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Naseby 1645: The triumph of the New Model Army (Campaign) Osprey S Study Of The Pivotal Battle Of The English Civil War 1642 1651 In 1645 The Fate Of The British Monarchy Hung In The Balance As The Royalist Army Under King Charles I Fought The Parliamentarian Army For Control Of The Country In This Book Martin Marix Evans Gives A Vivid Account Of The Pivotal Battle Of Naseby He Introduces The Origins Of The Campaign And Explores The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Opposing Armies, Including The Famous New Model Army Dramatic And Fast Paced First Hand Accounts Tell How The Fighting Unfolded On That Fateful Day Featuring Strategic Maps And New Information Regarding The Troops And Battlefield, The Author Uses His Unparalleled Knowledge Of The Terrain, As Well As Archaeological Evidence, To Piece Together A Remarkable Blow By Blow Account Of The Battle That Lost The King His Throne.

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    I was interested in this battle as one of my Denison ancestors also an ancestor of Lady Di was a member of Cromwell s elite Ironside cavalry, fighting and being wounded on the left wing of the Parliamentary assault at Naseby Years ago, before knowing of this ancestor, my family drove past the battlefield but never stopped Alas,.Evans provides a thumbnail summary of the battle beginning with an historical sketch of the political scene, military tactics, armaments and their use, the two armies that faced off against each other and then the battle itself, in stages, from the initial movements through the punches, counter punches, the full royalist retreat and the robbery, mutilation and murder of 100 of the Irish royalist camp follower whores Evan s word after the battle Hmmm God s men carrying out God s work Pretty pathetic bunch morally, although this was pretty much standard practice at the time destroy the enemy, then rob, rape, mutilate and murder the women camp followers of the losing army My ancestor was seriously wounded in t...

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    There is some good images, maps, and analysis, particularly of the battle s closing phase However, the narrative is very choppy, and long block quotations are liberally repeated.

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    Good details of the campaign and battle Modern battlefield photos and contemporary maps help give a clear picture of the action Wish there were , however not all that much has come down to us, so this is a solid collection of sources.

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