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Homo Action Love Story A tall tale [Read] ➪ Homo Action Love Story A tall tale By Ben Monopoli – Thomashillier.co.uk Boots McHenry and his boyfriend Ryan are young superstars in the North American Paintball League a high stakes sport where losers face exile five full years of it on an island so secret no one can be Boots McHenry and his boyfriend Love Story PDF/EPUB Á Ryan are young superstars in the Homo Action PDF/EPUB or North American Paintball League a high stakes sport where losers face exile Action Love Story PDF/EPUB Ä five full years of it on an island so secret no one Action Love Story A tall ePUB ½ can be sure it even exists After Ryan has a tragic collision with an opposing team's paintball the rules of the game force the boyfriends apartBoots is shattered without Ryan so when his best friend Clemente Santiago suggests a daring high seas mission to find the island and reunite the pair Boots jumps at the chance They assemble a crack team to join them including fashion model and mixed martial arts champ Colby Kroft hunky but shy sea captain Marcus Tumble and Piper Pernfors the ex who's aching to make Boots forget Ryan ever existedHOMO ACTION LOVE STORY is a lighthearted sex filled adventure from the author of THE CRANBERRY HUSH and THE PAINTING OF PORCUPINE CITY It's a perfect storm of beautiful fishermen murderous pirates blossoming romances and secrets that call almost everyone's motives into uestion Land ho This page turner is sure to float your boat.

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  1. Jay Bell Jay Bell says:

    Trying to get a feel for this book before you buy? Hate spoilers? Pull up a chair and let me break it down for you The first thing you’ll discover about Homo Action Love Story is how sexually charged it is Usually that sends me scurrying away from any book since I prefer sappy and sweet but it uickly becomes obvious that Monopoli can write long detailed sex scenes that are fun and playful This is the sort of sex long term partners find together—comfortable but scorching hot at the same time So even though I normally prefer less sex and romance Monopoli soon loosened me up yeah yeah I know and had me looking forward to the next tumble in bedLike his previous books the essence of this one is about relationships Dealing with separation loyalty unreuited love ex boyfriends crushes and even first and last times Because the sex is graphic this time around Monopoli is better able to explore relationships in depth meaning the whole gamut of experience is there As the novel progresses it slowly eases into familiar territory If you’re worried that romance takes a back seat in this novel don’t There’s definitely a lot of love in this book to get you sighing and misty eyedThe setting of Homo Action Love Story is interesting Set in the near future Monopoli fast forwards our era to a time when sexual transmitted diseases are no longer a threat homosexuality isn’t controversial and people are a little liberal with their bodies This isn’t a future full of hover cars and robot maids It’s very much like our world today except without haters ruining all the fun This creates the perfect playground for Monopoli to spin a wild tale And yes there are pirates fashion models and paintball pros but each of the characters are handled with care and have depth Likewise every conflict has gravitas There are no slapstick situations or resolutions in this bookUltimately Homo Action Love Story is a playful tale containing disarmingly astute commentary on what makes us tick Sex is a force of nature in this book but so is love The characters set out on a journey of self discovery and by the time you the reader set the book down you’ll likely have learned something about yourself as well

  2. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    I was zilla let down by this bookI had very high expectations coming into this story Most of my GR friends love this one and it has a 454 average rating A sure thing right?? Alas this book didn't work for me Why? I blame the fickle bastard named BootsThe book takes place sometime in the future where pro paintball has replaced the NFL and everyone seems to be gay there are literally no straight characters Boots and Ryan are boyfriends who happen to play on the same paintball team They are two years strong in their relationship and unstoppable on and off the paintball field However when Ryan gets hit during one of their games and sent to exile for 5 years a stupid rule I could not have fathomed will their relationship survive the test of time or will Boots be tempted by all the other beautiful men who want him?Okay what did I like about this book? There was certainly a lot of homo action The action part was pretty cool There are plenty of sports and fighting scenes that kept the book interesting And the sex scenes were all pretty scorching I also really loved the secondary characters They all even Piper that weasel were sexy and funny and awesome in their own ways And I give major props for the writing it was well done I'll admit However the main character of Boots irked the crap out of me Overall this was NOT my idea of a romanceThe rest of the review is one giant ranty spoiler so it will be hidden in spoiler tagsview spoilerSeriously what the F is with Boots and other guys?? I guess there was the assumption that he wasn't going to be faithful but his mourning period with Ryan lasted all of 3 seconds He didn't act like a guy in love AT ALL One may argue that is because he wasn't ever really in love with him I get that POV that he found true love with Santiago but that argument is also not great He wasn't with Santiago for very long when he fell in love with him It was too fast And he was still looking for hookups with other guys after he decided that he had feelings for him I am a pro sex type of girl but I don't find jumping from guy to guy very ROMANTIC It just completely failed as a romance for me I didn't buy the love And the GFY aspect also bugged me End rant hide spoiler

