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Brandingpays Globalization And Social Media Have Made The World Smaller, Connected And Infinitely Competitive The World Has Changed Have You If You Dont Have The Package That Will Take You To The Next Level Of Your Career, You Need To Reinvent Your Personal Brand.

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    Branding Pays The Five Step System to Reinvent Your Personal Brand By Karen KangAs a professional fiction author I came to this book both as a reviewer and a consumer, so the comments that follow are biased towards the solo author entrepreneur As Geoffrey Moore says in the Preface to this book Your job is to embrace the self marketing challenge The new business order does not in general have time or patience to discover the real you You must take the lead here, regardless of how extroverted or introverted you may be It is simply part of your job This has never been true that for authors who want their books to be discovered and enjoyed by as many readers as possible in an increasingly frantic scrabble for attention We are expected to be constantly looking for ways to reinvent ourselves for new career and market opportunities This requires an understanding of market forces, your own assets and a clear vision of who you are and the value you bring to the world.In short Brand Yourself, or be left behind.These five steps work best if you have a specific goal you want to achieve you need to know where you are heading on the Branding Journey Ask yourself these questions Goal Strategy Do I have a clear goal and a strategy and messages to achieve the brand t...

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    Branding Pays The Five Step System to Reinvent Your Personal Brand by Karen Kang is a great text on determining and implementing your personal brand to succeed in business Kang, a recognized brand strategist and founder of BrandingPays LLC, has put the knowledge she s gained through helping thousands of professionals with her unique BrandingPays System for personal branding into book form with this guide to reinventing your personal brand.The text is well organized and laid out in a logical fashion It reminded me a bit of some of the business books I read in college There are plenty of graphs and charts to help illustrate Kang s points, and each chapter ends with a summary and action list.While the book sometimes feels aimed at those in corporate positions, the advice contained in these chapters will also benefit the entrepreneur and small business owner too The book also contains a chapter on social media basics, and I wish all young people and some older would read the parts about people not getting jobs because of what was posted on facebook Putting your best foot forward is important, but it is not enough To get ahead today, having a strategic approach to brand positioning and communication is critical Kang s five steps of positioning, messages, brand strategy, ecosystems and having an action plan will ...

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    The book provided me what I was looking for an understanding of a Personal Branding framework Positioning, Messaging, Brand Strategy, EcoSystem and the Action Plan 5 logical steps detailed by the author guided me in creating a personal branding portfolio of my own in less than 2 days.

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    A quick read, and especially quick if you skim only the bolded stuff, which is really all you need to do if you already have familiarity with the topic BrandingPays has some good reminders and good conceptual ideas for personal branding, especially the cake icing concepts.My biggest criticism is that this book doesn t seem to understand who its audience is College kids trying to get a first job Millenni...

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    Behold, a useful marketing book.

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    Great short book, definitely needs revisiting.

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    Would you like to reinvent your brand Do you need a new brand Branding Pays is the perfect book for you Karen Kang has shown countless individuals and companies how to have an attractive brand Branding Pays shows readers how to describe their brands in a few sentences, align their brands with their personal values, how to achieve goals and develop leadership skills that fit their new brand She also has useful advice on savvy social marketing.I found the examples from her business especially helpful Karen Kang tells how she helped a would be councillor win an election and a lawyer achieve a promotion ...

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    This book is informative and practical I enjoyed reading it It gives real life methods to brand yourself to the world and gives you sheets to know how to reach your goal So all the best with branding yourself

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    Excellent book Karen communicates a clear method to lead someone in developing their brand Highly recommended I wish I had read it sooner.

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    Great book to entrepreneurs and corporate employees alikeit s all about creating a compelling personal brand.

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