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    You know it s a good children s book when, after your child falls asleep, you feel the need to read to the end to see what happens This book follows a girl named Mary, who s family is suffering through the Depression They are a farming family living on the Canadian prairies, and can t afford to buy their children new shoes or Christmas gifts Mary gets a handmade doll for Christmas who becomes a good friend There is intense rivalry between Mary and her sister, which is a key part of the story Things I loved about the book beautiful metaphoric languagepoetic and several cuts above the typical children s books we find love reading my child historical fiction because it s educational but the CanCon aspect is particularly appreciated eg they mention the CCF the ending made me cry really it evoked real emotionsP liked it too, and it s a book I would like to re read to her in a few years because I think she d get layers out o...

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Under a Living Sky (Orca Young Readers) Mary Is Certain That Her Parents Are Giving Her New Shoes For Christmas, But The Depression Has Hit Her Saskatchewan Farming Family Hard Mary Tries To Hide Her Disappointment When She Receives A Crude Homemade Doll Instead She Ends Up Liking The Doll Much Than She Expects, But The Doll Fuels The Rivalry Between Mary And Her Older Sister, Judith Then, When The Doll Disappears A Few Weeks Later During A Snowstorm, Mary And Judith S Relationship Changes Once Again.