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All Teachers Wise and Wonderful [KINDLE] ❄ All Teachers Wise and Wonderful By Andy Seed – A second humorous, nostalgic memoir of teaching in the Yorkshire Dales Wise and PDF ↠ A second humorous, nostalgic memoir of teaching in the Yorkshire Dales.

10 thoughts on “All Teachers Wise and Wonderful

  1. Sally George Sally George says:

    Just as brilliant if not better than the first book You can really feel the teacher s tensions with the excellent descriptions of the characters he has to deal with Very entertaining and a good read I am looking forward to reading g the third and final book.

  2. Liz Chapman Liz Chapman says:

    A charming book with some amusing anecdotes that teachers would recognise.I especially liked the question and answer sheet the class had to complete It was far too difficult for them but they rose to the challenge and their replies made me laugh A nice book at bed time.

  3. Amanda Amanda says:

    Loved it all humorous memoir of life in rural Yorkshire and the ups and downs of working in a primary school

  4. Keely Keely says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book having already read the first one Had me chuckling to myself.

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    witty memoir about teaching in primary school based in the Yorkshire dales and did like the sheena character who tested everyone very similar to gervase phinn with his school books though but gervase is funnier though

  6. Linda Linda says:

    A poor man s Gervase Phinn

  7. Polly Polly says:

    Funny and light heated, an enjoyable read

  8. Charlotte Allison Charlotte Allison says:

    Very similar in style to gervase phinn, a gentle story about primary school Teaching and the different characters the author encounters.

  9. Kerry Kerry says:

    Very slow

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