Rose's Christmas Cookies Epub Ý Rose's Christmas

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Rose's Christmas Cookies
  • Rose Levy Beranbaum
  • English
  • 10 October 2014
  • 9780688101367

10 thoughts on “Rose's Christmas Cookies

  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    I bought this outstanding collection of Christmas cookie recipes in 2011 and have now used it through two holiday seasons finding it an excellent resource I gained a number of new ideas from it and thought the instructions were helpful and clear Although I have not made every cookie in the book I have enjoyed every recipe that I tried This year I made a variety of cookies for our family celebration some that have been in the family since I was a girl mostly bar cookies dreamt up in the 1950s so I suspect and given to me by my Great Aunt Audrey and some from Rose Levy Beranbaum's bookThe Traditional Rolled Christmas Sugar Cookie recipe is outstanding far superior to the one I had been using I liked the subtle citrus flavor to them although it didn't produce as many cookies as I'd hoped Perhaps next year I'll try a double batch The Stained Glass cookies were fun to make and turned out uite well this was my first time making them and I thought they were prettier than they were tasty The Christmas Wreaths this treat is rather like Rice Krispie Treats only made with corn flakes and green food dye added to the marshmallowbutter mixture also looked well although I continue to fail to produce actual wreaths ending up with little holly and ivy clumps The Mexican Wedding Hats were delicious I'd never made this cookie before although I think I should have dipped them in the confectioner's sugar a few times Finally the Cashew Puffies were delightful with a lovely light flavor satisfying but not too sweet serving as a nice counterpart to some of the sugary treatsAll in all Christmas cookies were a success this year thanks in part to this wonderful book I look forward to using these recipes again and to trying new ones Perhaps next year I will attempt the Maple Walnut Sablé Sandwiches

  2. Kerry Kerry says:

    An ambitious and impressive Christmas cookie guide There is an impressive section on ingredients and substitutions Indeed another chart shows the method to measure certain incredients and their ounce and grap euivalents of a cup All in all I was looking for a good guide for nice holiday cookies and this was a bit in depthextravagant than I wanted this is saying a lot for me What the heck does that mean to you reader of this review? If you are trying to raise the bar with your friendsrelatives and for example a gingerbread house just isn't cutting it Have no fear This book contains step by step instructions on how to create your very own gingerbread cathedral with stained glass windows As if any gingerbread cathedral would be worth anything with out them Once upon a time a friend brought me a recipe for how to make a golden chocolate castle I thought it was a joke but she seemed to think if someone could make thiscould be enticedbet or challenged into doing it to benefit all the chocolate lovers it was me I was flabbergasted but flattered I think that recipe would fit in nicely in this book

  3. Burd Burd says:

    A great collection of cookies each one with it's own little story The photos are lovely The recipes are easy to follow My favourite one has to be the gingerbread cathedral

  4. Judith Judith says:

    Desert island cookie book

  5. Anna Mussmann Anna Mussmann says:

    This is a well thought out attractively designed Christmas cookie book I'm on my second year of using it and so far have loved several of the recipes the ginger pennies are amazing I particularly like the extra info on how well the cookies storeshipfreezeetc

  6. H Mathias H Mathias says:

    A well instructed book with great recipes I use it every year

  7. Lindsey Duncan Lindsey Duncan says:

    CookiesDo you need to know anything else?Let's suppose for the sake of argument that you do this is an excellent book mostly of staple cookies but also with some unusual delights to share including cookies for hanging on the tree displaying on the mantel and even one for the family dog Rose's descriptions are warm and bright with all the love of the season and her tips and tricks for cookies are excellent since they explain why to use this techniue or that they can be applied to other recipesOf course like her other books the back of this volume includes all the specifications you could want on staple ingredients and euipment from as simple as aluminum foil to as particular as which mixer or thermometer to buy

  8. Gia Scott Gia Scott says:

    I can be excessively critical about cookbooks but even with my high standards this is an exceptionally wonderful cookbookThere isn't anything to dislike about it It has a variety of recipes and I've made the vast majority of them at least once There are a lot of photographs so you have a good idea of what the end result should look like There is enough extra material describing the recipes to keep it good reading tooThis is one of the top two cookie cookbooks in my world The only other one is the 1961 edition of Betty Crocker's Cooky Cookbook If you are only going to have 2 cookie cookbooks make it these two

  9. Meg Powers Meg Powers says:

    AGH This is one of my favorite books ever if only for sheer nostalgia's sake Even if you don't intend on making any of the recipes which you should my mom makes Mahogany Crunch Toffee every Christmas and it's amazing the book is gorgeous I can spend a good hour poring over its contents The food styling and photography is vivid and beautiful and the text is clean and attractive It is charmingly written and features a lot of creative tips in the margins A great book to pass down if you will allow me to be totally cheesy I'm gushing over a cookie cook book WHATEVS

  10. Catherine Woodman Catherine Woodman says:

    I have made a couple dozen cookies from here and I love how each cookie has a picture so that you know what you are shooting for it is not my favorite cookie cookbook any but it is a classic and the macadamia cookies are amongst the best

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Rose's Christmas Cookies[Epub] ➟ Rose's Christmas Cookies ➤ Rose Levy Beranbaum – Since its 1990 publication Rose's Christmas Cookies has been a phenomenal success Who can resist Chocolate Dipped Melting Moments Cookies or moist Mini Cheesecakes with Lemon Curd or David Shamah's Ju Since its publication Rose's Christmas Cookies has been a phenomenal success Who can resist Chocolate Dipped Melting Moments Cookies or moist Mini Cheesecakes with Lemon Curd or David Shamah's Jumbles a fabulous cross between a chocolate chip cookie and a chunky candy bar bursting with raisins chocolate chips and pecans Whether you need a cookie to decorate your tree or grace your mantelpiece cookies like Stained Glass or Christmas Wreaths a sweet Rose's Christmas Epub / to send Mahogany Butter Crunch Toffee Maple Macadamia Bars or a special holiday treat for your dinner party Praline Truffle Cups Chocolate Pistachio Marzipan Spirals you'll find that perfect something here Complete with cookie recipes and a color photograph of each cookie for handy reference this easy to use and fun to read book will result in scrumptious festive and splendid looking cookies every time.

About the Author: Rose Levy Beranbaum

Rose Levy Beranbaum is an award winning American baker and cookbook author.