  3. M M says:

    Homo Action Love Story A Titular AnalysisHomo The veracity of this the first of the seuence of title words cannot be argued This is indeed a very homo novel All of the main characters are homosexual to various degrees As for the supporting characters I cannot say Although I suspect some of them are probably homo as well There are very few female characters and I cannot comment on their sexuality only to say that one female is called Lucinda Skullcrusher and if that is not a lesbian epithet I don't know my lesbian epithets very well There is also a surprising amount of sex or near sex in this book Homosex of course none of it marred by any girl bits And very hot homosex indeed One homo aspect that I very much enjoyed was the vision of a future where sexuality is a non issue and people may love andor sleep with whomever they please Action Ah action That difficult to define and even difficult to successfully write about word used here as an adjective and neither a noun nor verb In my humble opinion the action is the most successful part of this novel At first we have action in the form of professional league paintball And if you'll permit me a brief aside here I understand sport the way a person blind from birth understands colour that is to say that the neurons responsible for the understanding of sport just failed to develop in my brain and thus I have no interesting in nor concept of competitive sport This brings me to my point professional paintball is a sport I could get behind 100% For it is awesome Professional paintball is to the mildly futuristic world in this book what American football is to America what hockey is to ?Canada and what soccer is the rest of the world And our heroes are mostly professional paintballers We see them in glorious action on the paintball field We also see the price of failure in professional paintball and this price is exile to a mysterious island for 5 years if one is simu killed A simu death sparks the next bit of action in which our heroes decide to visit said island in order to find a simu dead boyfriendteammate This bit of actions takes the form of a boat trip; replete with trash pirates sharks a daring rescue and some MMA fighting Yes the action was indeed spectacular and what makes it even better is that there is about as much adventure as there is action Some of the action sexual and otherwise has a lovely dreamy uality as well but I will refrain from describing these scenes as Mr Monopoli has done them justice enough Love Ultimately this is a romance novel and the romance is what raises conflicting feelings Alas I cannot say too much about why my poor feelings were conflicted lest I give too much away But I believe the conflict stems from the narrator whom I have neglected to mention until now Boots McHenry I am not sure whether or not I like Boots; he seems simple but has strange eddying depths that catch you unawares from time to time There is a uiet desperation about him that lends an uneasy contrast to the blueness of the water and the vastness of the sky I believe that the way the romance is handled is what will cause readers to either like or dislike this book But yes there is love abundant and it is love that spurs the action and love that is comfort in the end Story When all is said though this is one zilla awesome story

  4. Susan Susan says:

    35 starsI write this review in 1st person present POV as the book is writtenIt feels like reading an instruction manual or a recipe cardThis book IS refreshing and fun and random and testosterone filled and GFY and zilla coolThis book IS NOT really a true romance and not 100% engaging and not consistent and not what I hoped forParts of it I love Parts of it bore me I have a blast at the beginning and the endI skim the entire middle Apparently boys can fall out of love like snap that Apparently boys can fall in love like snap that I think I will remember the premise of the story for a long timeI think I will forget every character’s name in a weekBeing a professional paintball player sounds coolBeing a 24 year old rich hot horny narrator sounds annoying at least in my headIt must be nice to only run into beautiful people It must be zilla scary to run into pirates Netnet I like it Overall I do not love itI do however recommend it I think you will like it than I do

