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Take Me [Read] ➲ Take Me Author Locklyn Marx – Thomashillier.co.uk Three sexy romances, starring alpha male heroes guaranteed to set your e reader on fire FOOL ME TWICEAnna Webb was only eighteen when her best friend s older brother, Jaxon, broke her heart, but the s Three sexy romances, starring alpha male heroes guaranteed to set your e reader on fire FOOL ME TWICEAnna Webb was only eighteen when her best friend s older brother, Jaxon, broke her heart, but the scars it left are permanent After vowing to never let herself get hurt like that again, good girl Anna has put her past behind her, working hard to become a successful financial advisor living in London But when she returns to her hometown in Connecticut, she has no idea she s about to be on a collision course with her pastJaxon Hale wasn t expecting to run into Anna when he left his real estate development company in Los Angeles for a visit to Connecticut And he certainly wasn t expecting Anna to be all grown up Before long, he s remembering what it was the two of them had all those years ago, and he s having a hard time keeping his hands off herBut will Anna be able to let herself trust Jaxon again Or will a second chance lead to a second heartbreak CAN T TAKE THE HEATJournalist Alyssa Cotler can t believe her luck when she scores the assignment of a lifetime spending a week with the major league baseball team, The Brooklyn Heat Her objective Write about the team and let America in on the inner workings of professional sportsNotorious bad boy shortstop Jay Havens is in trouble Big time Ticket sales are down, and everyone s blaming Jay With his partying ways being public knowledge, and his trysts appearing in the papers daily, he s not exactly family friendlyWhen Jay gets an ultimatum from the team s owner shape up or ship out he knows he needs some good PR And what better way than to befriend the reporter sent to write about the team He ll impress Alyssa, and get her to write good things about himExcept that Alyssa s onto his game And she s determined not to let Jay s infamous charm influence her She s come to do a job, and she s going to tell the truth No matter whatBut Alyssa doesn t count on just how hot Jay can be And Jay doesn t count on the fact that he might just be falling in love HEAT OF THE MOMENTWhen twenty nine year old Kenley Mitchell loses her job and her boyfriend all in one week, she decides to cash in her severance pay and book a week long trip to Florida A relaxing vacation by the beach is just what she needs she ll lose herself in the sand and the sun, doing her best to forget all her problems But on her first night there, Kenley runs into star baseball player Chad Parnell The only problem She has no idea who he is until after a paparazzi camera catches her in a, uh, compromising position with the hunky first basemanChad s trip to Florida was supposed to be business only He s just about to land a multi million dollar endorsement deal with Expera Footwear, and he doesn t need any distractions But when paparazzi pictures of him and Kenley surface in the tabloids, Expera is not happy They don t want Chad s dalliances messing up their family friendly reputation so Chad does the only thing he can do, and tells them that Kenley s his girlfriend Of course, now he has to somehow convince Kenley to go along with his planKenley wouldn t have even been in those stupid pictures if Chad hadn t been acting like a manipulative womanizer, and so at first she says no way to his crazy scheme As far as she s concerned, he doesn t deserve her help with anything But when he makes her an offer she can t refuse, Kenley somehow finds herself signing up for a stint as his fake girlfriendShe knows it sounds crazy, but whatever It ll be strictly business, right But when the sparks start to fly, Kenley and Chad are going to have to figure out what s real, and what isn t And they just might be surprised at the answer.

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