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The Desert (Peregrine Smith Literary Naturalists) This Series Celebrates The Tradition Of Literary Naturalists Writers Who Embrace The Natural World As The Setting For Some Of Our Most Euphoric And Serious Experiences These Books Map The Intimate Connections Between The Human And The Natural World Literary Naturalists Transcend Political Boundaries, Social Concerns And Historical Milieus They Speak For What Henry Beston Called The Other Nations Of The Planet Their Message Acquires Weight And Urgency As Wild Places Become Increasingly Scarce.

About the Author: J.C. Van Dyke

John Charles Van Dyke 1856 1932 was an American art historian and critic He was born at New Brunswick, New Jersey, studied at Columbia, and for many years in Europe He was admitted to the New York State Bar Association in 1877, but never practiced law.In 1878, Van Dyke was appointed the librarian of the Gardner Sage Library at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, and in 1891 as a professor

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    A classic a must read primer for lovers of the desert southwest.

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    John Van Dyke s book is THE seminal book on desert writing He is specifically talking mostly about the Mojave, Colorado, and Sonoran deserts his observations can be applied to most deserts around the world He is by profession an art critic, and brings that critical eye to the experience of being in and traveling through the desert This is the second time I ve read this book revisiting it after a couple of deca...

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    Van Dyke understood the desert He took the time to really see it Most of what he experienced is gone now There are precious few dry places you can visit now only on horseback where your reach is limited by the water you can carry John C Van Dyke can still take you there.

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    van dyke didn t actually take the brutal desert trip he writes about in this book he wasn t a rugged frontiersman but an aesthete his brother owned a ranch that bordered the mojave and van dyke relied on info from him and from books to write the...

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    Ok book considering it was written in 1901 and the author did not even visit most of the places he describes and got some things just plain wrong e.g Gila monsters are harmless But an interesting, lyrical description of the Arizona desert and canyon country.

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