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Educating Zion (BYU Studies Monographs) Good Bbk For BYU Students

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    While this book is mostly a commentary about what education is and should be at BYU, it is a great handbook for what LDS should strive for at home and school always.

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    This book has given me an expanded vision of BYU and its purpose Bruce C Hafen in his article, The Dream is Ours to Fulfill explains, The ultimate purpose of our integrated teaching model meaning the secular and spiritual is to teach our students how to live And, Merrill J Bateman, in his article Learning in Zion concludes, I realized that 27,000 students were being prepared to enter the worldThe BYU families would be good neighbors, have strong relationships with business ass...

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    I don t remember meeting Welch, but Don Norton, co editor, was one of my most interesting professors with whom I spent delicious time just exploring ideas Further, I have benefited from his editorship of several other volumes, particularly the collected works of Hugh Nibley.I believe that e...

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    This book is a must read and a must re read for every BYU student or faculty member In a secular world that emphasizes scholarship alone as the metric of academic value, this book serves as a stable anchor that prevents mission drift both in the studies of students and the res...

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    I love this book and have read it again and again Even though it was written for the Brigham Young University faculty it has applications for an educational arena.

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    This book is a compilation of monumental speaches given at BYU on education and the purpose for it as is relates to building zion Loved it.