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  • Kindle Edition
  • 101 pages
  • Thank You Master Inferno Connection #1
  • M.J. Aleese
  • English
  • 08 February 2016

10 thoughts on “Thank You Master Inferno Connection #1

  1. Aleatha Romig Aleatha Romig says:

    This wasn't your Mommy Porn kind of BDSM It was raw and I imagine real I know I don't ever want to find out for myself MJ takes us into a world of Masterslave where some of us prefer to never enter That said I went cautiously and enjoyed the education Yes Christian and Ana are fun to read but I'd bet most Domsub Masterslave romances don't in real life involve 20 something billionaires and 20 something virgins I liked the realness the understanding that while some of the scenes were difficult to read YES difficult to stomach I understood what MJ was trying to show The relationship of a slave to a Master is complete trust in everything That trust gives the slave a sense of freedom like no otherGranted I'm WAY too much of a control freak yet love a good bad boy this ISN'T for me But that doesn't make it wrong There is always the safe word a safety net so to say Julianna doesn't go anywhere or do anything that she can't say stop It is her trust that she must relinuish to Derek It is also an overwhelming sense of responsibility that must accompany Derek For this type of relationship to work both parties must be in 100% I think this book explained that to me like no other WARNING It is not my normal read it is HARD CORE Don't read it if you can't handle it remember there is a safe word go away IF you can handle it then maybe like me you'll learn a little about what this world is probably really like It reminds me a lot of Kitty Thomas books

  2. Jodie Jodie says:

    ”I want to know if this is real life”“Does that feel like a dream bitch?”“I think like a nightmare”This book is kind of like that in a way As you are reading you feel like you are in a nightmare but when you really stop and think about the relationship in the book you see it for what it is This book was a true raw look into the BDSM world and not the flowers and hearts one that Christian Grey gave us This is a real MasterSlave relationship true training and the passion pain and pleasure these relationships give This story starts in Dr Juliana Sells office she is a psychiatrist who specializes in helping women even listening to this love of the BDSM world She gives them advice listens to them and somewhere deep down she is curious about their lifestyle But Juliana also donates time to the state for cops and fireman mainly individuals that have had a traumatic experience and reuest therapy or in Derek’s case are mandated See where I’m going? Oh Derek Mr Dominate control freak please spank my ass WHAT THE HELL back it up never mind I think I LOVE HIM Juliana has been seeing Derek as a shrink but during their last meeting before she releases him he decides to give her an invitation a key “Doctor Sells assume the position” he snapped his fingers and pointed to his lap “now”“Who do I think I am? I think I’m the kind of man you crave in your self absorbed lonely life”I was all in at this point I was like oh I love this HOT there are secrets sign me up I want to join his club Well well just then MJ Aleese flip the script that I am use to and she showed me the dark side the real side to BDSM One that I am not sure I could handle but I won’t lie held my attentionThe act of carrying her own instrument of pain for reprimand and presenting it to her abuser was both degrading and arousing Consensual was the word her patient’s used Julia understoodAs a psychologist Juliana had been taught to uestion She had learned answers were present she only needed to make the right enuiry look for the right clue or probe a little deeper But as a slave she’d been taught to graciously accept whatever came her wayThis was a short novella that gave a amazing picture of the MasterSlave world It was raw there was humiliation there was intense sex but than anything there was a need in Juliana to release this control to someone to have someone have this power It was a story of her finding a belonging acceptance and loveSome of the scenes in this story are rough and a lot of individuals will not be able to handle I won’t lie certain scenes made me cringe inside but I also reminded myself in this relationship if at any time she wanted out there is always a safe word The BDSM relationship is also consensual I think that’s what makes it so hard to understand When you are reading and a women is tied gagged and slapped as a person we automatically go to rape dominance and torture But that is not a true SubDom relationship a true Dom has love respect and care for their partner A true SubSlave wants the DomMaster to have this control she wants this “Tough Love” MJ gave such a clear picture to this world and the realities of what is behind the door She showed not only the rough humility but the softer side also As you are reading you definitely are there in the world and at times you want to shake Juliana and say what the hell is wrong with you say the word and get out But at the same time you understand that she needs this she wants this with Derek”Do you have any uestions about what you have seen?”Julie shook her head “I’m too confused to even know what to ask”I totally didn’t think I belonged reading this book but something about it got me intrigued me and has me opening the next book“But you don’t belong here Here’s my number Call anytime or text just say this is crazy lady”Give me a number I think I need therapyI was given this book for review hopefully I did the author justice

