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    I just finished reading _The Fifth Season_ by Robert C.S Downs having received the book as a gift from his daughter, a good friend It is an incredibly touching story of a man, Teddy, who is caring for his ailing parents while he grapples with the issues of his own mortality The story is based on Downs s own experiences with a father who was dying of kidney cancer and a mother who was battling alzheimers In a moment where his mother is lying in a hospital bed unable to recognize her son, Teddy realizes that it is not only the death of his parents that he is facing but his own as well Downs writes, What follows is a silence among the three of us so empt...

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    A lovely story about a middle aged man coming to grips with the fact that his agin parents are declining and won t be around much longer Adjusting to a change in family dynamics as he becomes to one to propose h...

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    At times I felt like I was reading about my parents who have been gone for than 15 years, and then I felt I was reading about what might be my future Poignant seems to be the best word to describe this book I will Bookcross it, and recommend...

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    I was enjoying the book but I was disappointed by the ending, hence the 2 stars A poor ending ruins it for me This book is sad, and makes you reflect on your own mortality Not exactly an easy beach read It also made me really stress about Alzheimer s, and the process of getting older But it wa...

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    Mr Downs is my real life inspiration, and he happens to be an amazing writer as well.

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The Fifth Season Sixty Year Old Teddy Neel Must Go To Fort Lauderdale To Care For His Elderly Parents Able Has Just Lost A Kidney To Cancer Lillian Has Reached The Mid Stages Of Alzheimer S A Fact Able Has Been Hiding From His Son In Onrushing And Meticulous Prose, Downs Lets Us Witness The Love, Beauty, Pain, And Frustration Of The Family As They Come To Terms With One Another At The End Of Their Lives.