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The Great Jewish Books The Most Inspiring Documents In The Adventurous, Age Long Drama Of The Jewish People Their Ideas, Conflicts And Passions, And The Miracle Of Their Survival, Are Revealed In This Absorbing Analysis Of Their Literary Heritage.The Vast Treasures Of Jewish Writing Except The Bible And The Talmud Have Always Been A Mystery To All Except Specialists Now, For The First Time, A Comprehensive Study Of Such Important Works As The Zohar, Rashi S Commentaries, MaimonidesGuide For The Perplexedand Ahad Ha Am S Essays, Together With The Bible, The Talmud And Other Remarkable Masterworks Of Jewish Literature, Has Been Undertaken.Here For Jew And Non Jew Alike Is A Brilliant Anthology And Commentary On The Religious, Philosophical And Social Thought Of The Jews From The Beginning Of Recorded History To The Present Era.