  5. Teal Teal says:

    This is just a placeholder but I swear I'll do a real review after my next reread In the meantime if I only had a single word to describe this book to you that word would be FunWhat you want words? Here you go Fun fun funCatch my drift?I read it 2 years ago and then immediately did a reread and am itching to read it again Just thinking about the story and the characters makes me smile even after all this time so I'm going to bump my rating up to 5 stars because yeah

  6. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    Silly Fun I don't even know what to say about this book I'm going with tagging it as scfy but it's kind of a satire as well as an adventure There were some feels that added poignancy but didn't tip the scales to overkill All of it is farfetched and kept me entertainedBoots McHenry is a professional paintballer along with his boyfriend Ryan when we first meet them All of the story is told from Boots' perspective and let me tell you Boots is a dude He calls everyone dude he thinks like a dude he acts like a dude not dumb just a dude A pretty entertaining dude at that At any rate paintball is like professional soccer in this society so he and his boyfriend are under the microscope all the time It's clear from the get go that something is amiss with Ryan Their team Theban Warriors are contenders for The Splatter Cup and during a big match Ryan gets killed When you get killed in professional paintball you are sent to exile island for 5 years Immediately What do you do when your boyfriend unexpectedly gets taken away from you for 5 years? Well first you hook up with your straight best friend Clemente in an epic butt cherry popping event wherein the sheets got ripped because they were both so sweaty it was hard getting traction for the pounding Honestly it's not so different from these MMAC fights except that there's jizz at the end Then you charter a boat and set out to find exile island so you can have a powwow with your newly estranged boyfriend This is the most ragtag bunch of rescuers I've ever come across I mean who organizes a team comprised of their ex boyfriend who's still got it bad for Boots their pound buddy who you shredded the sheets with your boyfriend's brother and your boyfriend's replacement's brother on the team as the captain? Who does that? Boots McHenry that's who Technically it was Clemente's idea but still It made for some high seas hijinks to be surePiper Colby Marcus Clemente and Boots make a good team when the plastic pirates hijack their yacht The plastic pirates are a ill kempt and stinky bunch who picked the wrong professional paintballers to fuck with Eighteen hours in the Pacific and witnessing a shark attack can't stop these dudes Waterproof smartphone will fix that deal Suck it plastic piratesThroughout the trip the tension between Boots and Clemente builds and builds but the specter of Ryan looms between them Some guys are cute and you want to pinch their cheeks and make sure they get home OK Some guys are hot and you want them to bend you over a barrel and pound heaven into you I will admit I was uncomfortable with what I interpreted as a uick rebound time initially but Boots' and Clemente's chemistry cannot be denied Truthfully I liked all of these dudes probably Colby the most because of his exuberance and joie de vivre or maybe his name Even Piper I kept thinking his heart was in the right place even though it's clear Boots isn't returning to his fuck truck any time soon Poor guy Despite the cockamamie premise of Homo Action Love Story I found the characters authentic and the relational aspects between them very organic along with the dialogue only with speedboats pirates shark attacks and typical action hero antics thrown in to push the story forwardIn a word popcorn entertainment Oh wait that's 2 words Oops A special thank you to Mr Monopoli for 'BILF' and 'dudenheimer' pets new wordsRecommend for GFY and adventure fans Many thanks to The Stallion for choosing this for me I'm certain had he not pointed it out I'd never have run across itRead the rest of the CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME shenanigans HEREReviewed for

  7. ttg ttg says:

