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The Citizen and the Alien Citizenship Presents Two Faces Within A Political Community It Stands For Inclusion And Universalism, But To Outsiders, Citizenship Means Exclusion Because These Aspects Of Citizenship Appear Spatially And Jurisdictionally Separate, They Are Usually Regarded As Complementary In Fact, The Inclusionary And Exclusionary Dimensions Of Citizenship Dramatically Collide Within The Territory Of The Nation State, Creating Multiple Contradictions When It Comes To The Class Of People The Law Calls Aliens Transnational Migrants With A Status Short Of Full Citizenship Examining Alienage And Alienage Law In All Of Its Complexities, The Citizen And The Alien Explores The Dilemmas Of Inclusion And Exclusion Inherent In The Practices And Institutions Of Citizenship In Liberal Democratic Societies, Especially The United States In Doing So, It Offers An Important New Perspective On The Changing Meaning Of Citizenship In A World Of Highly Porous Borders And Increasing Transmigration As A Particular Form Of Noncitizenship, Alienage Represents A Powerful Lens Through Which To Examine The Meaning Of Citizenship Itself, Argues Linda Bosniak She Uses Alienage To Examine The Promises And Limits Of The Equal Citizenship Ideal That Animates Many Constitutional Democracies In The Process, She Shows How Core Features Of Globalization Serve To Shape The Structure Of Legal And Social Relationships At The Very Heart Of National Societies.

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    The purpose of The Citizen and the Alien is to move forward a conversation between the inward looking and boundary conscious approaches to citizenship Bosniak advocates for bringing alienage into the conversation about citizenship She contends discussions about the di...

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    I discovered The Citizen and The Alienafter calling my friend Jessica seeking to sort out the many conflicted definitions of citizenship that co existed in my brain as I sought to understand what citizenship meant in the context of my dissertation Jessica s advice was two fold rewrite my project description without using the word citizenship, and read Linda Bosniak s book Her advice was excellent The Citizen and The Alienfirst seeks to sort out and describe the many conflicting understand I discovered The Citizen and The Alienafter calling my friend Jessica seeking to sort out the ...

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    Brilliant overview on the rhetoric of citizenship

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