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The World of Herodotus Herodotus S Histories Provides The Basis For This Strong Account Of The Greek World From The 8th To The 5th Centuries B.C Both The Geography That He Saw During His Travels And The Thoughts, Feelings, And Tradition Crystallized In His Writings Stimulating San Francisco Chronicle.

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    As a freshman, I had to pick a freshman seminar as they were called Having decided I would be a classics major, despite not having the slightest interest in learning Greek or Latin, I picked the class on Herodotus There were 5 of us I think The professor was elderly and used to fall asleep when we sat ...

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    This is just a review of the text the Folio Society edition is up to their very high standards.This is an older book As Paul Cartledge mentions in his introduction there are a few ideas and views in it that are a bit outdated, and having a fairly high degree of familiarity with the histories I, informed by my own readings of it and secondary works, had a number of points I would dispute That set aside this is a very erud...

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    Fair overview of the period Herodotus covers in his Hx, also looks at the importance of the text.The style is fairly conversationalbut old fusty Oxbridge stylee conversational, with some of the prejudices that brings with itso not to everyones taste.Also covers other Greek texts in the last few chapters epics, plays, philosophy.While ...

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    A very difficult task it is to rate a work such as this I know it is well organized and written because it was able to keep my attention even though I am not interested in what went on 2,500 years ago One reason for my lack of interest is the fact that I question its accuracy Come on, I read books about events of 50 years ago where i saw first hand what went on and the things written are so inaccurate it is l...

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    This odd project from 1962 is a discussion and analysis of Herodotus Herodotus is fairly straightforward to read and the author mentions most of his stories just as an outline while adding his opinionated and now dated commentary on ancient Greek history and culture A final segment of the book adds discussion of Greek literature in general with large quo...

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    Good introductory study of the time period and background

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    I will review this book when I have finished reading it.

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    Nice overview of not only the period but the writings of Herodotus.