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  1. Ed Cifelli Ed Cifelli says:

    I was intrigued by the title of the book and started to read it I found myself absorbed in the story Being 74 y o I have started to read ebooks and as a way of passing time I found I couldn't put this book down I actually stayed up late a couple of nights to be able to finish it in less that 4 days I cannot express the words needed to say how much this books grabbed me I will also definitely be telling friends about it

  2. Travis Travis says:

    Once again I find myself in a poor position This book was an excellent one The problem is this was supposedly a corrected edition and yet there were errors in every single chapter than I see in entire books on a regular basis The best one that actually made me laugh was the word planificationSeriously I like this author's work but the shear number of errors is incredible I even had to give up and edit the files at one point just to remove some seriously irritating errors just so I could read the damned thingI strongly believe that if the author can get a decent it doesn't even have to be a good one just a decent editor to go over this book and fix as many of the verbiage problems and the wrong verb tenses as possible this would be a book deserving of a science fiction award It's an excellent story it's just been translated extremely poorlyI can't imagine there are too many scifi fans that wouldn't enjoy this one if it was cleaned up and presented in a proper manner Time travel is one of the mainstays of science fiction and the story behind this one is really really good well until it crossed over into the metaphysical anyway towards the end and it's hard to find a really good time travel story that doesn't short itself on one or another time period during the telling though I think this one does an admirable job of doing just that There are several in the series and I suppose I'll give them a look but no matter how much I enjoy these tales if the editing is as poorly done on the others as this first one was I'm not sure if I'll have the patience to read them all

  3. Tony Calder Tony Calder says:

    Michel Poulin is Canadian and his native language is French He claims to be fluent in English as well but that's not really true he writes in English with French grammar Sentence structure in French is different to English verb placement is different and often the tense is slightly different For me this made the book harder to read than it should have been and the book really needs a good editor which I understand is not likely to happen as Poulin self publishes and releases his books for freeThis is another tale of modern technology being introduced into World War II which has certainly been done before but Poulin provides a much limited exposure than either Harry Turtledove or John Birmingham did in their books Codename Athena is generally well written and pretty easy to read grammatical problems aside but the characters aren't very nuanced although they're not two dimensionalThis is the first book in a seven book series but I haven't decided if my interest in time travel alternate history a genre I usually enjoy will overcome the irritation I know I will feel due to the translation issues

  4. Steen Christensen Steen Christensen says:

    I love time travel books and i like this oneNancy Laplante war reporter and reserver officer in the Canadian army is against her will sendt back to England in 1940 Realising she has no way back she don't keep her origins secret and starts helping shorten the war

  5. Frederick Jamieson Frederick Jamieson says:

    Well written characters storyline very concise have recommended to my friends

  6. Jo Depreitere Jo Depreitere says:

    Slight spoilers ahead The main part of the book takes place at the beginning of the second world war A female reservist of the Canadian army of 2012 is stranded in time and decides to help the British in order to shorten the war and to reduce the number of casualties As I am a big fan of stories with a high what if factor and the WWII era interests me a lot a book with this premisse can't go wrong with me The introduction of and the reaction to modern technology in the WWII era is fascinating to read and makes it hard to put the book down At the end the book takes a fantasy kind of turn and brings us to the far future as the set up for the rest of the series I'm not sure where this will lead but I'm dying to find out

  7. Mike Mike says:

    Absorbing book particularly interesting mix of time travel of the main character Nancy Laplante mainly in the early part of WW2 the present and the future in 3300 CE Very readable with a good and interesting plot well worth reading

  8. Mike Morgan Mike Morgan says:

    Excellent vivid characters good plot

  9. Tom Tom says:

    At times it seemed like the writings of an adolescent Couldn't finish it

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Codename Time Patrol Nancy Laplante #1 ✪ [PDF] ✐ Codename Time Patrol Nancy Laplante #1 By Michel Poulin ✷ – This is the first book in the series on the adventures through time of Nancy Laplante a Canadian war correspondent and reserve military intelligence officer from 2012 Coming back from her latest work This is the first book in Patrol Nancy PDF Í the series on the adventures through time of Nancy Laplante a Canadian war correspondent and reserve military intelligence officer from Coming back from her latest work assignment in Afghanistan Nancy is hoping to be able to take some well earned vacation time at her lakeside cottage in the Laurentians She is however abducted and taken back in time where she finds herself marooned in the past She Codename Time Kindle - will then have to find a way back home on top of having to survive a brutal war.