    35 stars – This one was a miss with me which is too bad because I actually love actionadventure stories What I liked The writing is good and smooth and the author inserts a lot of visual details in his description so the narration is often very interesting I also like the strange far future setting with its paint ball leagues and super fast hydro boats and the story idea is neat—Our MC Boots who is facing a five year separation from Ryan his teammate and lover of two years when Ryan is sent to a literal island of exiled players after being “killed” in a game With a team of fellow paintball players including both his ex and also another player he’s very drawn to as well as Ryan’s MMA fighting younger brother Boots takes on the mission of finding the island He’s not going to rescue Ryan from his multi million dollar contract obligations though but to find some kind of closure See they never had talked about what exile would mean for their relationship thinking it would never happen to them but there’s no contact allowed over the five years and Boots wants some kind of idea of how to move forwardSounds kind of romantic right? Like Odysseus on the seas traveling that long journey back to Ithaca? And it’s kind of like the Odyssey especially with some of the trials and dangers they face as well as the fact that Boots sleeps around on the way to his closure just like Odysseus did on the way back to his waiting PenelopeIt’s that latter point that was one of the kickers for me It’s possible that I’m not enough in the “monogamish” mindset but I had a hard time empathizing with Boots as the story went on I understand his conflict but at the same time I found his vacillating over his relationships frustrating and distancing Days after Ryan’s forced departure from the stadium Boots is sad and emo and struggling but distracts himself with sleeping with his straight team mate This is a major move and the beginning of his own personal transition but at the same time he is later distracted by the hotness of his ex he sleeps with a very cute and lube happy fan on the journey and there’s even one point where he’s ogling Ryan’s brother Colby and briefly fantasizing about pulling his swim trunks down to see and maybe do Even though Boots was upfront about not planning on waiting celibate for Ryan’s return I wasn’t super into the Man Buffet he waffled over and occasional sampled in along the wayI wish actually that the story followed Colby’s journey because his character was such a shining star in each scene he was in And in a way his mission to see his brother again was far less muddled but he also got his own hot love story on the journey I really appreciated his upbeat youthful and straight forward nature and he added a lot of energy so I wish there had been a lot of him At one point the team separates at a port in Mexico for the evening and Boots his ex and his straight teammate that he’d slept with before go in one direction and Colby and Marcus the ship's captain go in another and I really wanted to follow Colby but he is not the narrator so no goAnother thing that bothered me was that there’s a reveal near the end that I thought made things too easy for our Odysseus Ironically so since the reveal is about taking the easy way out I would have liked it if it would have been harder Not angsty not drama but after all that waffling I would have liked Boots on his own two feet taking a stand and leaving it at thatLast for having “Action” in the title there isn’t actually a lot of action outside of some sexy times until over 60% of the book and even then it’s maybe15 20%? I kind of wish that if this was a tall tale of love and action and grandness if all that stuff had been paced throughout the book as opposed to that section Your mileage will vary though because this book has a lot of positive reviews so what bothered me may not bother you at all For me though the disconnection to the MC and such made this of a push to finishSign me up though if Colby gets his own book That kid is awesome

  8. Bec Bec says:

    This was fantastic gay fantasty fic not mm bullshit that has to follow some heteronormative stupid rules about monogamy and hearts on fire forever Finally found some fun gay fiction that fits in to my friend's realities of male life than the make believe 'everyone wants weddings and babies'rubbish that is mm of late sorry rant overThis was such a breath of fresh air action fun feels hotness and answers to uestions the mc is searching for There was also actually a story with a plot that had some depth I really enjoyed it No slut shaming bullshit hook ups were allowed and weren't treated like that's it forever and ever till we dieAs i said fantastic Want some and will be chasing up this author Thank you Sorry it took me so long to find this

  9. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ says:

