odd fuck here and there but when it s on every other page it starts to grate a bit.Having said all that, the author raises some interesting questions about the human nature, its relationship with catastro...

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    I hated this book It isn t a difficult read and it isn t that long, I read most of it in one go, but then I put it down and could not bring myself to pick it up and finish it for another month I did eventually finish it, but I wish I d never picked it up at all There is so much going on in this book that is NEVER explained Why couldn t some people sleep and some could sleep What caused this to happen Why were the people who could sleep having these strange almost religious visions What were they for Why did the children who lived in the park all lose the ability or desire to speak If the MC is such a recluse and an asshole , how did he get a girlfriend in the first place I didn t like the girlfriend, but I think that was intentional I wasn t supposed to like the girlfriend The author spends a lot of time dehumanizing and degrading her my favorite example of this being when she, for some unexplained reason, got it into her head that if he fucked her she would then be able to sleep There she is on the bed, assuming the doggy style position, and the MC happens to notice she has shit smeared around her anus Not only is that revolting and unnecessary, but that and other instances like it throughout the...

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    Nod is a novel that only comes around every five to ten years It takes that long for a writer to create a piece of fiction that actually has something say and is unique Nod is that book It tells the tale of Paul who finds himself an unlikely prophet after his manuscript on the etymology of words becomes a surrogate bible to a city who cannot sleep Vancouver is the backcloth to this insomnia epidemic, one that has gripped nearly every one of its inhabitants, save for a few individuals, like Paul, who go by the collective noun Sleepers The Awakened are zombie like insomniacs shuffling around the city, wanting sleep, slowly going crazy and dying, or killing themselves just to fall into eternal darkness One of these Awakened is a local vagabond called Charles, known by Paul, who comes into possession of the manuscript, and as such, sees himself as a sort of apostle, a person who believes within the construct of its words and phrases hides hope, a kind of instructional manual for a new world Charles convinces t...

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    1.5 stars.Nope nope nope.I thought I would love this book, as it has an absolutely incredible premise A new day dawns in Vancouver, Canada, and it soon becomes apparent that almost no one in the world has slept Only a handful of people have managed to sleep, and every one of them has had the same strange dream involving an odd golden light Paul, our writer protagonist, is one of these Sleepers , and he is forced to watch as his girlfriend Tanya and almost everyone else around him begin to rapidly deteriorate and lose their minds.What an idea right I wish I d thought of it Unfortunately, I really disliked the execution of this I was expecting quite a fast paced read, as the font size was quite large and the premise made it sound like an energetic, action packed, slightly scary piece of genre fiction And yet it was oddly literary, but not in a good way I felt at times the book was rather overwritten, and I really despised the protagonist Paul He s a thoroughly irritating character, who pretty much hates almost everyone els...

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    Truly one of the worst books I ve ever read I only finished because it was for book club, so it ended up being hatereadingTotal garbage Plot is full of holes the premise is half baked the characters are one dimensional f...

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    Actual rating 3.75Paul is an etymologist his life revolves around the exploration of words and their origins, and writing books about their history and transformation.As the end of the world begins he is working on his next book, the eponymous Nod, which focuses on words and phrases that have fallen out of common usage and understanding Anyway, in forgetting words, my thesis went, we abandon them But the realities those banished words gave voice to don t vanish old, unmanned realities lurk eternally in dark woods, in nursery tales, police reports, and skittish memories Like Grimm wolves.All the old, whispered words still exist fantastic words and phrases like babies in the eyes , cavalry clover , doomrings , mavworm Blemmye Thousands and thousands of them And when we hear those words, even in the antiseptic light of the twenty first century, we feel a slight breeze, a chill presence we can t quite identify.After psychosis sets in for those who cannot sleep, and Nod falls into the wrong hands, Paul s world begins to spiral out of control in a way he never could have imagined Watch this He turned and faced the angel watchers, smiling grimly Cupping his hands around his mouth, and without even bothering to try to sound like he meant it, ...

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    Sure, it sucks when you can t sleep You re tossing and turning in bed all night long Your eyes look like they re held open with toothpicks your mind replays the day in a neverending loop you feel worn down like a car tire that s never been changed But no matter how tired you are, you re unable to sleep We ve all had nights like that.As awful as a night without sleep makes you feel the next morning, imagine what life would be like if you could never sleep again If the night before was the last time you ever slipped into unconsciousness If your mind and body never again got its eight or even four or three or any hours of necessary rejuvenation Imagine that it s not that you don t need sleep you do need sleep, you desperately do and you long for sleep than you ve ever wanted anything in your life The problem is that you can t ever sleep again.Now imagine that the entire world is afflicted with the same sickness, incurable, and endless or for as long as you can live without sleep Which isn t long It s about thirty days before you brain and body shut down And before your thirty day expiration date arrives,madness is your certain fate.That s the premise of Adrian Barnes debut novel Nod A world in which suddenly nobody sleeps any Or almost nobody One out of about every 10,000 people still sleep.Nod ...

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    This was a fresh take on the end of the world In this instance, most people in the world lose their ability to sleep There are few sleepers left Paul, the narrator is one of them and they have the unfortunate privilige of watching humanity fall to pieces and the world descend into chaos Humans need sleep After only a few days awake, we start to hallucinate After about a month of sleeplessness, we die The veneer of civility is thin and threadbare, after just a few days of no sleep for 99,9% of the world s population, all is chaos There is no explanation given for why it happens.Some of the prose is down ri...

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    Very dark Heavy Good but not nearly as good as the praises on the cover They are ridiculously overblown They sound like someone put these people on an electric chair and asked for their level of enthusiasm while the current was switched on Fake.

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Nod Dawn Breaks And No One In The World Has Slept The Night Before Or Almost No One A Few People, Perhaps One In Ten Thousand, Can Still Sleep, And They Ve All Shared The Same Mysterious Dream A Handful Of Silent Children Can Still Sleep As Well, But What They Re Dreaming Remains A Mystery Global Panic Ensues A Medical Fact After Six Days Of Absolute Sleep Deprivation, Psychosis Sets In After Four Weeks, The Body Dies In The Interim, A Bizarre New World Arises And Swallows The Old One Whole A World Called Nod.

  • Paperback
  • 199 pages
  • Nod
  • Adrian Barnes
  • English
  • 23 August 2019
  • 9780956687692

About the Author: Adrian Barnes

I was born in England but grew up in Canada buried in suffocating suburbia, which made me angry and fueled my flight, first to the city and then to the bucolic rural climes of the West Kootenay region of British Columbia where people mostly live like human people I teach English and Creative Writing at Selkirk College and own and operate a chain of online newspapers I also write novels For kick