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  1. Steven Cole Steven Cole says:

    So this is the grand finale of the three novelette Dragon s Maze storyline, where our heroes run the Implicit Maze and deal with the result of that.There are two things to note First, writing a run a maze narrative is extremely difficult, because so much of the text has to describe the maze despite the fact that it s not very compelling Second, to do that in such a short form means that way too much gets left out anyway, and all that s left is the vague dream it would all be better as a movie.The Implicit Maze makes it even harder because the story demands ten maze runners plus two planeswalkers Twelve characters is a ridiculous number to keep track of in a piece of prose this size, and it works very strongly against the story here The author didn t have much choice, however, as this is a tie in to a completely different product all together The Magic The Gathering trading card game, for those who aren t already familiar So all in all a disappointing finish to a reasonable story I can t fathom how else it should have been done, though, so this is a knock against the constraints Magic puts on the story, than against Beyer as the author.3 of 5 stars.

  2. Tobias Helgren Tobias Helgren says:

    The Secretist reaches its conclusion in its third installment, Dragon s Maze.While the conclusion is satifying and all loose ends are tied up at least as far as I noticed , I can t help but feel that the story has potential for and that it at times feels a little forced and very rushed This I think is aptly represented in the fact that we do not get to see all of the guildgates despite their importance to the plot All in all I found this book to be an enjoyable, yet somewhat tainted, read.

  3. Revolted Revolted says:

    This classification is for the whole trilogy While I understand that the trilogy only form a pretty short story around 120 pages long , there are too many plot holes, the characters have no dept, at all, and many of them actually act against their alignment Not everything is bad about this trilogy though The 1st two parts, albeit a bit rushed, created a nice plot, the overall story for the cycle is not bad, and the evil characters can actually act like it would be expected to.Overall it s not a trilogy I d recomend, unless you want to keep up with MtG story, like I did.

  4. Alex Alex says:

    Empathy as a plot point.

  5. Chip Hunter Chip Hunter says:

    The previous two parts of the trilogy had done a good job of building up the mystery and importance of the Implicit Maze as some sort of all important key for the future of Ravnica Untold powers or dark secrets would surely be granted to whomever could solve this complex puzzle As Jace, Niv Mizzet, and Lazav all tried to crack the code, the guilds were at each other s throats and threatening the stability of the realm It all felt like a good lead up to a great final volume, but DRAGON S MAZE fell far short of expectations The maze itself was a big disappointment, ending up being nothing than a sequence of guildgates to walk through, but then turning out to not be a race at all but just a way to get guild representatives together for some final judgement by an artificial intelligence set up to restore the broken guildpact at least that is how I read the confusing outcome of this book It really seems like Beyer lost his way with this story, and I m not sure who s fault it is I imagine the creative team helped craft the story behind the Dragon s Maze expansion, including the ending Another frustrating aspect here was the way Ral Zarek was portrayed I had hopes that the story would center on him discovering his abilities to traverse the planes, but instead he is presented as a semi sociopathic madman that already knows his abilities, with no clear explanation of why he would be on Ravnica There were plenty of other frustrating elements to The Secretist, and I m really not sure if this model of using e books to flesh out the stories behind the block designs is a good one Story driven novels would be better, even if they don t exactly follow the track of the expansion sets Hopefully we ll see improvement in this regard with the release of the Theros e books.

  6. Richard Richard says:

    A continuation from my last two reviews This part was every bit as exciting as you would expect for the culmination of the story of the Implicit Maze and ended in a way that I personally was not expecting at all.Overall, the story keeps up with the exciting pace of the first two while giving face time to some of the guilds that have been passed over in the previous installments and exposes us to of the history and ideas behind the factions of Ravnica Jace s story concludes in a satisfactory way that opens itself up to plenty of possibilities in the future that I hope can be covered in future books.The one thing I would say is that if felt like a lot of big ideas were thrown together here in the end without much build up, though that may be a result of reading this story as a part of a whole with several months in between each.This was my favorite part of the three, for sure, and leaves me satisfied, though wanting As a whole package, I d give The Secretist 4 stars, with each part entertaining and having their own strengths I d certainly recommend to a fan of the card game wanting information on the story or just someone looking for a quick, entertaining fantasy read.As a side note I ve been holding off on buying cards since the end of the Innistrad set since I ve been trying to be a fiscally responsible adult, but this finishing this story is probably going to result in me wanting to buy lots of the Return to Ravnica set that I ve been eyeing, but refusing to buy this entire time So, it certainly succeeds in making the set seem exciting and worth playing in.