    Full Reviewage on Prism Book Alliance®Opening paragraph and I’m already grinning digging this writing hoping it’s a good sign for the entire book ”I don’t know why I still get so nervous” he whispers pretty brown eyes hidden behind the shades“It’s cute” I assure him and give his hangnail finger a sueeze Like a boulder on his knuckle is last year’s Splatter Cup ring “You’re a killing machine in the stadium but behind the cameras you’re just a bashful boy”“Shut up poo face”I rub the back of his neck and he touches the bridge of his nose to keep his shades in placeSmall gestures intimate moments and humor All good things to use in telling a story and introducing characters giving me as the reader some things on which to hang my hat take a seat and start the rideI thought I knew where this ride would take me what the main event would be but I was wrong Unexpected twists and unforeseen paths are often the name of the game in this book This story starts off almost subdued character centric and introspective thanks to our narrator Boots Well as introspective as 20 and early 30 yr olds can be while surrounded by the world of professional paintball in what feels like a not too distant future I think this fact is what allowed me to accept some of the actions some of these characters take which felt either a little off kilter or out of step sometimesI very much like the group dynamics on display here between friends teammates current boyfriends exes and and how people can surprise you And disappoint you And push your buttons And have your back even when it’s up against the emotional wall The exploration of these characters as they experience new things new emotional responses how their own behaviors can surprise them Complex characterization yo And diversity at thatThe writing itself sails smoothly along for the most part There are some instances of awkward sentence structure my brain stumbling through the clunky passages It’s in these places where it feels like I’m reading what the author was thinking as opposed to writing it from the character’s point of view Even so the heart and openness demonstrated throughout this story especially by Boots kept me moving past the imperfections in the prose They also helped shape my understanding of this author’s voice Imperfections don’t always translate to failure Often they provide nuance and subtle flavor insight into the characters by revealing the thoughts and feelings the author is exploring After a minute I say “Is it weird that I like doing this?”“What washing dishes?”“It’s soothing or something”“You just like it because I chill with you while you’re doing it” he says and he’s right – I like everything about him sitting there from the hollow thumping sound his heels make against the cupboard door to the smell of his sunblock to the tone of his voice in this small pink walled spaceThis scene makes me feel content I’m a contented reader in this moment enjoying the direction of the story no longer trying to forecast what’s coming next I’ve been continuously taken by surprise so I’ve let go and am just rolling with it I think both Boots and Santiago are possibly maybe trying to get to that state of mind too Again with the intimate humorous sweet moment informing me about these characters keeping the story moving forward while allowing the characters to experience a natural progression of their ownJust like the rest of this story the ending was unexpected in a good way It did feel a little rushed almost like the author couldn’t wait to get there either It had everything the imaginative detail the filling of every nook and delicious cranny with a fabulous sense of place and the capping off a solidly laid back yet plump story with an adrenalized finale Man I just have to say about this author and their ability to describe the physical surroundings and imbue them with every sense taking their time giving me much detail upon which to gnaw without wandering into obvs landia and overdoing it I could feel the pains of awkwardness and frustration the physical and emotional tolls of injury and the depth of the motivations of these characters while still holding some things back – there’s than meets the eye here Yes physical description accomplished all of thatI loved spending time with these characters and I didn’t want this story to end even though I stayed up way too late in order to finish reading itBen Monopoli is a new to me author and I want Luckily I’ve got just that waiting for me on my kindle

  10. Skye Kilaen Skye Kilaen says:

    Not uite a romance but very romance adjacent The setup seems a bit silly and Monopoli even subtitles it “a tall tale” but like the other Monopoli books I’ve read there’s serious emotional punch hereBoots McHenry and his BF Ryan are professional paintball players in a world where it’s the most celebrated international sport To keep stakes high any player shot with a paintball is exiled for five years to a secret island When Ryan is hit and exiled his last words to Boots lost in the roar of chopper blades Boots’s friend and teammate Clemente Santiago urges him on a mission to find the island so he can have the convo Boots and Ryan should have had about their future before tragedy struckThis is NOT a book for anyone who needs their main characters to only have sex with each other Boots is a mess reeling from the sudden loss of Ryan completely unprepared to feel such heartbreak but also freaked out by the idea of putting his life on hold for five years Some of his resulting messy choices lead to complications some of them lead to solutions There’s a tangled web of love and attraction between Boots Ryan Clem and Boots’s ex and teammate Piper and part of Boots’s journey to the island is also his journey figuring out how to untangle that web which is a lot harder to do when most of the people involved are keeping secretsDo we get an HFNHEA for Boots? Yes Do we also get a dramatic pirate attack and an open water rescue? Yes Do we get a gorgeous secondary love story about a ship captain and an MMA fighter? Yes If you’re willing to read something a little different from the usual romance plot formula but which hits the emotional beats beautifully give this a whirlDiversity notes 1 Monopoli is a gay man 2 Clem is Latino though I’m not sure a specific background is described for him in the book which honestly could be because it’s all from Boots’s POV and he doesn’t actually know Like I said he’s a mess

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