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Restoration of Matter of Human Being by Concentrating on Number Sequence All The Methods Of Restoration Of Human Matter With The Help Ofconcentration On Number Sequences Given In This Book Can Be Usedwith Preventive And Sanitary Purposes, For Rejuvenation, And Incase Of Necessity, To Restore The Matter, Regardless Of The Initialdata, On The Basis Of Which The Matter Is Restored When Using Thedescribed Methods In Paragraphs 1 9 In The Introduction You Canconsider The Following With The Aim Of Prophylaxis It Isexpedient To Make Rehabilitation With The Simultaneous Spreadingthe Effect Of Concentration On Number Sequences For The Future For Rejuvenation It Is Expedient To Concentrate In Succession Atfirst On The Number Sequence, Located In The Content Of The Book ,taking Into Account The Task Of Eternal Development, And Thenconcentrate On The Matter Which You Are Locally Rejuvenating Restoring The Matter Of The Body, You Can Perform Concentration Onnumber Sequences In Succession With The Help Of The Various Methodsgiven In This Book You Can Use The Number Sequences Correspondingto The Matter Being Restored, As Well As The Number Sequences Ofthe Area, Which Includes The Matter You Are Restoring If It Isnecessary To Restore The Matter After Biological Death, Then Youshould At First Concentrate On The Numbers Consecutively From Leftto Right, Then In Reverse Order From Right To Left The Spiritualimpulse Creating Human Matter Makes It Possible To Expand Themethods Of Restoration Restoring The Human Matter One Must Striveto Develop The Spiritual Level To The State In Which The Matter Iscreated And Functions By The Spiritual Activity, Along With Thebiological Principles And Principles Of Events Such Spiritualstate In The Process Of Implementation Of The Methods Of Theeternal Development Must Ensure Full Restoration Of Human Matter,regardless Of The Initial Data And Any Circumstances.