  7. Aaron Aaron says:

    The final book in The Secretist trilogy is also the weakest It s basically a series of disjointed events that seem to occur simply to get a predetermined number of battles out of the way A lot is left unclear, when so much of the first two entries were tightly focused The ending seems forced, and leaves far too much unresolved The villain gets away without any fanfare, the hero saves the day but gets only to do, and the whole series is cheapened because it basically just rotates 360 degrees Jace Beleren, planeswalker extraordinaire, finds himself in yet another sticky wicket from which there is little hope of escape However, escape he does, in time to run interference with the running of the Implicit Maze Somewhat easily, he figures out pretty much the entire plot, figures out that all the runners need to make it to the end, and goes through a series of trials as if they were nothing Being put on trial by the Azorious Nothing much Battling another planeswalker A simple illusion gets him past that Trying to keep a group of bloodthirsty warriors from killing each other Apart from one or two incidents, they appear to be doing a good job of that themselves And oh look, the thing he needs to do at the end of the book mirrors some random thingamabob he did at the beginning for no reason whatsoever It s contrived I really liked the first two books, but this one killed it for me I wish I hadn t read them now, as I was only being set up for disappointment.

  8. Sherwin Sherwin says:

    A fitting end to Magic the Gathering s Return to Ravnica view spoiler I enjoyed every moment of the novella The maze is in full swing and the reader is thrust into the race as they follow Jace and Emmara s quest to unite the Guilds of Ravnica While I love the bits and pieces of each Maze Runner we were given, I would ve loved especially about Teysa and Lavinia I was surprised at Ral Zarek and Jace s confrontation, but love seeing two Planeswalkers clash, knowing full well the consequences of their actions.The inclusion of Azor s Supreme Verdict was absolutely awesome for lack of a better word Players are aware of the card and when I read the words verdict , I got chills Doug Beyer is so flavourful and so brillant The brief interlude on Zendikar was an intriguing choice of plane to revisit, but it was great to see the Eldrazi ravaged world once The ending was hinted at throughout the trilogy by the bonds Jace unknowingly forges, his desire for home, and the Kor family on Zendikar and I am interested to see how it ll affect future MTG sets in terms of including Jace or not hide spoiler

  9. Chris Chris says:

    A decent end to The Secretist, cheapened by the restrictions placed on Beyer There were too many things to cram into a book of this size too many characters had to be represented to make this a valid tie in novel The result is a third act that feels like a disjointed series of short conflicts and a rushed, underexplained ending The result of the Maze was clever enough, but I felt it needed exposition The running of the Maze itself was a little too convenient all the guild champions that have had any prior importance, regardless of where they were in the race, manage to beat Jace to their guild s specific gate and confront him.Still, it s good to have some kind of story told for this block of Magic The Gathering, and despite the strict line he had to walk in this part I still respect Beyer as a writer and as the ascending mastermind of Magic s Creative division.

  10. Mark Mark says:

    Better than the previous two in the trilogy but still primarily disappointing The details that should be there are not Most characters are barely there, just filling in a place Even the primary threat to all that is good and Ravnican is not well done The story needed in depth scheming and POV from other characters In the end I rate this work better than the previous two because it does wrap things up a bit but leaves open myriad possibilities for my imagination Could be better Could be worse.

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Dragons Maze (The Secretist, #3) ❰Read❯ ➵ Dragons Maze (The Secretist, #3) Author Doug Beyer – Thomashillier.co.uk Ravnica s 10 guilds are poised to run the Implicit Maze and unlock the power at its heart Stitched into the fabric of Ravnica s vast metropolis, the maze is the legacy of an ancient guildmaster, and t Ravnica s guilds are poised to run the Implicit Maze and unlock the power at its heart Stitched into the fabric of Ravnica s vast metropolis, the maze is the legacy of an ancient guildmaster, and the dragon Niv Mizzet craves the advantages it could mean for his guild The goal is obvious Discover the secret route and complete the maze But the bickering guilds will never cooperate, and each sends its own champion to claim the prize But Jace Beleren believes that the guilds are being tested The maze hides some deeper truth, and Jace knows that the power balance of Ravnica and the lives of its denizens are at stake Jace s potential allies have been captured, disgraced, or turned against him Can he discover the truth behind the maze, while navigating the labyrinth of powerbrokers and conspiracies surrounding it, before the dragon can Or will dark forces claim its deadly power for themselves.

    Free Unlimited eBook are at stake Jace s potential allies have been captured, disgraced, or turned against him Can he discover the truth behind the maze, while navigating the labyrinth of powerbrokers and conspiracies surrounding it, before the dragon can Or will dark forces claim its deadly power for themselves."/>
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  • Dragons Maze (The Secretist, #3)
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  • 07 December 2019
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Doug Beyer went from being a Magic The Gathering fan to web developer for magicthegathering, then prolific flavor text writer, and eventually, the coordinator for Magic creative text His background is in philosophy, software design, and amateur ghost hunting.