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Time Management Effective Time Management Is One Of Today S Most Overlooked Yet Essential Keys To Career Growth In Business And Management Time Management Provides Hands On Techniques And Tools For Making Every Minute Count As It Dispels Myths That Can Actually Cost Instead Of Save Valuable Time It Helps Managers Match The Right Time Saving Tool To Each Situation, Reveals Secrets For Anticipating Instead Of Reacting, And Explains How Any Manager Can Eliminate Procrastination.

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    Nice, although some the examples are obsolete for current times, but the principals still apply

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    This book contains many inspiring time management tips but it has a very sluggish way of presentation that you will really find a hard time to actually finish itBut really do, it is good

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    Esperaba mucho mas de este librito Los primeros capitulos aportan algunas propuestas interesantes y tiles para mejorar nuestra relaci n con el tiempo lo condideras un aliado o un enemigo , pero fuera de eso, el texto est perfe...

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    Good book overall about the subject of managing your time The last chapter of the book makes a lot of references about using technology which really shows how outdated the book is, but the facts about managing your time are no different.

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    Muy til y de f cil lectura, pude terminarlo en unas cuantas horas Los m todos pueden aplicarse de inmediato y de manera f cil, sin embargo, tal vez es demasiado general y a veces poco espec fico.A n as lo recomiendo para quien quiera aprender a gestionar mejor su tiempo.

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    As others have pointed out the technology chapter contains outdated advice but it can be easily translated to current tools PDAs to smartphones The rest covers major scenarios where time can be wasted and how to deal if needed.

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    I see it compatible with Getting things done by David Allen Both are perfect for efficiency at work and for dealing with a lot of tasks.

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    Quite informative and helpful, but ranks amongst the most difficult to read books I ve ever encountered.

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