  3. Michael Dunellen Michael Dunellen says:

    Note The author sent me this one for read in exchange for a review I have the next book in the series as wellMost BDSM Novels are about Trust This one is a little different This one is about ControlJuliana is a very successful psychiatrist She has made a lot of specific choices to live her life in a certain way Derek offers her the chance to stop making choices He wants to her to accept him as her Master and stop making decisions The uestion is can she do that? And if she can should she?I have to admit that I found Derek’s attitude than a bit annoying at times I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and decide it was something of an act He really wanted to create a relationship with Juliana and decided this was the way to go about it He was just lucky that she didn’t pick up the phone and ask to speak to his LieutenantInferno was an interesting place as it was totally Male Dominated Most of the time there is of a balance between Male and Female I am pretty sure most Domme would probably go find somewhere else to play based on the attitudes most of the guys were displaying I have gone on record before saying I really don’t like Verbal Humiliation and there was a bit than I was always comfortable with actually way than a bit We really only see the very beginning of their relationship the first 5 days or so so they have a lot to work out in the end But if you are looking for a different spin on starting a relationship this is one to considerOh and one last thing The advice she gave the patient at the beginning If her partner had no regard for her feelings it doesn’t matter if they are into BDSM or Competitive Parcheesi that is not a functional relationship

  4. Erzabet Bishop Erzabet Bishop says:

    BDSM Anal sex Mf slavery Ds and dubious consentWhat would you do if you were a psychiatrist and heard all about women's adventures in the BDSM world and were infernally curious despite yourself?What is the lure? Why in God's name would a perfectly sane and intelligent woman subject herself the slavery and abuse her patients tell her about? Why would it make you suirm in your chair and long for something you have never known?The story in Thank You Master is a journey of sorts Juliana has been seeing Derek as a shrink but during one session power shifts dramatically landing her on a slippery precipice This short novella has hard edges gritty humiliation brutal sex but above all a path toward Juliana finding the missing pieces of her lifeSome of the scenes in this story are not for the faint of heart As Derek breaks down Juliana's haughty exterior he uses humiliation to show her how freeing the life of a slave can be The voice of the novel is smooth and I was able to identify with Juliana on a deep level living each event with her There was no distance between the characters and reader As I read some of the extreme measures that Derek used to bring Juliana to heel were shocking to me but I kept reading voraciously The basis for the story was this BDSM is about consensual activities between the Dom and his slavesub Even when you are reading and flinch at a slap or cringe at the sub drinking water from a bowl on the floor all of these things could be stopped at any moment should the sub wish it Tough love is the phrase that comes to mindI liked this book and found the dark erotica elements both chilling but utterly absorbing Juliana's foray into the world of BDSM was an adventure and I am looking forward to books by this author Fans of Lizbeth Dusseau Kitty Thomas Bianca Sommerland Candice Blevins and Skye Warren will enjoy this bookMany thanks to Pink Flamingo Publications for sending a copy of the book for review For of their titles please visit their site45

  5. BethyMac BethyMac says:

    THis is a story of Dr Julia Sells a psychologist who spends most of her day listening to her patients who are women in BDSM relationships and she wonders why anyone wold want to be in that relationship which then causes her to remember back to her own one time experience with a professor Derrick is a detective that shot a perpetrator in order to save a young girls life during a robbery and now has to go through sessions with Dr Sells As he finishes up his last session he makes an offer to Julia although she is a strong willed woman he has an attraction to her and wants to make her his submissiveIntrigued Julis takes him up on his offered and is introduced to the world of BDSM Slavery and goes through a hard core training with DerrickThe book was written and edited edited well and is a uick read This was my first time reading this type of book it contains some scenes that are very hard core BDSM much than some of the popular BDSM books out right now but if you love hard core BDSM you will enjoy this book

  6. Roxana Rangel Roxana Rangel says:

    If your are looking for a soft thing this isn't Loved the story Liked the dialogues and the characters Enjoyed my reading

  7. Russio Russio says:

    It left me wanting

  8. Kimberly Rinaldi Kimberly Rinaldi says:

    Juliana Sells is a psychologist who listens to many women talk about their BDSM lifestyle She doesn't understand why they choose it for themselves and tries to encourage them to have euality with their MastersJuliana is currently giving Detective Derek Terrill mandated therapy sessions due to a police shooting he was involved in At their last session Derek can tell or at least hopes that Juliana is a natural submissive He calls her out on it and basically orders her to meet him at his hotel later that evening This is when Juliana's journey into a masterslave relationship unfoldsThere are no hearts and flowers with this book MJ Aleese shows you what a real masterslave relationship is like This type of lifestyle is not for me so some of the scenes were hard for me to stomach Yet at the same time I was able to understand why Juliana needed it in her life Some women need to be able to submit and give someone else complete control of themselves and that is exactly what Juliana needed to make her happy which in turn made her Master happy Throughout the book I just kept hoping that Juliana and Derek would have a HEAIf you do not like reading about hardcore BDSM relationships then this book is not for you However if you do like to read about them then this book will not disappoint

  9. Christina Christina says:

    Thank you Master is not only a Fairly hard core bdsm book but also a love story When we first see Mrs Sells she is what we see as a confident psychologist who doesnt understand anything in the world of BDSM She is rather disgusted by it but at the same time curious In comes Detective Terrill to her life She had been donating her time to giving him therapy to make sure he was fit to go back to duty from a previous case he worked The last session he has with her he decides to show his cards Detective Terrill takes Mrs Sells under his wing he WANTS her for his sub He takes her for the weekend and introduces her to the lifestyle It is a very intense weekend of training including nipple clamps wax canning and other bdsm treats Once the weekend is over she must choose her old life or to submit to her Detective Terrill as her master Those who like a little hard core bdsm books will love this book

  10. Paula Paula says:

    15 Very much in the vain I'm the Master get on your knees not my favourite kind of Ds

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Thank You Master Inferno Connection #1☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Thank You Master Inferno Connection #1 By M.J. Aleese ✍ – Juliana Sells psychologist to Chicago’s wealthy listens as patients share stories of BDSM and encourages strength euality and independence Allowing a man to dominate her life will and body seems inc Juliana Sells Master Inferno PDF Ç psychologist to Chicago’s wealthy listens as patients share stories of BDSM and encourages strength euality and independence Allowing a man to dominate her life will and body seems incomprehensible; until she encounters Detective Derek Terrill Brought together by fate the detective is Thank You Kindle - reuired to see Dr Sells for counseling related to a police action shooting During their last session Detective Terrill confronts Dr Sells telling her he senses her obvious submissive tendencies He challenges her to confront her unmet desires and explore submission sexual slavery and discipline You Master Inferno MOBI ò Unable to deny her attraction or physical response Juliana agrees to meet him even obeying his absurd demand to appear without pantyhose or panties Upon arrival she’s shocked and humiliated to discover his lesson includes physical punishment During her spanking he introduces her to the world of pain mixed with pleasure Seemingly incomprehensibly Juliana discovers pleasure intensifies exponentially when associated with agony She succumbs to the incredible turn on she experiences at his handThe next evening she meets him at Inferno a BDSM club where Terrill works security She witnesses scenes of female domination and uickly deduces the small silver locket Derek reuired her to wear has meaning both as protection and informing others she is “owned”While there Juliana not only witnesses submission she experiences it Physically Derek demands oral gratification and stakes his claim on her virgin anus Mentally he reuires her to behave in a degrading manner Submitting to the public humiliation and physical degradation makes her hot and wet Yet she uestions why a woman would want to give up herself to be someone’s property He explains it’s not about giving up It’s about consensually submitting to your master’s control He proposes a weekend of total submission where at the conclusion she can decide if she is willing to call him MasterCan a weekend of degradation subjection pain and passion all at the hands of a dominate man change Juliana’s life forever Is the pain he inflicts too much for the pleasure or has Juliana finally found the man she’s willing to call Master.

About the Author: M.J. Aleese

Born and Master Inferno PDF Ç raised in a straight laced environment MJ Aleese never thought about erotica or even read it until recently After the first steamy scene she was hooked Her research has included many late nights with her Nook and long hours of daydreaming afterward Thank You Kindle - Living in the Mid west she enjoys all the comforts and security Indiana has to offer She began writing a few years ago and enjoys losi.